Steelers First Two 2017 Preseason Games To Be Aired Live On NFL Network

We are now two months away from the start of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 preseason schedule and if you live in the local viewing area, you’ll obviously be able to watch all four of this year’s games on KDKA-TV. However, if you live outside of the local viewing area and you choose not to buy an NFL Game Pass subscription, you’ll still be able to watch the Steelers first two games live on the NFL Network.

On Monday, the NFL Network released their 2017 preseason schedule of the games they’ll be broadcasting live and the Steelers first two games against the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons are included in the list of 16.

The Steelers preseason opener against the Giants will be played at MetLife Stadium on Friday, August 11 and kickoff time is scheduled for 7 p.m. EST. The Steelers second preseason game against the Falcons will be played at Heinz Field on Sunday, August 20 and the kickoff time for that contest is scheduled for 4 p.m. EST.

As the disclaimer states, live games on NFL Network will be blacked out in the participating teams’ over-the-air station markets. Re-airs of a non-sellout preseason game prior to the home team’s local over-the-air station re-airing the game will be blacked out on NFL Network in the home team market.

Currently, the Steelers final two 20917 preseason games against the Indianapolis Colts and Carolina Panthers are not scheduled to be shown nationally on any of the networks. If you miss those games as an out-of-market fan, you’ll need to check NFL Network’s schedule for when those games will be replayed after they’ve concluded.

  • Rob H

    For the most part, the only preseason game I can sit through more than a quarter of is the third one. The first one you get that rush just seeing the uniforms on the field again, and when you see the high picks for the first time, but that fades quickly. The second game is a little better, but I still can’t make it too far past the first quarter. The third game I actually make it into the late third or early fourth most times. The last one is almost as bad as the first.
    This year may be different though, we not only have more storylines and big battles for roster spots than usual, but also Dobbs to watch play, as well as Allen, and we’re looking for possible significant contributions from all of the first four picks this season.

  • Paul Kuhns

    As a huge fan I love preseason. Casual fans may hate it but I love getting to see young guys/rookies play and also see who plays better in position battles. Really excited to see Dobbs play as well. Finally we don’t have to suffer through Jones only or jones and someone with 0 chance to make the team

  • Dorian James

    Getting extra hours so I can get tickets to that Giants game. I’ve only seen the Steelers live once and that was in Jacksonville, a nine nothing loss. Back in the Bill Cowher days

  • kevin Duffin

    The new rule on roster cuts could effect how much the vets play also. They will have 93 players for all 4 games this year, so allot more players to take reps

  • Rob H

    Ouch, I remember that game, that whole season was rough. Ben’s bike accident and emergency appendectomy, the superbowl hangover, Cowher’s last year. At least you got to see one of the better defenses they’ve ever had.
    I’ve been to see them at Heinz field about a dozen times, most were wins, but I’ve seen a few clunkers like that as well. One of the best things was being able to watch Polamalu in person during his prime, always loved being able to watch him fly around before and after the snap.

  • Rob H

    Yea, I completely forgot about that. That last game may get really ugly, really fast.

  • Dorian James

    Yeah,it was the first time I truly noticed how big Casey Hampton was. Not to mention Stroud and Henderson as well.