Steelers Tape Study: Joshua Dobbs’ 2016 3rd Down Incompletions – Part 5

It’s now Sunday afternoon and I’m finishing my extended look at new Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Joshua Dobbs and his third down incompletions from his 2016 season at Tennessee.

In my fourth post for this series I looked at the third down incompletions Dobbs had in games 8-10 of the 2016 season. In today’s post, I will show you Dobbs’ third down incompletions in Tennessee’s final three games against Missouri, Vanderbilt and Nebraska.

In the three videos below you’ll see all of Dobbs’ third down incompletions from those three games and underneath them are the charted play-by-play accounts complete with air yards from the line of scrimmage, snap to throw times as well as a brief description of what happened.

As usual, I invite all of you to comment on my assessments of each play in addition to any other analysis you believe is necessary. This series now includes five posts and if you missed the four previous ones they are linked below.

In a Monday post I will recap all of the data from this study and I think it will be quite eye-opening.

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1st4:543rd1TENN 42J.Dobbs pass incomplete01.78Poor throw
2nd12:073rd7MIZ 29J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Malone153.10Receiver fell down- throw out of bounds
3rd8:513rd11TENN 24J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Smith102.78Drop
3rd4:493rd4MIZ 35J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Jennings192.81High and out of bounds – Missed blown coverage
3rd7:463rdGVAN 7J.Dobbs pass incomplete to E.Wolf72.11Pass broken up at goal-line
4th12:063rd17VAN 19J.Dobbs pass incomplete to T.Byrd83.20short-hopped throw – bad route?
1st11:463rd11NEB 33J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Jennings323.25Under-thrown and hit defender in back
1st6:433rd14TENN 41J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Smith82.86Too high and over head
1st1:253rd4TENN 15J.Dobbs pass incomplete to A.Kamara121.95Little long but catchable and dropped
3rd5:583rd5NEB 28J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Malone343.67End zone throw out of bounds after roll-out
4th6:003rd13TENN 36J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Malone403.31Deep throw right side over head of receiver and out of bounds

  • Michael Mosgrove

    i appreciate all the time and work youve put into dobbs issues but i wish we could get more breakdown of watt, sutton, dangerfield, chickillo. as far as the last two where they were when they started and where they are at now. both have progressed quite a bit but both need to have a defining year.

  • Steel B

    Wow. Haterade served on Mother’s Day too. LOL

  • Boss


  • SmellyHobo

    I am outraged at this free service!!!!

  • GoSteelerz

    People still aren’t getting that this series has showed that Dobbs isn’t bad. This series has shown that he has some potential, that most of his shortcomings seem coachable, with further evidence of this in the senior bowl. This series is showing that perhaps this was not a bad pick. We likely have our number 2 QB for years now, and if he develops more than we anticipate could become more than that. Landry has reached his ceiling and he’s an ok, number 2, but I’d feel better if he was the number 3. It likely won’t happen this year because Dobbs needs to develop and it will take time, but I think his ceiling is a good bit higher than Landry’s. I’ll say it again, this is the first time he’s had a QB coach. With the improvement we saw at the senior bowl in just a short time, I think he will be better than most think. I can’t wait to see him play!

  • ND_Steel

    Thanks Dave, will be interesting to see what Steelers are able to do with him. These are all unsuccessful plays, so I hesitate as nothing should be conclusive…I don’t know, just doesn’t seem to pass the eye test…doesn’t look like a natural thrower. Lanky looking, ball security issues? Accurate enough? Can’t tell if he’s going through his progressions, but seems to stick to the design of the play.

  • ND_Steel

    If he was drafted strictly as a #2, I do view it as a wasted pick, especially with Ben in the twilight of his career. Could they have drafted someone to provide rotational or depth help now, especially in the middle of the defense (DL or ILB). To me, he needs to be a possible franchise QB.

  • Boss


  • RickM

    Yep, that’s the biggest issue. He just locks in from the start on one guy and covered or not throws it. If he can’t go through his progressions in the NFL, he hasn’t got a prayer. Sorry to those who don’t like hearing that…but that is very evident from these plays. That doesn’t mean he can’t improve; but that’s a major task ahead.

  • GoSteelerz

    I think he is, and I think they might think so too, but they didn’t want to say it because he’s young, raw, and a 4th round draft pick, and they didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on him right away. Something tells me they won’t need to, that he will push himself to improve and become that guy. He has a long way to go, both in mechanics to be a better thrower, like with footwork, as well as the mental aspect, like learning to read defenses, going through his progressions and the like, but I think the ability is there. I could be wrong, he could stink up the joint, but I think he will surprise some people, we’ll see. It’ll be fun to watch!

  • Steeler-Drew

    Throw in the poor footwork and lack of pocket awareness and really doesn’t’ have a prayer. People love to throw Ben under the bus but there is no better at pocket awareness. It’s like he has eyes on the back of his head. Dobbs awareness seems to be poor even with the play in front of him. A good QB strives for a clean pocket and wants to step into a throw without worrying about getting his arm hit. Dobbs seems like he steps into traffic too often. He obviously is a brilliant kid but that might not equate to football smarts and instincts. We have not seen the good tapes yet but betting he will be no better than a #2 seems like a pretty safe bet right about now.

  • will

    Essentially, the Steelers used their #4 selection to choose at best, a backup QB. They need to win now and I believe that someone else could have helped them win now at #4. Simple as that.

  • ND_Steel

    Just watched his Gruden QB interview…smart guy, great attitude

  • RickM

    It’ll be a challenge. I’m sure we’ll be far more impressed with the good highlight tape, but as a pro it’ll be interesting to see if the progressions, pocket awareness and accuracy can improve. Some scouts commented that he checks down a lot. I’ll be watching for that as well. Hope the young man surprises us.

  • falconsaftey43

    If you want to see the “optimistic” view of Dobbs, go watch his last 5 games in order (Tenn. Tech and after). The way he looks in those games, compared to earlier in the season/his career is pretty drastic. Still shows flaws obviously, but something clicked for him in that period. Was much more consistent hitting the easy throws, came off reads to check it down. Hit guys in stride on deeper throws, stayed in the pocket to deliver the ball, side stepped pressure in the pocket.


    And I say (yet again) that this pick was a waste – a luxury that we did not need nor that solved any issues currently facing our progress to another SB championship. We ALREADY have a solid backup QB.

    What’s that you say? We need to find BBs successor?

    Forget that argument – ARII said THE DAY AFTER THE PICK that Dobbs wasn’t drafted to fulfill that role.

    So why then was this guy taken? WTF?!

    We could have drafted Jake Butt to supplement our TE group, or doubled up on CB two picks in a row. We could have completed the double dip at OLB also instead of waiting to use a SEVENTH round pick for the second OLB.

    Honestly , I would have felt better taking another DLman with this pick vs a third string QB.

    There was no need to do this this year, forcing a QB pick with such a high selection, taken from a QB class that universally was recognized as middling at best (and we took a middle of the draft class QB from amongst a middling class!).

    Next year, with a class that is viewed as much superior to this one, we should use a first or second round pick to take our QB of the future. No middle to late round options.

    If we are serious about finding BBs replacement, let’s not use the same approach as we have used over many years in ‘rebuilding’ the D secondary – tossing middle round picks en masse at the draft refrigerator in hopes that the QB spaghetti sticks!!!


    Really. If this wasn’t such a wasted pick (Thus raising my Irish temper!) I would be snoozing also.
    FIVE (and counting) installments to accurately outline this guy’s inadequacies? That alone says all that one needs to know!


    Exactly. This isn’t about Dobbs for me as much as it is about what we could have done with the pick.


    Well for all of The Nations sake I pray you are right!!
    But I think this is just that -a hope and a prayer!!!
    Besides (and this just doesn’t seem to show up anywhere in this debate since it was first said), ARII said the day after the pick of Dobbs that he wasn’t drafted to be BBs successor!!!
    I will read the five part article on our QB of the future when they ACTUALLY DRAFT ONE!!!!!


    And all for a guy that won’t be our successor to BB!!! What a waste!!


    I’m sure he is smart and the Steelers have always valued intelligence.
    My vitriol towards this pick has nothing to do with the person.
    Rather, it is about the concept of using a middle round pick to acquire a player that, at best, will not help us until three years from now. If then.

  • S.T.

    This. When the team said “not drafted to be Ben’s successor,” most of y’all interpreted that as meaning that he isn’t seen as the QB1 of the future, when what that quote really meant was “Hold up now, let’s not put the future of the franchise on this kid just yet.” NFL teams have proven time and again, in every round of every draft, how hard it is to pick a franchise QB out of college. In this case, the Steelers really appear to have decided to build their own franchise QB by grabbing a guy with plenty of the right ingredients–size, smarts, mobility, decent arm strength, and a demonstrably upward trajectory. No pressure, though. I, for one, would really like to see this young man excel.

  • Jeff Burton

    I didn’t agree with this pick. Brad Kaaya and Nate Peterman were still on the board. Either one would be a better backup/bridge starter candidate than Dobbs. We need someone to beat out the atrocious Landry Jones. It was idiotic of Keven Colbert not to upgrade at the position in free agency, solely because Landry Jones ‘knows the playbook’. What good is knowing the playbook if you can’t execute? There were many QBs who were available the Steelers could have gone after. All of this makes me very nervous. I’ve lived through too many years of Chuck Noll and his ‘The Quarterback is one eleventh of offense.’ and the Cliff Stoudts, Bubby Bristers and Kordell Stewarts. Hell, I would have waited a couple rounds, drafted T.J. Logan in 4th and took a chance on Chad Kelly in the 6th Rd. He has the same chance or better of sticking in the NFL as Dobbs.