The Perspective Of An Average Steelers Fan: Choice Of Weapons

The draft is over. Eight new football players who potentially will be on the Pittsburgh Steelers 53-man roster this coming season were selected. Nine more undrafted free agents were signed. Also, Martavis Bryant was conditionally reinstated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. With the release of Zach Mettenberger on Monday and four more players on Tuesday; the Steelers roster now has 92 players listed. There will, of course, be many more changes to this roster before the preseason even starts but the bulk of the Steelers opening day roster are already on this list. These are the Steelers weapons of choice for the upcoming campaign.

The eventual 90 players will be raw material that will be forged into a single unit. You need to have some good material to start else-wise the final product can never be refined to that hard edge needed to withstand a long season of up to twenty-four games if you count the preseason. They will be heated up in the training camp; red hot to transform the raw material into something that can turn hard. At Latrobe, they will be pounded in the heat so that a mass of players starts to take shape as a squad. Then quenched during the preseason games to have the club hard and ready. The final grind wheel sweeps away the excess material until you have a final product ready to be tested during the 16 game regular season.

This list is missing some names from last year. Former Cleveland Brown’s first rounder Justin Gilbert has not found a new home since the Steelers released him. Ryan Harris who appeared in 5 games before hurting his knee decided to retire. A first rounder of our own that was not extended, Jarvis Jones, is now at Steelers West Cardinals. The last news about Ricardo Mathews was against Cleveland in January when he left the game with an injured ankle. Shamarko Thomas does not appear on the roster and is now a free agent. Miami Dolphin fans will get a chance to see Lawrence Timmons perform an encore of his puking on the field. Amateur proctologist Cody Wallace is still on the market as is DeAngelo Williams. Meanwhile in Chicago, Markus Wheaton may be catching balls thrown by surprise # 2 overall draft pick Mitchell Trubisky. I appreciate all of them but will especially miss Timmons. Loved D-Will’s work ethic but Father Time may have caught up to him. The shoulder injury plagued Wheaton’s season and prevented him from performing to his potential.

As for the newcomers. I will have to wait for training camp to see about the undrafted free agents. Above average Steelers fans already have a bead on which, if any, have a shot at making the roster but not me. Before the draft, I opined that the Steelers were “perhaps … targeting T.J. Watt at # 30 but if the other teams picking ahead of them ignore a player they have higher on a hypothetical list where the Steelers value safety Jabrill Peppers or tight end David Njoku more than Watt – then guess what? All bets are off as their pick will change just like that.” The Browns scouting staff must have a premium subscription to Steelers Depot. With their draft day trades; Peppers was the 25th selection and Njoku the 29th.

My mock draft was … average. Just like the average Steelers fan not even one of my picks ended up with the Steelers:  LSU cornerback Tre’Davious White; was the 5th cornerback to go in the 1st round but did not make it to #30. The Buffalo Bills picked him up at #27. I did correctly predict the Steelers selecting a wide receiver in round two but they went with JuJu Smith-Schuster instead of Chris Godwin who was still on the board. Minnesota’s Jalen Myrick lasted until the 7th round when the Jacksonville Jaguars got him. Pittsburgh saw cornerback Cameron Sutton having more value. Pittsburgh took a running back in the 3rd which I had also predicted Pittsburgh doing with their compensatory pick. But again wrong player. I thought Samaje Perine would fall into their lap. Instead Pittsburgh took James Conner while Perine went to the Washington Redskins in the 4th round. Will be fun to see who has the better career.

Picking Joshua Dobbs in the 4th round really threw me. I just did not expect them to go for a quarterback this year when the crop next year is supposed to be so abundant. Of course my prognostication of outside linebacker, Vince “who” Biegel was way off. In round five, was close. The Steelers pick defensive back Brian Allen while I thought it would be Miami safety Rayshawn Jenkins but the San Diego Chargers grabbed him in the 4th. Round six is where the Steelers played a joke on Steelers Nation: long snapper Colin Holba. Really? But maybe the vision of James Harrison snapping the ball out of the end zone is burned in Kevin Colbert’s & Mike Tomlin’s memory banks. Greg Warren can’t go on forever. Maybe they will see if Holba can dislodge him. Another contest to watch in Latrobe.  Finally, the last round and OLB Keion Adams. I also had a linebacker but it was Cincinnati linebacker Eric Wilson who went undrafted.

Well there you have it. Pittsburgh has made their choices. Were they the right ones? You can ponder that while you listen to a little Fatboy Slim, as opposed to Root Boy Slim (RIP). It’s of course, Weapon of Choice

Here is the current Steelers roster as of May 2, 2017.

Adams, KeionLBRWestern Michigan
Adams, NelsonDTRMississippi State
Allen, BrianCBRUtah
Alualu, TysonDE7California
Ayers, DemarcusWR1Houston
Bell, Le’VeonRB5Michigan State
Berry, JordanP3Eastern Kentucky
Blount, AkilLB0Florida A&M
Boswell, ChrisK3Rice
Brown, AntonioWR8Central Michigan
Brown, ChristianDTRWest Virginia
Bryant, MartavisWR3Clemson
Burns, ArtieCB2Miami (FL)
Canaday, KameronLS0Portland State
Chickillo, AnthonyLB3Miami (FL)
Coates, SammieWR3Auburn
Cockrell, RossCB4Duke
Conner, JamesRBRPittsburgh
Cooper, EthanOGRIndiana (Pa.)
Dangerfield, JordanS2Towson
Davis, KnileRB4Arkansas
Davis, SeanS2Maryland
DeCastro, DavidG6Stanford
Dixon, BrandonCB2Northwest Missouri State
Dobbs, JoshuaQBRTennessee
Ducre, GregCB3Washington
Dupree, BudLB3Kentucky
Feiler, MattOL1Bloomsburg (PA)
Finney, B.J.C/G2Kansas State
Fort, L.J.LB3Northern Iowa
Foster, RamonG9Tennessee
Friend, KyleOL0Temple
Gay, WilliamCB11Louisville
Gilbert, MarcusOT7Florida
Golden, RobertS6Arizona
Golson, SenquezCB3Mississippi
Green, LadariusTE6Louisiana-Lafayette
Grimble, XavierTE2USC
Hagen, JacobS1Liberty
Hamilton, CobiWR2Arkansas
Hargrave, JavonDT2South Carolina State
Harrison, JamesLB15Kent State
Hawkins, JeraldOT2LSU
Heyward-Bey, DarriusWR9Maryland
Heyward, CameronDE7Ohio State
Hilton, MikeCB1Mississippi
Holba, ColinLSRLouisville
Hooks, LavonDT1Mississippi
Hubbard, ChrisC/G4UAB
Hughes, AJP0Virginia Tech
Huguenin, FarringtonLB1Kentucky
Hunter, JustinWR4Tennessee
James, JesseTE3Penn State
Johnson, DavidTE9Arkansas State
Johnson, DevonteCB0Weber State
Johnson, StevenLB6Kansas
Jones, LandryQB5Oklahoma
Kallon, FrancisDERGeorgia Tech
Kelsey, KeithLBRLouisville
Malleck, RyanTE0Virginia Tech
Matakevich, TylerLB2Temple
Matthews, MikeOL0Texas A&M
Maxey, JohnnyDE1Mars Hill
McCullers, DanielDT4Tennessee
Mihalik, BrianOT2Boston College
Milton, KeavonOL2Louisiana-Monroe
Mitchell, MikeS10Ohio
Moats, ArthurLB8James Madison
Nix, RooseveltFB3Kent State
Orndoff, ScottTERPittsburgh
Philon, RoyDT1Louisville
Pouncey, MaurkiceC8Florida
Roethlisberger, BenQB14Miami (Ohio)
Rogers, EliWR3Louisville
Schuessler, NickQBRClemson
Sensabaugh, CotyCB5Clemson
Shazier, RyanLB4Ohio State
Shell, RushelRBRWest Virginia
Smith-Schuster, JuJuWRRUSC
Smith, DreamiusRB1West Virginia
Stewart, DezWR1Ohio Dominican
Sutton, CameronCBRTennessee
Toussaint, FitzgeraldRB4Michigan
Tucker, MarcusWR1Northern Michigan
Tuitt, StephonDE4Notre Dame
Villanueva, AlejandroOT3Army
Walton, L.T.DE3Central Michigan
Warren, GregLS13North Carolina
Watt, T.J.LBRWisconsin
Webb, TerrishDBRPittsburgh
Williams, TreyRB2Texas A&M
Williams, VinceLB5Florida State

  • Lee Foo Young

    I wanted Godwin in the 2nd round, also. Like you said, time will tell who will have the better career. Hopefully, both will be looked upon as good picks down the road.

  • PaeperCup

    Lol @ the Browns subscribing to SteelersDepot. Surprised they didnt go after Melifonwu with their second round pick. But I guess having a QB is a good idea in this league.

  • Brendon Glad

    If your Steelers mock draft was hitting at a high level this year, then I’d wonder about you. It was as disappointed as I’ve ever been in a Steelers draft for a long while.
    Preparing for the worst, sort of draft.
    Oh…MAYBE, James Harrison will stop being good…so Watt. Then MAYBE Martavis Bryant will mess up again. So WR 2nd round. Then MAYBE Le’veon Bell will mess up again…so Conner.
    THEN…MAYBE our great LS is done…so LS in the SIXTH?
    2 DB’s selected? With what Brady did to them?
    I can’t even believe it.
    And HEY…the Conner Sportscenter Feature was so powerful…that I’m gonna get on board with him full bore….but my goodness…this draft was pathetic.
    Let’s say Schuster is awesome…THEN WHAT? I’ve been hearing all kinds of excuses by Steelers brass telling me that Sammie Coates is actually not horrible. And we know that Eli is going to be an excellent Slot WR…and AB is AB…and Martavis Bryant is tremendous…so how am I supposed to get into Schuster?
    Have they forgotten the rules of the line of scrimmage?
    It is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to have those 5 on the field…AND Le’veon Bell. And Big Ben.

    Yet…we watched every single box of the secondary get obliterated by Tom Brady…yet again. He was in such control that he was resting on the sidelines with his arms crossed for most of his off-time. Not yelling at receivers…not looking at polaroids…NOTHING! He was about as comfortable as any athlete could ever be in a situation like that. It was similar to what Lebron is doing to Toronto. Except Brady was in an elimination situation.
    It has been widely analyzed that the Steelers “played coverage” for most of that game. So I don’t want to hear about “lack of pressure”. That was a choice that was made. Because the Steelers secondary is garbage.

    So when the Steelers pass on Desmond King in the 4th rd. for a QB? It was so pathetic, I can’t even express it well. Once again, making a pick based on “what might happen” (Ben getting hurt or retiring)…vs what IS HAPPENING…(The Steelers secondary is drastically in need of upgrade) .

    I go on record saying yes, 1)I like Davis….yes 2) I like Cockrell. 3)Unsure about Burns. 4)Golson can’t hit the field. 5) HATE Mitchell’s game 6) Like Gay, if he returns…but only covering the #4WR at this point 7) Hate Shamarko Thomas’s game 8) Strongly Dislike Golden’s game…
    So when the Pats go 11 personnel… There are going to be 5 guys in the pattern. Do the Steelers have the guys to cover that? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!
    They should have drafted at least 4 DB’s…and probably 5.

  • Jesse Hernandez

    Yes yes yes! True perspective of a true above average steelers fan. This draft was disgusting! I had been waiting almost 5 months to be let down and this disgusted.

  • Brendon Glad

    The method to affect Brady that the Steelers need to hang their hats on is THIS: They appear to have a formidable front 3. Who also can pass-rush. That’s a plus.
    James Harrison and Bud Dupree can pass rush, but also drop into coverage…and Shazier can be disruptive from the inside….
    SO…then get inside Brady’s brain, as best as possible. If we try, we can think this…there will be a certain number of plays where the play-call simply beats the Steelers defense on theory alone. Those are part of the game.
    BUT THEN…there are the plays where Brady is perhaps compromised…and what happens there is this: Brady knows EVERY single matchup his WR vs Steelers coverage…that is his “crutch”. So If Tuitt/Cam/JH gets a quick win against his man….then Brady quickly goes to his “crutch”.
    And so knowing that…it is imperative that the Steelers have a fleet of 5 or 6 DB’s that do not provide obvious “crutches” for Brady to fall-back upon…if the play doesn’t go as smoothly as expected.

    As long as the “crutch” isn’t obvious…and the punishment for Brady iss significant (confused sack taken…interception…or pick/6)…then YES Brady can have bad games. But the Steelers fail to understand that.

  • Brendon Glad

    The LS in the 6th round put me over the top, when I was already mad… As if they NEEDED to snatch a LS in the 6th. They drafted like a team that had won 4 straight Super Bowls….like they had “rich-man-problems”.
    No…it’s “Middle-Class-Problems”….because Tom Brady walked into an unlocked Steelers front door and stole everything but the Lombardi trophies…yet again. Long snapper…6th round. There is nothing that guy can ever do to justify that pick. Literally NOTHING! He can snap 300-500 perfect snaps in a row…and what will that mean?
    Oh…Greg Warren did that…UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT…God forbid that new LS blows a couple games.

  • Chris92021

    If I may list the choice of weapons on offense by importance/preference, here they are:
    1. franchise quarterback who can lift the skill level of everyone around them, making the offensive line look good at times by escaping the rush and buying time to throw to a very wide open receiver in a scramble drill. A great QB can also force defenses to play off the line of scrimmage, which allows the running game to gain an extra yard or two.
    2. an elite workhorse running back who can flat out take over games regardless of weather and defensive schemes. Just look at Le’Veon Bell in Buffalo last season; the Bills were desperate in the playoff race (and Rex Ryan’s job security), Big Ben was playing terribly, it was snowing, and the Bills were geared up to stop Bell and they couldn’t do it to save their lives. I believe that outside of a franchise QB, an elite workhorse back can win games more consistently than an unstoppable receiving threat.
    3. an offensive line that has played together for at least one full season. When it comes to the offensive line, I would rather have five average skilled individuals working together for a long time rather than three elite skilled guys playing together for the first time. The offensive line is my favorite part of the game because when those five men get rolling, it is a beautiful thing to watch. Sure, we have elite skilled men like Pouncey and DeCastro, an underrated mauler in Gilbert, a continually developing project with huge upside in Villanueva, and a flat out road grader with a boulder on his shoulder in Foster. Heck, the backups like Finney and Hubbard aren’t shabby either. I am excited because chances are when/if Big Al gets his contract extension, these men will be under contract until at least 2018. The oldest guy is Foster at 31. This is the group I believe will be one of the three best offensive lines by the end of the season.
    4. a receiver who break away from double teams.
    5. a tight end who can consistently make contested jump ball catches.
    6. a receiver who can flat out fly.

    If you think about it, the Steelers have all of these weapons I’ve mentioned….if Green is healthy and Bryant can stay clean. As long as we can replicate the defensive efforts of the 9 game winning streak last season, this Steelers team will be hosting the AFC title game, not going to Foxboro like last season. I am not expecting too much contribution from Watt (who I will be happy if he can give us 4 plus sacks), Smith-Schuster (if he gets 30 catches and 3 TDs, I will be happy), Sutton (if he can break into the dime, I will be happy), and Conner (if he can get Toussaint cut and get Knile Davis as strictly a kick returner, I will be impressed). However, I am expecting huge jumps from Dupree, Burns, Davis, and Hargrave along with a healthy and still ornery Heyward. Is it football season yet??

  • francesco

    You know Colbert probably asked Tomlin and Butler how they felt about their secondary. The question is how did Butler and Tomlin answer him? I know what was their answer…we’re good! And so Colbert concentrated on other positions in the draft.

  • Kevin artis

    If the LS doesn’t make the squad it’s not like we stash him on the practice squad. SMH.

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    “I like Cockrell. Unsure about Burns”


  • Andrew

    While I agree, this draft wasn’t perfect, all in all, it was pretty good. You mention how Brady shredded us, but the solution isn’t to grab 4-5 secondary players. Like your argument with receivers, you can’t play them all. On top of that, watch tape of Brady when he is getting sacked and pressured. He falls apart when he gets hit. If you can get a sack or two on Brady in the first quarter and keep constant pressure on him, he falls apart (still good, but not the God he is made out to be). You bash JuJu, but it looks like thats how the board fell. Yes we could have traded up, but we didn’t and I think JuJu is a decent consolation prize. He will likely be working the slot his rookie year, as Eli is ok, but he just isn’t dynamic. JuJu is an instant mismatch. His size and physical play will lead to good production. It makes Coates and Eli expendable to a trade possibly, or just give us great depth (something we didn’t have last year). Again, the draft wasn’t perfect, but for how the board fell, I think we still had a good draft.

  • John Phillips

    Love the Slims reference.

  • Robert Tamburo

    Steelers over reached in rounds 2,5 & 6. We could still have all those players with our pick a round later. Before the draft I saw that if we got pass rusher round 1, then trade-up in 2 to secure a more elite CB would be necessary. If a fan can so easily predict Steelers need to do that, then why did Steelers themselves not move up from #62 to #56 to get the CB they wanted?
    Yeah we got a couple (3) good guys, but the timing of when we took who and the lack of clever creativity by the Tomlin/Colbert braintrust is disheartening to a Steeler fan base which rightfully expects better.

  • Robert Tamburo

    I share your enthusiasm about Steelers’ offensive talent, but not with the all-or-nothing play-calling by the offensive co-ordinator. Haley puts undo stress on Steelers D with his quick strike philosophy = throwing deep on 3rd and short. Todd Haley messes with Steelers’ defenders rhythm as well as Steelers fans emotions.

  • Andrew

    I’ll agree the the LS was a reach, but JuJu went right where they were expected (second and fifth). Neither were reach in terms of predraft value. And I must say our drafts haven’t gone down. Look at our recent drafts (since Jarvis). Bell, Vince Williams, Shazier, Tuitt, Bryant (he’s talented but troubled), Dupree, Jesse James, Burns, Hargrave, and Davis will all be starters this year. Thats an amazing core built through the draft. We have our misses, sure, but we far and away do well drafting.

  • Chris92021

    I agree that Haley should be further scrutinized. Having said that, our franchise QB needs to be criticized too for inconsistent red zone production. Heck, I can remember that was one of the biggest issues with Bruce Arians when he was here, that the Steelers offense struggled inside the red zone and those deep shots that consistently fell short (although we didn’t have the offensive line then that we do now, which makes some of those deep shots more attractive). I look at the offense and I say to myself, how in the world can’t we average at least 30 points? And yep, Haley needs to be held accountable when we take shots downfield on 3rd and short and the opposing secondary is lined up 10 yards off the ball. Hopefully in now year 6 (which means Haley has now become Big Ben’s playcaller for the longest stretch in his HOF career), Haley will be a bit more conservative about taking the offense right out of the ball game.

  • Brendon Glad

    Andrew…I’m not trying to go at you here in an “blog-fight-kinda-way”…because your comments were very respectful.
    But I want to argue 1 point you made, and also correct 1 other point that I never said. On the first point:
    1) You said: “but the solution isn’t to grab 4-5 secondary players. Like your argument with receivers, you can’t play them all.”
    Here is why I disagree with that:
    A) 6 DB’s can be on the field. Whereas the maximum WR’s that can be on the field is 5…and if 5 wr’s are on the field, then that means Bell is either a WR…are on the sideline.
    B) The Steelers WR core has AB, a HOF’er with long-term contract in his prime. And Eli Rogers, a slot-receiver on the come. And then the wild-card Martavis…HOF talent…but he easily could become Josh Gordon. So yes, I get the slight concern…because that means they actually understand that Coates has MAJOR ball-skill issues that need huge work. But man…2nd rd WR? After the Patriots debacle?
    C) As a whole, the Steelers evaluate draft-eligible WR’s with much better acumen than they do DB’s…in other words, the Steelers have proven to be FAR more likely to find a late-round or undrafted WR as a steal…than they are to find a DB that way. So in my mind, the Steelers need to shoot more bullets at DB, and use their innate ability to find WR’s as an “ace-up-the-sleeve”. As in, draft a 6th rd WR….not a 2nd RD WR.

    And the second part…I NEVER said anything bad about JuJu…NOTHING. I didn’t like the pick…but it was 100% about the position, not JuJu himself. You can look at other posts in different articles on this blog where I said that my criticism of the pick has zero to do with JuJu. Just wanted to clarify that.

  • Brendon Glad

    Yep…I said it…and I stand by it.
    I will say it again… I like Cockrell. And I am unsure about Burns. So there you go.
    Doesn’t mean I DISLIKE Burns. And I understand that my view is a little out-of-the-box. But I really think Cockrell gets far more criticism than he deserves in the blogs. And Burns gets way more leeway in the blogs than he deserves.
    And gun-to-my-head…if I had to make a choice, I think Cockrell will prove to be the better CB as a whole, based off of what I see.

  • Brendon Glad

    On the flip-side…Davis flashed more potential brilliance in 1 year than Shamarko Thomas did in his entire first contract. So I’m quite high on Davis as an excellent draft-pick.

  • Brendon Glad

    Do you really think so?
    After Brady shredded the Steelers secondary, the general National Media consensus were asking: “Why were the Steelers playing coverage and only bringing 3 or 4, and only rarely 5 or 6 rushers against Brady almost all-game?”

    And I wondered the same thing. And then Ryan Clark came on…with DEEP knowledge of the coaching staff…and fairly deep knowledge of the current defensive personnel.
    And Clark argued that Butler schemed the way he did, because he had zero confidence in any of his DB’s being able to match up in man coverage against the Pats receivers.

    Your thoughts? Because I’m confused myself. I have ZERO idea how the Steelers feel about their DB’s. Mixed-messages all around. They play to protect them…they draft and treat Free-agency like they are totally comfortable with them. No idea.

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    I like both, my only real knock on cockrell is his run support, just the way he goes about it creates problems for the whole defense. Burns had some trouble with run support too but his were more because of technique as opposed to being timid. To his credit though, he has vastly improved in that area while cockrell has not, so that’s an area Burns has already surpassed him.
    I agree cockrell gets more criticism than he should but you do know cockrell is a veteran right? This will be his 4-5th season, he is likely about as good as he’ll ever be. Burns is a rookie who hasn’t even played a full season. You must not watch many games then, Burns may not be as good as cockrell at this moment (debatable), but he certainly has more upside. Longer, faster, and more playmaking ability (3 ints in 8 games as a starter vs. 0 for Cockrell in 16 starts) I’m curious as to how you’re unsure about him but not Cockrell. If you’re unsure of him then you should be unsure of both.

  • Brendon Glad

    Steelers Depot is so good, that every team in the AFC should subscribe to it.
    That’s both awesome, and could be a bit disconcerting at the same time.

    But it’s only disconcerting if the STEELERS are not looking at the free scouting reports they have access to….while opponents ARE using the access. That would not be good. I certainly hope members of the Steelers FO are reading this site with regularity.

  • Brendon Glad

    Cockrell was drafted in 2014. Burns was drafted in 2016.

    So you kinda skew the argument when you say “This will be his (Cockrell’s) 4-5th season, he is likely about as good as he’ll ever be. Burns is a rookie who hasn’t even played a full season. ” Because that suggests they are 4 years apart…when they are really 2 years apart in NFL experience.

    And yes, I do watch all the games. I’m not saying I’m correct 100% of the time…but just as a general instinct, I like what I see out of Cockrell. I LOVE what I see out of Davis…and I’m not sold on what I see out of Burns. Even though Burns had the better stats of the 3 in the secondary. It’s just something I see as I watch.

    And anyone who knows me on Steelers Depot knows that I am ADAMANT when I know I’m right.

    On this one, the only thing I do know, is that the Steelers need to flood their secondary with young talent. As far as Burns vs. Cockrell goes…I don’t love nor dislike either of them enough to forcefully commit to one over the other at this point. But I am willing to commit to Davis. I think he’s going to be a legit stud back there.

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    The 2 years you’re not counting are still relevant to cockrell because he was learning at the nfl level. I believe Burns only started one year at Miami so he has less than 2 years of even starting at the position. He took his lumps at the beginning but drastically improved as the season went on.

    I’m just trying to understand the reasons why you question him. As far as I’m concerned he’s already solidified a starting cb role on this team for the next 10 years as long as he hasn’t hit his ceiling. I’ve seen him improve every aspect of his game already.

    Cockrell’s run support is just too big of a liability to say he’ll be better. It just looks like something he’ll always lack in his game because he has not improved in that aspect. Burns still has a ton of room to grow, cockrell sort of is what he is at this point.

  • Andrew

    Nah, I know its not the blog fight, I enjoy the friendly disagreements you can have on the cite. And when I said you bash JuJu, I meant the pick, just didn’t clarify. And while you can have 6 DB’s, if we spent half our picks on DB’s, they wouldn’t be on the field at once. That means All the starters we had last year would be benched (which wouldn’t happen). Believe you me, I was so pissed when we lost out on all the DB’s. Look at some of my older posts and I was praying that we would draft Obi. Should we have traded up, perhaps, but considering where we were and who was left, I feel like JuJu was the best value. Looking at the receivers, AB is obviously great, but what happens when He is the only option. MB is way to hit or miss to count on at this point, Coates is the same with his catching. Eli was a pleasant surprise, but he isn’t a difference maker in the slot. JuJu should be. Again, I was hankering for secondary as much as the next guy, but how the board fell, we had a decent draft.

  • Brendon Glad

    It’s hard to explain…because I watch games and read Depot stuff and things just flash at me. And at certain points I buy into someone, and at certain points I go against someone.
    Burns is NOT at the “go against phase”. Whereas…Mike Mitchell IS…there is nothing he can do that will make me think he is a good FS. I actually think he may have a place in the league as a SS…but not a FS.
    Cockrell just flashes to me as a guy who has what it takes to cover in this league. I’m not 100% sold on that. But I just believe it.
    Yet, I’ve been wrong before. I thought that UNLV corner would be good that Cleveland drafted 5-6 years ago. I thought The Alabama CB the Pats drafted last yr would be good. I thought Crezdon Butler (Steelers draft pick) flashed excellence.
    So I’m not going to act like I’m convinced Cockrell will be great, and Burns will not be good.
    To answer your question: I don’t feel like Burns’s 3 ints involved sincere play-making skills. I don’t feel like Burns is an excellent tackler, even if slightly better than Cockrell. And I also feel like when the ball is in the air, Cockrell has a better skill level at making a play than Burns does.
    Personally, I’d keep both. But don’t be surprised if Burns ends up looking like McFadden…and Cockrell ends up looking like William Gay. Obviously my bar isn’t extremely high on the Cockrell end…but, just saying. Burns reminds me a lot of Bryant McFadden. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Brendon Glad

    Yeah…I’m not fully in the know, obviously.
    I think to your point, thhere is something to be said that there is a possibility that Senquez Golson is not horrible…right? He literally has had zero chance to prove it one way or the other due to unfortunate injuries Perhaps he is really showing things in rehab.
    I think the Steelers to be best effective against Tom Brady, need extreme depth of higher quality in the Secondary…like of the 9-10 db’s of last year…in the spots they held…I believe all 9-10 guys can be upgraded. Not meaning they all need to be replaced…but yeah, 4 or 5 of them could go with no worries at all. And the ones they keep probably would play better if their slots were bumped down 1 slot too.
    I.E. Cockrell will never be an elite #1 CB…but can he be Chris Harris? Yes, I say. We saw what AB did to Chris Harris when he was asked to be a #1. But as a #2 he is tremendous.
    That’s what I’m getting at. They need to keep fishing for elite DB’s until they find better than what they have. If they were better at drafting DB’s then I wouldn’t be asking for so much shotgun-blasting.
    I never ask for that at WR…because they are awesome at drafting WR’s… at DB…not nearly the same pick-quality. And there are 18 Colbert drafts to show it.

  • Brendon Glad

    The Steelers followed up a complete SHREDDING by Tom Brady, where he was throwing to wide-open targets all game…with zero DB FA signings…and then 2 out of 8 draft picks on DB’s.
    Watch the fantasy drafts….World-wide…Antonio Brown will go 1-5, Le’veon Bell 1-5.. and Martavis Bryant will go VERY high. I would say top 40 on average. And Big Ben will go top-50. Or higher depending on the scoring format…Yet, 3 of the Steelers top 5 picks involved WR, RB, and QB.
    I know, for hardcore NFL fans, any mention of fantasy is an immediate eye-roll. But take a step back and think about it.
    Literally, is the Steelers best DB better at his position than any of those 4 I mentioned better at theirs?

    It’s like if someone owned a restaurant, and had a great chef who maybe is getting a little older, and great food quality…but the restaurant was getting a lot of complaints about the service.
    Business still good, but not the best in town. And a lot of complaints about the service…NOT the food…just the service.

    So the restaurant owner responds by deciding to hire a chef-in-waiting, (just in case that great chef wants to quit) then starts buying food-stock from 2 places instead of from the trusted distributor…
    and then, as a side note, only fires a couple of people on the floor (servers, bussers, hosts, supervisors) and replaces them with random applicants off of the application database.

    What? Who does it that way?

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    I agree with most of what you’re saying but Burns will be better than mcfadden, he will get better. He just turned 22 a few days ago. He’s already a much better tackler than cockrell, and that’s no compliment to artie.

    How were those not play making skills? So deflections are show better play making skill than ints? Ik what you mean, cockrell is good at playing the reciever and knocking the ball out. But burns does both, maybe not as consistently but what do you expect from a rookie? He’s obviously more talented, the only real advantage cockrell has is mental, which burns will pick up sooner rather than later, seems to be a fast learner.

  • Brendon Glad

    I had to go back to a youtube video made by SteelersNation on Artie Burns to make sure I wasn’t off-my-rocker.
    With consideration that this is a HIGHLIGHT video…done by SteelersNation…so I expect to see the best he has.
    And what I saw was this…the Cleveland INT was nice.
    The Baltimore int. was happenstance. Flacco threw into coverage to a man that Burns wasn’t even covering…lucky pick.
    The Buffalo int. was a horribly under thrown ball. Possibly wrong route. Easy pick.

    The deflections following had moments of impressiveness…combined with moments of “wow…better thrown ball and he’s torched”…kind of thing.
    Not down on him…not high on him. That’s my thought at this point.
    Thus, I want many young DB’s in camp. And this draft only brought 2. That’s why I’m irritated.

  • Andrew

    I agree, we have been pretty shoddy at drafting DB’s. But we are stubborn at drafting. We hate trades, and we covet value over need . Is it a good strategy, thats debatable, but its what we do. While I was personally pulling for a DB in the first, I’m just happy that we actually drafted one that can contribute earlier (as opposed to ignoring it like we used to). Are we set at DB, no, but at least they are working on it. Hopefully Artie can claim a starter role, and either Golson or Sutton work out in the slot. Then, we can focus on solidifying the other outside CB (Cockrell or someone else).

  • Robert Tamburo

    That’s one reason why most restaurants fail.
    Cockrell is a smart and improving CB, but ideally Bob Ross Cockrell is Steelers 3rd outside CB = we still need a starting-calibre CB to groom on opposite side of Artie Burns. By any means necessary the Steelers needed to trade-up in 2nd round to get an elite CB. Also we are in huge trouble when either of our safeties are injured. Dangerfield deserves respect as does Robert Golden, as ST aces…not so much as full time fill-ins on D. Again, guys like Cockrell, Golden and Dangerfield are important to have on the roster, but Steelers need more starter quality depth in their defensive backfield.

  • Robert Tamburo

    Hope springs eternal, Chris. Your Steelers assessment is dead-on!
    Nepotism had long been the problem the first 40 years of the Steelers = all the coaches were either friends of the team or family thereof. Todd Haley hire wreaked of this. Dick Haley (Todd’s dad) is part of the Steelers’ “family”. Unfortunately, Todd is too impressed with himself and his wild-and-crazy play calling to make the changes you wish for.

  • Robert Tamburo

    Firstly, you are right that our drafting is generally the Steelers’ strength. Secondly, JuJu looks like a good guy who, while slow, will contest catches DBs get their hands on. JuJu himself said he was just hoping to get drafted the second day, which includes the 3rd round. I agree with JuJu’s assessment of where he would go in the draft = sometime before the 4th round. Steelers could have gotten JUJu in the 3rd round because the other 31 teams are different from the Steelers, they go for speed over character and WRs drafted before our 3A pick were faster guys than JUJU.
    So I love the voodoo that JuJu do and feel he is not doo doo nor poopoo.
    My feelings about Steelers head coach and Tomlin’s coordinators are a different matter…

  • Chris92021

    If our offense bogs down again inside the red zone when everyone is available (including Bryant and Green), Haley has to be the sacrificial lamb. I don’t care who his daddy is. We are trying to win games here, not mire in mediocrity to make sure someone important’s son has a job. If the late Dan Rooney can fire his own brother, Haley ain’t as safe as he thinks he is.

  • Robert Tamburo

    Yes! I have spoken with Dan Rooney’s brothers many times BTW. MB back in camp!!!!!!!
    Coach Munch deserves at least Steelers Assistant Head Coach and Offensive CooOrdinator Munchak!