Steelers Tape Study: Joshua Dobbs’ 2016 Touchdown Passes – Part 1

Ever since the Pittsburgh Steelers selected former Tennessee quarterback Joshua Dobbs in the fourth-round of the 2017 NFL Draft, several readers have made it clear that they feel we haven’t spent enough time focusing on his positives. In light of that, and even though my recent study of Dobbs’ perceived negatives ended-up showing some positives, I will now dedicate a short series to some positive plays that he made in 2016.

In this series, we’ll have a look at Dobbs’ 27 touchdown passes from 2016 and do so in the same manner that we did with his third down incompletions from the season and that will include the play-by-play description, snap to throw times, air yards, yards after catch, as well as whether or not play-action was used.

In this first post, we’ll review Dobbs’ first 10 touchdown passes from the 2016 season that came in Tennessee’s first four games against Appalachian State, Virginia Tech, Ohio and Florida.

After all 27 of Dobbs’ 2016 touchdown passes are reviewed, I will post a recap of the data and other observations compiled from the plays.

APP4th10:301st10TENN 33J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 67 yd TD4225YES3.17Off coverage & slightly under-thrown albeit to outside shoulder
VT2nd14:431stGVT 5J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 5 yd TD120YES1.67Great corner throw where only receiver can catch
VT2nd9:422nd4VT 38J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 38 yd TD410NO2.81Slightly under-thrown & great adjustment by receiver
VT3rd7:043rd15VT 23J.Dobbs pass complete to A.Kamara for 23 yd TD518NO4.93Avoided rush nicely to find uncovered back
OHIO1st14:222nd10OHIO 20J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 20 yd TD230YES2.79Perfect seam throw to post
OHIO4th11:071st10OHIO 20J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 20 yd TD260YES2.8Slightly behind receiver NFL-quality seam throw to post
FLA3rd7:292nd10FLA 23J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Hurd for 23 yd TD203YES2.87Nice, soft toss to back on blown coverage of wheel route
FLA3rd0:592nd9FLA 20J.Dobbs pass complete to E.Wolf for 20 yd TD250YES2.51Great touch on seam pass to tight end with hit oncoming
FLA4th12:453rd5TENN 33J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 67 yd TD2641NO2.45Stood in pocket with hit coming & delivered to wide open receiver

  • D.j. Reynolds

    Thanks, Dave!

  • D.j. Reynolds

    I love that next to last one to the TE where he takes the hit!

    I also like that he didn’t seem to be struggling on those two longer throws (looked almost effortless to me – though they were both slightly under thrown).

  • RickM

    Lots better stuff obviously and I even saw one pass where he looked left and then went deep to the right. Hopefully we’ll see more of this ability to move off his first read. Nice pickup of a couple of outlet receivers when he’s forced to scramble as well.

  • Kevin McDonnell

    What a breath of fresh air from those Evil Dave articles! Speaking on behalf of Yinzer nation we just needed a break from the oppression which started in the headline with words like “interception” or “hip injury” no matter what followed, the death spiral was in motion. Let’s try to keep the mojo going and if Evil Dave must come out let’s use it constructively on a division opponent, ok? hahaha…..

  • PaeperCup

    At first I couldn’t help but to think how much Dobbs like throwing into coverage. Thankfully towards the middle of the video he started throwing to open receivers.

    Considering the drops in the third down videos, these wideouts actually did a good job winning contested balls.

  • Ace

    Dave on the grind! I’m having a hard time understanding all the attention for a guy that will play less than 50 meaningful snaps over the next 2 years. He’s a fairly solid 3rd string qb, why all the attention? I love the breakdowns you guys do, and visit the site at least a dozen times a day, but I kinda would rather see some JUJU or WATT video breakdowns. Guys we will actually see on the field. (Don’t take that as a knock please).

  • Terrible Towlie

    #3 looks pretty good, when is he draft eligible? or was he drafted?

  • Doug Schnitzer

    bengals in the 4th rd

  • Terrible Towlie

    bummer…he went to the Bungles…good player, Bungles did have a pretty good draft….Willis (who i wanted) and Lawson in back to back rounds