Post 2017 NFL Draft Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you once again and welcome to the post-draft portion of the 2017 NFL season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected eight players this year and signed nine undrafted free agents. These 17 players will join several others for rookie minicamp next week, so at least we’ll have something exciting to discuss in the near future.

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching as much tape of the new Steelers players as time will allow this past week. I still have barely scratched the surface of what I want to accomplish in that area, however, and I definitely will continue the process throughout the remainder of the offseason.

As for the annual draft contest that we run on the site, I am just now getting around to scoring the results and hopefully will be able to announce the winner in the coming days so please stay tuned for that.

On a personal level, my father was diagnosed with kidney cancer this past week and now will need one them removed a week from yesterday. Please say a prayer for him that all goes well.

After a one-week hiatus for obvious reasons, I will now resume the weekly Friday night five questions posts. As usual, I hope several of you will take time to answer them all in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and I thank all of you for visiting the site this past week.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Is there one particular player the Steelers drafted who you are a lot more comfortable with now than you were when originally selected? If so, which one is it and why?

2 – Between wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and cornerback Cameron Sutton, which of the two do believe will play a higher percentage of offensive or defensive snaps during their rookie seasons?

3 – How many of the Steelers eight draft picks will ultimately make the team’s initial 53-man roster this year?

4 – Of the other three AFC North teams, which one had the best 2017 draft?

5 – It certainly appears as though new Steelers running back James Conner is destined to wear No. 24. Regardless of the eventual number he’s ultimately issued, will you buy his jersey this year?

Bonus: Name the horse that will win Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Two week’s ago five question recap:

Question 1 – T.J. Watt was # 60 on Gil Brandt’s final top rankings. We had voted at a nearly 3-1 margin (17-6) that the Steelers first round selection would be in Brandt’s top 50.

Question 2 – 15 running backs were selected in rounds 1-4. The Jaguars took Leonard Fournette and the Panthers picked Christian McCaffrey in the first round. We predicted between 6 and 12 running backs selected in the first four (4) rounds with the median response at nine (9). Here is where the rest of these running backs ended up: 2nd round – Dalvin Cook (Vikings); Joe Mixon (Browns) 3rd round – Alvin Kamara (Titans); Kareem Hunt (Chiefs); D’Onta Foreman (Texans); James Conner (Steelers) 4th round – Samaje Perine (Redskins); Tarik Cohen (Bears); Joe Williams (49ers); Donnel Pumphrey (Eagles); Jamaal Williams (Packers); Wayne Gallman (Giants); Marlon Mack (Colts).

Question 3 – We predicted that running back James Conner would be selected somewhere between the 4th & 6th round. The median response was the 5th round. Not a single person predicted Conner going in the 3rd round – and he was picked by the Steelers. The heat is on.

Question 4 – We named 13 different “shockers” that would still be available after the first round. Dalvin Cook, Jabrill Peppers and Obi Melifonwu all with 3 were the most popular choices. The Browns took Peppers with one of their multiple 1st round choices. Dalvin Cook & Obi went in the 2nd round. Mitch Trubisky, TJ Watt, Reuben Foster & David Njoku all got two votes. All went in the 1st round with perhaps Trubisky’s selection by the Bears as overall # 2 pick the biggest shocker considering what the Bears gave up getting him.

Question 5 – Interesting. Responses ranged from 9-16 offensive players harvested in the first round. The overall perception being it was a weak crop this year. The median response was 13. There was an early run on wide receivers and quarterbacks but the final tally in the first round was 13 with 6 folks pegging it – well done Friday Night Answerers!

Three weeks ago, Dave posed this: “The league recently released the names of the 22 prospects who are scheduled to attend the 2017 NFL Draft in person and you can see that list below. Name the players on this list that you believe will still be on the board come time for the Steelers first round selection.”: We identified 13 of the 22 prospects who were scheduled to attend the 2017 NFL draft in person that we believed would still be on the board when it is the Steelers turn to select. USC cornerback Adoree Jackson’s 16 votes led the way with Colorado cornerback Chidobe Awuzie close behind with 14. The rest in descending order were USC linebacker Takkarist McKinley (11); Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer (9); Washington cornerback Kevin King (7); Michigan State defensive tackle Malik McDowell (6); LSU cornerback Tre’Davious White (5); Wisconsin offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk (3); Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley (2); Alabama offensive tackle Cam Robinson (2); North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky (1); Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson (1) & Washington wide receiver John Ross (1).
Of that list of 22; 17 were selected in the first round. Jilted were Cornerbacks Chidobe Awuzie & Kevin King, quarterback Deshone Kizer, defensive tackle Malik McDowell and offensive tackle Cam Robinson.

  • Ted Webb

    1. QB wasn’t sure at 1st but Ben is year to year as he has stated so let’s give Dobbs a try not sold on Dobbs but maybe he’ll slide into #2 spot and go from there

    2. Juju IMO and won’t be close

    3. 5

    4. Don’t laugh Brown’s I’ll say

    5. I don’t buy rookie jerseys I like to wait till they have a few yrs on team or on 2nd contract. I believe mostly his college fans that are also steelers fans will buy bulk of them.

  • Spencer Krick

    1. I feel much better about JuJu knowing that he projects to be an excellent slot reciever. My concern with the pick after he was taken was getting him on the field with Bryant and AB.
    2. Toughie. I’ll say Sutton, I think he can win the nickel CB spot when the dust clears in the preseason.
    3. 6
    4. Browns picked 3 dudes in the first round that weren’t QBs. I’ll give them the W here.
    5. I do need a new jersey but I like repping linemen. I’d give Connor a few years before I purchase one.

  • Brian Miller

    1. I still wanted a solid S or CB in round 2, but I feel better now about Juju.

    2. I will say Sutton because of more Green sightings and Sutton playing slot.

    3. I say all 8!!

    4. I would have said the Ratbirds but they didn’t address several nreds like oline and WR, so I will go with the Browns.

    5. I wait until players get a 2nd contract at least, so nope! Plus I will always proudly wear my man #43!

    Only watch horseracing when I always betting on them, so I have no clue.

  • JohnB

    1. I was on the fence about JuJu only because i was like “who”? Tape “changed my mind.”
    2. I think JuJu will have more snaps out of the two because theres a couple players Sutton has to pass.
    3. Im going to go with Five picks will make the 53.
    4. Of the AFC north, i like Bengals picks on paper but they’re all criminals. Should fit in.
    5. No Conner jersey for me. dont like the number on a RB either.
    Bonus: Uh..Peter Nincompoop?

  • Josh Cummings

    1. JuJu Smith-Schuster. Just based off of the Steelers’ interest in others, I spent most of my time looking at players who fit the mold, and draft tendancies (Great work btw, Alex)… When the pick came in, just felt we could have waited. Then the following day, news of Randy Gregory failing ANOTHER drug test surfaced and i felt a little more comfortable about the pick. Then i went through everything on Draftbreakdown, read the breakdowns on here and I am convinced, this is the flavor of WR we have been missing. I am comfortable now, and excited to see him.

    2. Cam Sutton- I just think his communication skills and position flexibility will get him on sooner, and more often.

    3. 8. I know this is very unlikely but we can make strong cases for everyone. If Keion Adams’ conditioning is up to stuff, and shows he can really contribute on ST.. i think he gets the nod. I haven’t bet against Greg Warren yet, so the time for to do so is now. I had eyes on Allen before Dave Te mentioned him, then once he did bring him up.. I really perked up. So much potential there.

    4. Browns. Cincy and Baltimore had great drafts (I mean, really really great Steelers like players added to their teams)… but the Browns i think really made the most of their picks, all 57 of them.

    5. Nah, I’ll just change the nameplate on the Justin Gilbert jersey i bought last year…hahahaha jk. No jersey yet, but will def. buy any cool t shirt/merch he has in support of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. No. I have no problem with any player specifically but moreso where they were drafted or which position they play.

    2. Cameron Sutton. I feel like he has the easiest path between the 2.

    3. 6. The first 5 are absolute locks and you would have to think they don’t draft a long snapper unless they are at least 90% sure he will beat out Warren or Warren is leaving.

    4. Browns. Think they have a shot to really turn things around here in the next 2 or 3 years the way they are managing the draft. They have to start keeping their proven talent instead of just adding new talent though.

    5. No. It is rare for my to buy an offensive players jersey and I have to get to know and like a guy before I buy his jersey anyway. Don’t watch college football so I never buy a guys jersey initially because I know nothing about them.

  • Jaybird

    1) JUJU – I went from being OK with him to REALLY looking forward to seeing this guy play
    2) JUJU but it will be close
    3) 7 , all but the linebacker in the 7 th rd make it

  • RickM

    1. Not really.
    2. Given their track record on receivers and CB’s, have to go JuJu
    3. I think both QB and LS are gimmes so they’re should be 6 in total. But would love 1 or 2 more.
    4. Cleveland
    5. No

    Bonus: Always Dreaming given his current form is the likely winner, but I’ll be hoping for Gunnevera from well off the pace.

  • Boots

    1. No

    2. Juju

    3. 5

    4. Bengals

    5. No

  • PaeperCup

    Prayers for your Father, Dave. God Bless.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. TJ Watt. Going into the draft appeared that he was a second rounder at best whose skills were very raw. Post draft reports indicate significant upside.

    2. Cam Sutton. Defensive scheme seems to use more and more multiple DB’s.

    3. Six.

    4. Cleveland. So many picks. Three first rounders.They will be in the playoffs 2-3 seasons from now. Book it.

    5. No, but best of luck to him. Wear it proud.

    Bonus: Always Dreaming (of a Steelers Super Bowl Victory)

  • PaeperCup

    1) Easy answer. JuJu. CB was the other big need, it got addressed in the 3rd. I thought a big need was TE, but JuJu in the end may help temper my frustration with them not picking one. He will be effective in the redzone. Sure handed, big body, contests catches….I really like the sound of that.

    2) JuJu. I can easily see him becoming a starting slot, and on the field for majority of offensive snaps. I can also see Sutton beocming a starter, but I don’t see him starting right away.

    3) 6. Adams and Allen to practice Squad. I like Greg Warren, but if Holba doesn’t make the 53, that will be upsetting. Everyone else are locks.

    4) Browns, just because they had so many. I thought the move up for Njoku was well played. Bengals had a good draft, but Mixon on that team is a big mistake for PR reasons. Ravens had a good draft, but ignored some big needs.

    5) I don’t buy jerseys. But He’s one I may make an exception, him and Big Al.

    Bonus) Practical Joke…

  • jesse murray

    1. TJ Watt: after watching Western Mich tape. He only faced Moton 4 or 5 times but gave him fits. He faced the all conference LT who will likely be a 2nd or 3rd next year at LT and again gave him fits. I didn’t realize how polished he is with his hand usage. He has a fantastic rip move which I think will translate well in NFL. Plus when he knows his sole responsibility is to go after the QB he shows far more explosion/speed than I thought he possessed.
    2. Ju Ju but for reason you might think. I have a funny feeling Golson shows up.
    3. 6: LS & 7ths will get to PS
    4. Browns best and Ravens worst. Browns really helped themselves. The Ravens 1st round pick was someone I was crossing my fingers Steelers wouldn’t take. Humphrey gave up 19 yards per catch in college! Behind the most dominant front 7 I can recall in recent memory. Not good. Also the Ravens offense might have the worst skill player group in NFL why not at least a RB or WR? I was shocked Ozzie didn’t try to grab Dalvin Cook.
    5. No.
    6. Irish War Cry

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    1) James Conner. Nobody had him going that high. Seems as though those in the know, (including Big Ben) know that he is back to his pre-injury/illness dominance.

    2) Big toss up. I’ll go with Juju. He never missed a game in college even though he had multiple injuries. This guy funds a way to see the field.

    3) 6

    4) Cleveland. They drafted three starters before the Steelers made their first pick. Hard to too that.

    5) No

    Bonus: classic empire

  • Matt Manzo

    Happy Friday! Prayers for your dad!

    1: Juju! I was kinda pissed right after the pick. But I could see a little Hines in him and I now I feel really excited to get him on the field!

    2: Juju! Our WRs are a mess right now. He’ll get plenty of chances to take the #3 spot.
    Sutton will play, but I think Gay is gonna fight him off for awhile.

    3: It all depends on Adams! Can he beat out Moats? And/or Fort or SJ on special teams? Holba seems destined for the ps, followed by a lot of hollering from Steeler Nation.
    I think the first 6 make it. Allen’s gonna make it!

    4: Browns, for sure! I was hoping they were gonna take Trubisky!

    5: Jerseys are too expensive to buy all the ones I want! I still don’t have a Bell one. Or a Lloyd one! I’d get those first before I got a Conner. Come to think of it, my jerseys are only guys that got us trophys! I gotta get a Debo before I get any of those guys!

    Edit!: forgot the bonus:
    Is there a horse named Cheech n Chong?!

  • Chris92021

    1. T.J. Watt. I know, what?? First round pick and what?? Well, honestly, I was unsure about him being drafted but I am now convinced Watt will bring the energy and effort desperately needed on the edge. After the draft, I thought Watt would be a solid player who can be on the team for at least 8 seasons. Now after reading the stories about him and Coach Tomlin, I believe Watt can become a 3+ time Pro Bowler for us.

    2. Hopefully Sutton because if Smith-Schuster gets a lot of snaps, it will likely mean that Bryant screwed up again and Coates still didn’t make it to Wal-Mart to buy himself a new pair of hands.

    3. All of them except Adams will make the team. I believe Allen will make the team because he will have a great preseason and won’t clear waivers. Someone like Baltimore of Cleveland would take him just to spite and hurt us.

    4. Us of course although it is a bit close because we did pick a long snapper….

    5. Not until he scores at least 5 TDs.

    Bonus: Seattle Slew?? Well, I’m Always Dreaming About Thunder Snow while being Fast and Accurate until I feel Untrapped about discussions about Classical Empire amidst the Battle of Middway…Hence I will unleash my Irish War Cry and pick McCracken.

    Enjoy the weekend, y’all.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Sending a prayer up, Dave.

    1. Juju, duh! Just watched his tape of him beasting has me turnt up a tad!
    2. Juju again! It could be Sutton, but Gay and maybe Quez will all have opportunities.
    3. 7. I don’t think Keion Adams makes it.
    4. Bengals, Imo. John Ross, Jordan Willis, and Carl Lawson? Geez Louise!
    5. Nah, son! Gotta earn your stripes b4 I cop that jersey!

  • Jason

    In my opinion Smith-Schusters playing time has nothing to do with Bryant. He will get every opportunity to win the slot job and probably will.

  • Jason

    Ju Ju only has to best out Rogers for the slot position and despite what many think that shouldn’t be all that difficult.

  • 1 – Juju Schuster-Smith…I just didn’t watch his tape before the draft although my perception was he’s a possession type WR with decent speed, very good hands, and renowned toughness. [From pre-draft reviews] Now that I’ve watched the tapes, which confirm all of this and more, I can see he was the right pick [apparently] compared to slightly very good and slightly faster WRs–his experience, route tree and savvy, and physicality could be special. Plus, his learning curve before he can contribute might be a lot shorter–like he could be a starter or seeing serious reps–even without injuries–by mid-season.

    2 – I’m guessing Sutton…unless Golson really steps up and takes over the slot. Since Sutton is known for being a quick study and being into studying defensive schemes, and since his man skills are supposedly an upgrade over Gay’s, I expect him or Golson to start the season against the Browns in the slot…unless both get burned in preseason.

    3 – Seven: All make it except Brian Allen whose tackling woes send him toe the practice squad.

    4 – Browns–although the Bengals were close.

    5 – No. Can’t afford them. On the other hand [I live in Manitou Springs, Colorado], a six year-old girl roade past me on a bike with her mother [I knew the mother] about an hour ago wearing a “Troy Polomalu” authentic [child’s] jersey. I LOVED it! I told her as she rode passed, “I like your jersey!” She laughed and yelled back, “Here we go Steelers, here we go!”

    Now that’s a kid who’s starting life right!!!

  • PaeperCup

    I’m really surprised we aren’t seeing more Hines Ward Comparisons with Juju. Similar height, similar weight, similar 40 time, similar style of play. Good hands, willing blocker, tough as nails.

  • Ryan Alderman

    I lost both parents to cancer. You two will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Brian Tollini

    Prayers and positive vibes for your father!

    1. Holba. It was the only pick that really surprised me and I have made my peace with it. If Colbert had enough faith to take him in the 6th round, then he must think he can be our LS for a long time-and if he is, then it was well worth the pick.
    2. JuJu
    3. 6
    4. I will say Cleveland. Baltimore had good picks but ignored the offensive side of the ball too much. Cincy had a good draft overall but that Mixon pick sours it for me.
    5. I think my next jersey will be Villanueva.

    Bonus: Classic Empire will be the winner.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    Nice to have this refocused on actual Steelers. I don’t follow CFB enough to comment on people pre-

    1) Probably Dobbs. I wasn’t uncomfortable with him, but after we had already gone offense more than I thought we would, it seemed to pile on. Still, he seems like, at worst, a potential replacement for Landry (who I don’t trust, even as a backup) with a decent potential for him to be the starter when Ben retires. Even if he’s not “the answer” long-term at the position, if we can get 2-3 solid years out of him, it’ll help us bridge until we can find someone better without having to spend all that time rebuilding. And, who knows, I don’t think the comparisons to Prescott are completely unreasonable, so maybe we find ourselves a gem. It’s not like we can’t pick another QB next year and have them battle it out to see who wins the spot.

    2) JuJu by far. I think he’s gonna be productive quick (or, atleast, get the chance to be), and I think is role as a slot guy and possession receiver is pretty open. He’s got more talent than Rogers and Ayers, and he’s not a burner like Bryant and Coates. Hopefully Sutton works out, and he could end up being a big-time contributor, but I wouldn’t even guarantee he sees the field regularly.

    3) 7-8. I don’t see any of them not making the team except Adams. I assume they’re not gonna cut the LS after they drafted him in the 6th. Allen’s the other possibility, if he ends up on the practice squad. I’d be pretty surprised if anyone in the top 5 didn’t make it.

    4) Depends if you’re going by value or simply talent addition. Cleveland probably added the most talent, but that’s partly because they had so much draft capital. I was a little jealous of Baltimore’s draft at first, because they loaded up on defensive players the way I wanted the Steelers to do. But, then I realized that they neglected their offense and Flacco’s going into next season with Mike Wallace and Dennis Pitta as his best receiving options, and mediocre RBs as well. Cincinatti seemed to reach, but I don’t know enough about Ross to tell. I actually think Mixon deserves a second chance, but Cincinnati seems like the worst place to get it. They’ve got enough locker room distractions, and I don’t think it was smart to add that piece to their team. So, I’ll go 1) Cleveland, 2-3) tie Pittsburgh/Baltimore. 4) Cincinnati.

    5) Not a chance – I’ve got a Bell jersey, and I still don’t know how much I trust the Steelers to incorporate him into the offense (even though I really do think they need to give Bell fewer touches to preserve him).
    If anyone, I get the feeling JuJu is going to be the fan favorite. Maybe Watt, but I get the sense he’s going to be more dependable than dynamic (Timmons vs. Shazier).

  • Jason Campbell

    Good luck to your Dad Dave!
    1) toss up btwn Juju and Conner, read their profiles and wasn’t impressed with their speed. I think that they more than make up for it with “hearts and smarts”, and play more athletic than they tested
    2) I’m going to hedge… I think they both play a lot, and pretty early on
    3) 7 Warren wins again
    4) Brownies, on paper.
    5) no, I’m good with my Woodson and Lloyd jerseys.
    Not sure which horse, but I’d bet the jockey is a Hispanic midget.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    That’s what I’m thinking. His competition is Rogers/Ayers, in my opinion. Coates and Bryant are going to be competing for snaps on the outside.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I disagree. Rogers was a good player for us and should only be taking steps forward this season. So unless they just give JuJu the job I think Rogers should be able to maintain his position.

  • Dan

    1 –Juju. Wasn’t sure how good he could be, but I’ve warmed on him.

    2 – JJSS. He’ll at least be the #3. I’m not sure where Sutton ends up, probably dime at first.

    3 – 5 or 6. I think our 5th, 6th, and 7th all end up on the practice squad. Placing Allen on the PS could be risky, though. Holba, the great one, will wait patiently until Warren is ready to depart. Adams…maybe PS? OLB suddenly got crowded.

    4 – All three did well, so let’s go with Cleveland due to their continual stockpiling of picks.

    5 – No. I’m a firm believer in the 2nd contract rule.

  • Steeler-Drew

    Will be saying a prayer for your father on Sunday.

    1) Although I wanted a CB or S in the 1st round I’m much more comfortable with the Watt pick. Really advanced for only 1 year at the position. High upside and already has good hand usage along with his character and there is a lot to like.

    2) Hoping it’s Sutton but think it will be Ju Ju.

    3) 6

    4) The Ravens. I was envious they spent their first 4 picks on defense and they selected some good players.

    5) I would have no problem buying it for my son.

    Hate the post but I’m 50% Irish and my daughter was born on St. Patricks’s Day. So maybe #17 will be lucky with Irish War Cry.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    1. Probably JuJu just because no one saw it coming, but you can see he’s going to be a guy who’s going to contribute.

    2. Sutton

    3. Six. Allen and Adams will go to the practice squad.

    4. Bengals. Got great value for their picks (except for round 1)

    5. No

    Bonus: I don’t care

  • Justin B

    1. Maybe JuJu , but that is a big maybe. Still cant shake that we went WR in that round. Also, watched a few USC games this year. He seems to disappear a bit against the better competition.

    2. Sutton, unless we in a LOT of 3 WR sets.

    3. Six.

    4. Cleveland, but they had to really suck to get where they were in the draft.

    5. No, probably not going to by a backup running back’s jersey. I don’t think he will ever be a feature back in the NFL.

    Bonus: I have no rooting interest.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’ve heard Hines and Anquon Boldin comparisons. I think they’re spot on! He seems to have the hands and toughness! Even if he gives us half of what those guys did, it’s a win!

  • LucasY59

    1. I wouldnt say I am more comfortable with the pick (wont be until he performs up to expectations on the field) but I will say that I am less upset with the pick of JuJu, I dont think they needed a WR that early (and dont think they did enough to help the secondary) I think S-S will play well because he should have favorable matchups, and I think he is an upgrade to Rogers (even though I liked Eli)

    2. should be JuJu he was the earlier pick so he should have a bigger impact (which also means the higher # of snaps) and like I said in the 1st ?, I dont think the team improved the secondary enough, and by waiting till the 3rd Im not even sure that Sutton gets on the field much (I hope he does better than I think he will do, but I dont have high expectations)

    3. 7, the top 5 picks should be locks, I think Allen will get a spot as well because he should contribute on STs, the LS better make the team! but I think Adams might be the only one to not make the 53 (unless he does reallyh well on STs and is shows enough on D to make Moats a cap cut, but I think the team likes Arthur so most likely Keion is going to the PS)

    4. I hope I am wrong, but I think Cinci had the best draft (all 4 teams improved their rosters) the offensive players the Bungles got (Ross, Mixon, Malone) could be dangerous along with AJ Green (and Boyd) Eiffert, Hill, and Bernard, daLOLton as the QB could be the only thing to slow them down (as well as a O-line that lost some important players, so if Andy is running for his life and the RBs dont have holes the O wont be an issue) they also added some pass rushers and Willis in particular could have an impact (and Lawson will have a chip on his shoulder) they also get to add two rookies from last yr on D, that are basically extra picks because they missed thier rookie seasons due to injury

    5. I think he gets the 24, and depending on how he plays I might get the Jersey, I definitely wanted the Steelers to pick him (was just a little surprised at how early they did so, but after having guys not last to the pick in the two previous times the Steelers were on the clock, I was fine with them getting a guy they wanted, instead of waiting to see if he would be there later) I dont buy jerseys until a player gets his second contract (or later) so it will be awhile if I do decide to get one

    Bonus??? the horse that runs fast? honestly have no idea what any of the horses names are so cant even guess

  • Dubai Steeler

    Best wishes to your father Dave. Hope all goes well.

    1. Certainly JuJu. I was mainly looking at the edge and db class prior to the draft, so did not know much about him before. His tape is impressive and he looks like he can block too. Only reservation is the USC stigma… many WR from that school that have gone on to have disappointing pro careers.

    2. Probably Sutton with the amount of nickel the Steelers play.

    3. I am going to be bold and go 7. Trust in Dave T that Bryan Allan can make it. My philosophy is simple that he offers something different vs the rest of the CB room.

    4. Probably Cleveland, although the whole division had a very solid draft. I am rating them ahead since Bengals and Ravens since neither of those teams addressed their major deficiencies.

    5. No. Cool story, but I will stick with my Troy jersey and save the $$$.

  • Rocksolid20

    Browns may sneak into the playoffs ,
    when Ben hangs it up and the division is once again up for grabs .

  • Rocksolid20

    Agree , Debo will be my 5th Steeler jersey .

  • 1. Dobbs, seems like a good kid, had talent
    2. Sutton at first, but I think JuJu will come on later
    3. 6
    4. Browns
    5. Nope, think I’m going with number 90

    Bonus-chicken hawk

  • SoCal Steeler

    Prayers and best wishes to your father.
    1) Holba, I was actually ok with all of the others, just maybe not the round they were drafted in
    2) I’m going to say Juju but it will depend on which one or if either wins a starting role
    3) 7, Adams to the P.S.
    4) Brownies but they all had a good one
    5) No, but maybe down the line
    Bonus- haven’t been paying any attention to it this year

  • Jason

    I dont dent that Rogers is a good player but we didn’t draft Ju Ju in the 2nd to sit around and watch. He’s much more physical than Rogers and a better blocker. Not a knock on Eli at all because I think he’s a nice player.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I mean, you make a fair point but I have been saying they took receiver too early because he is still ultimately just protection against all of the other guys. Lets not forget that he was actually an outside guy and we are just speculating about him competing for the slot position. If Bryant (and lets not forget Coates) pans out, JJ couldn’t be seeing significant playing time until Bryants contract is up.

    All that said, there is a definite possibility he takes away a spot from Rogers but IMO that just solidifies it as a luxury pick (and thus kind of a waste) by the Steelers given Rogers previous performance and upside.

  • Jason

    I think when we have 3 wr on the field it will usually be AB, MB, and Ju Ju in the slot. I disagree that he was drafted as protection. That may have played a part but they like this guy and think we all will too in time.

  • Rene Gonzalez

    1. Still don’t like picking a QB, but I’ve warmed up a bit about Dobbs.

    2. Sutton, I think he has the cleanest path to playing time.

    3. 6 for sure, so I’ll say 7 betting that either Adams or Allen make it.

    4. Browns. Could be the Ravens but the way they neglected the offense gives the nod to the Browns.

    5. I bought Bell’s jersey a week before his debut vs Vikings in London, and that turned out great. I would definitively consider a Conner jersey but I love Watt so a Watt jersey comes first.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Prayers for your Dad, Dave!

    BONUS: Irish War Cry! (I think Dan Rooney might just give this horse the extra-added push) No horse has ever won from the 17 pole… Well, 2017 sounds like the right year to me!

  • Darth Blount 47

    Good Bonus question pick, Beav!

  • Darth Blount 47

    Good Bonus Pick, Rick!

  • RickM

    Thanks Darth. Only pay attention to 4 race days a year Triple Crown and Breeders Cup – but like the intellectual challenge.

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