The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Week 2 OTA Preview, Special Teams, Listener Questions & More

Season 7, Episode 115 of The Terrible Podcast is now up and in this Monday show, Alex Kozora sits in again for David Todd and we get right to looking ahead at what might transpire during the Pittsburgh Steelers second week of OTA practices that will get underway on Tuesday.

Will running back Le’Veon Bell show up this week? Should he? We discuss that topic in addition to a few other things we hope to learn this coming week.

Now that linebacker Vince Williams is set to become the team’s starter inside, Alex and I discuss how his role on special teams is likely to diminish and who the team might turn to in order to fill his shoes.

During the second half of this Memorial Day show, Alex and I answer quite a few listener questions that we received overnight on Twitter. There were several interesting questions this week and enough that it resulted in us running a little bit longer than an hour.

As always, several other smaller talking points are mixed in throughout the show that are not highlighted here in this post.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to call or email with questions or comments and please pass us along to your friends!

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As always we love talking football, particularly Steelers football. We hope you enjoy listening! We hope you listen weekly and give us your feedback of two Daves talking Steelers football. Download it to your iPod or mp3 player and listen anytime.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 115 of Season 7 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • Garrett Hunt

    Hey Dave, can you give us an update on Dave? Not just the podcast, but do you know his plans with his life’s work?

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I want Martavis to stay here. But It’s going to be very difficult to justify keeping him (for a couple of different reasons).

    1) Money. There are teams out there with TONS of cap space. They have no problem spending $8-10 million on a big play WR. And it’s not just the yearly salary. They will offer him a larger guaranteed amount than the Steelers will be willing to go.

    2) Targets. As long as Antonio Brown is in Pittsburgh, Martavis will always get #2 WR targets. I’m sure he (and his agent) feel he is a #1 WR. And there are going to be teams who want to make him one.

    3) Quarterback. I’m guessing Big Ben will be gone after the 2018 season concludes. (Right when Bryant’s contract concludes.) He will probably want to go somewhere with a veteran QB who can read defenses and get the deep ball to him accurately.

    4) Marijuana. I’m rooting for Bryant to stay clean. But in situations like these the odds of relapse are very high. I think other teams will probably be more willing to take on that risk than the Steelers. One more failed test and he’s gone. Forever.

    The only chance of him staying in Pittsburgh is if he is feeling especially sentimental and loyal and signs an extension in the spring of 2018 (pre-season) with a moderate guarantee that the Rooneys feel good about.

    You have to figure his agent is worried about another failed drug test as well. Why not get a “sure money” signing bonus now BEFORE he (possibly) fails another test in 2018. And then if he stays clean, you keep getting paid a decent salary year to year. It’s a long shot. But it is possible.

  • Hop you are all having an enjoyable three-day weekend.

    As far as Sheets vs. Wawa goes, I grew up in New Jersey and spent a large part of my life there. There are Wawa stores and expanded versions that also have a gas station as part of the establishment. Where I live now, all they have is Sheetz. I’m so much more used to Wawa. I’ll have to go with Wawa on this one. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but from what I’ve been told, Wawa does have some of the best coffee out there.

    That being said, let’s get to the team. James Harrison has been working so hard this off-season. Even harder than usual, which is hard to believe seeing as he’s a workout beast as it is, and I think he’s determined to show the rookies what he’s capable of. It’s the whole pride thing with him. I think he’ll have 7 1/2 to 8 sacks this season. I know it may sound crazy, but I can see it happening. If all our guys can remain relatively healthy this season, I think we may wind up leading the league in sacks. We’ve got extra help now as well.

    I have high hopes with Bryant back in the mix, and I think is Alex is right about how Martavis will not leave. If he stays clean, I think he will remain a Steeler seeing as they put so much trust in him to do the right thing.

    We’ll see. GO STEELERS!

  • Ace

    Sean Davis as a Pro-Bowler is interesting, definitely has a chance. AFC safeties pretty weak, one could argue MM should have been one year before last. 3 sacks, 3-5 INT, couple FF and some splash plays ought to do it. Not too tall an ask for him. Those last 5 weeks he really came on strong. I agree with Dave here on Adams vs Allen. Seems to me an easier route for Adams on first glance, but those back end CB’s are almost begging to be replaced. Another terrific job by you guys, somehow filling an hour with no new news.

  • Addison

    Has do any of you guys what happened to davids todds espn show on podcast. Did they discontinue putting it on podcast?

  • Phil Brenneman II

    If we are talking gas station food in the PA area I feel like Rutters definitely has to be in that convo. Route 30 burger is 2 grilled cheese with a burger in the middle.