Steelers Tape Study: Joshua Dobbs’ 2016 3rd Down Incompletions – Part 1

In a previous post, I wrote about how poorly new Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Joshua Dobbs performed on third down pass attempts during his college career at Tennessee and in it I indicated that I planned on digging deeper into his 2016 tape in order to see what really happened. I am now ready to move forward with that study and will do so by breaking down all off Dobbs’ 2016 incompleted third down throws from his 2016 season and will do so two games at a time.

We’ll start this series off by looking out Dobbs’ incompleted third down throws from his 2016 games against Appalachian State and Virginia Tech. You can see each of those plays in the two videos below and underneath them are the charted play-by-play accounts complete with air yards from the line of scrimmage, snap to throw times as well as a brief description of what happened.

I invite all of you to comment on my assessments of each play in addition to any other analysis you believe is necessary. This series should take roughly a week to finish and at that point I will post a recap of the data. I hope you enjoy it.

1st6:453rdGAPP 5J.Dobbs pass incomplete to P.Williams142.70Good throw/Drop/PBU
1st3:453rd6TENN 35J.Dobbs pass incomplete to A.Kamara41.98Poor decision almost picked
1st0:003rd18TENN 32J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Hurd22.55Poor throw high and behind
2nd1:243rd3APP 28J.Dobbs pass intercepted by M.Williams254.70Scrambling. Poor decision off back foot
3rd3:053rd7APP 21J.Dobbs pass incomplete to A.Kamara-13.00RB screen throw behind & dropped
4th7:463rd18TENN 16J.Dobbs pass incomplete to E.Wolf68.57Scrambling. Poor decision off back foot
1st3:473rd2TENN 33J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Malone92.54Throw wide to outside
2nd5:413rd15VT 16J.Dobbs pass incomplete to T.Byrd176.87Scrambling. Throw on run high in end zone
3rd10:113rd10VT 29J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Jennings142.95Poor decision almost picked
3rd2:253rd13TENN 37J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Smith33.39Dropped. Pressure in face
4th14:503rd650J.Dobbs pass intercepted by M.Reynolds93.28Low snap. Open stance and poor decision