Jordan Dangerfield’s Story An Easy One To Root For

Sometimes, I go back into the Depot archives, hunting for something else, and see a totally different topic that catches my eye. Today was one of those days. Entering camp this season, Jordan Dangerfield will be fighting for a roster spot but there’s a pretty good chance he makes the team. He showed up last year, a strong special teamer and did well in his spot starts on defense.

Just two years ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t even think enough of him to bring him to Latrobe. July 24th, 2015, the team dumped him in order to sign offensive tackle Kelvin Palmer. Credit part of that to the numbers crunch; they were short on linemen after Mike Adams’ back surgery and heavy at safety.

So Dangerfield got the pink slip. At that point, it’s probably easy to think his career was over.

But the Steelers brought him back a few weeks later after a safety you’ve definitely forgotten about got hurt. He’s run with that chance ever since and stayed true to his game. Heavy hitter, sure tackler, and willing to put his hand in the pile.

He’s stuck ever since, working his way up the NFL ladder, and now gives the team comfort at safety depth.

Gotta respect a guy who earns his keep. And does things the right way. It’s another reason, and I promise I didn’t write this just to get preachy, to not cast anyone off as just a “camp body.” Because Dangerfield could’ve been considered one too. And now he has an inside track on keeping his gameday roster spot.

It’s much ado about nothing, something to say to pass the time until camp. I get that. But in a league where the negative dominates the headlines, it’s important to be reminded 95% of the league is made up of good dudes working to provide for themselves and their family. Dangerfield is the epitome of that.

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Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    yes its to be expected i will be the first to comment on this. in response to another post i watched 10 different steelers videos on youtube to try and find plays for dangerfield.

    i really hate the fact we cant link things on this site.

    i have a lot of go pro footage of last couple camps with dangerfield with some pretty exciting plays.

    but for this, im going to use a couple different videos.
    you know where to go.

    jordan dangerfield highlights, first one that should pop is one by steelers nation highlights. (i muted the stupid song)

    at 0:27 during a return punt from a bills game. dangerfield runs down the sidelines and provides a solid stop on the outside after #24 gets blown up. im thinking this is from 2015 season and that that was doran grant.

    next play in the video is from the pitt new orleans game from 2015. dangerfield was providing deep coverage next to antwon blake. dangerfield shoots the gap in the middle and provides a crushing hti with a good tackle.

    next play played solid in coverage vs chiefs in 2016 looks to be the game where vwill blew up with 16 tackles. dangerfield. drops receiver at catch. allows no yac.

    another chiefs game paly dangerfield covering the flat. drops receiver at catch. allowing no yac.

    play after that was from 2014 seaason against the giants. provides goal line stop ( dangerfield wearing his previous #42 here)

    next play vs packers 2015. joins in on tackle. doesnt actually do much here other than troy jumping over top.

    another 2015 play. vs panthers guards flat buzz route drops receiver for short yardage yac.

    next play guarding the flat. crashes in drops receiver at los. receiver fights but is still limited to los.

    next play crashing from behind same game. drops rb behind the los.

    next play covers the gap. gets a sn assisted stop

    last from that game and of the video. about a half step shy of a sack, casuses errant throw.

    not a bad over all mix of plays.
    dangerfield is an almost physically replicate of golden but uses his mass much differently.

    the rest will be 2016 specific games
    by nfl and what i can find.

    another video. by nfl.

    week 4. chiefs vs steelers game.

    jarvis jones interception play.
    0:45 dangerfield crashing provided pressure on alex smith. about 3 steps from getting a sack.
    1:56 dangerfield looks to be covering maybe a outside route, drops and hits receiver #19 for KC
    2:44 provided deep middle coverage.
    2:54 guards kelce not targeted.
    3:00 mitchell targeted. dangerfield forces an end zone drop.
    3:06 guards outside post whole hill blows through mitchell.
    4:00 comes wayyyy down from a deep spot to try and provide run support against spencer ware. fails by about an arms length, but considering how far he traveled i’m not holding it against him.
    4:15 still block right post. not targeted.

    another nfl video.
    week 5 vs jets
    1:33 providing middle endzone coverage. not targeted.
    2:36 provided a block for ab, but defender broke away. ab gets stopped after a modest run. abw as going to go down either way really had a defender at his heels as well. not the best play for dangerfield.
    3:45 providing midfield coverage. not targeted.

    another nfl video
    week 12 colts t giving

    ST SNAP: 2:25 dangerfield whiffs on a tackle on fake kick/punt. takes a good angle but whiffs when he tries a leaping tackle. negative play for dangerfield.

    watching every highlight reel provided by the nfl available on you know what, ten games, from what i could see so far, the biggest safest problem was with davis, being that he was a rookie, its to be expected but in the limited snaps that dangerfield was given. provided good results. davis could have easily sat a bit longer and dangerfield replacing golden would have solved many issues. while he wasnt perfect and he whiffed on a couple plays he has played well enough to earn a description of solid vs the run and pass in his snaps.

  • GoSteelerz

    Dangerfield is one of my favorite players, I hope he stays with us for a good while.

  • Alex Kozora

    Sorry man, we just have to do that to keep out all the spammers. Of which we get a lot.

  • Rocksolid20

    Has a brother on the Saints . I know some of their family that live
    in Tampa and they are people you can root for .

  • Michael Mosgrove

    alright well. hopefully this breakdown helps people make a more informed decision.

  • Shane Mitchell

    The best strong safety on the roster last season.

  • John Pennington

    This should be the year that Dangerfield over takes Golden at safety.He played better than Golden when he got a chance to play.Hope he gets a fair shot at the safety position he has earned it.

  • jsteeler

    Directv Now has a pop up spam coming on the bottom right of the page with loud annoying video advertisement. I( can barely hear the podcast because of this interference. Are you guys still working on eliminating it?

  • Alex Kozora

    Thanks for the insight, Michael.

  • Alex Kozora

    You aren’t able to click out of it?

  • Michael Mosgrove

    As everyone on this forum knows or should know, I am very passionate about what i believe. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong, but I at least try to approach logically from both sides.

    In the 4000 comments I have never attacked someone directly, though I have been the target many times because many people would rather insult then do the work themselves.

    I don’t always have the most popular opinions but I stand by everything I have said when I said it. I am willing to change my mind if presented with information that challenges my opinion with enough logic.

    I make a lot of claims here at times, but to this date, I have never lied on here nor do I lie in my personal life. If I say something, it’s because I either have seen it, read it, or had some other experience with it.

    As it pertains to this article, I have long been a proponent of Dangerfield over golden. He does need to take steps forward still but he has shown the ability to play. Hopefully this helps.

  • Steve Johnson

    Dangerfield, Mike Mitchell and Robert Golden? Oh My! Can these three help defend the middle of the Defense in 2017? Will they be able to contain the TE’s they will face? From what I’ve seen the past 2-3 years, I don’t think they can. Maybe the new Defensive Scheme will change things. But still, in the end, they need to upgrade that position.

  • Steve Johnson

    Agreed. Dangerfield has played better at times. But, I still think the Steelers need better depth over both of them. As of now, they need impact players at the Safety position. They need someone better to pair with Sean Davis, and hopefully Davis becomes a better tackler in 2017.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    objectively dangerfield still needs to take a step forward but even at this point, dangerfield could fill mitchell’s role next year. mitchell will be another year older, wont have a 5 mill salary, an 8 mill cap hit. with under a million in dead money if cut on the last year of his contract. that being said, i highly expect steelers to draft a safety early. qb, safety, tight end.

  • Alex Kozora

    Ha, I understand man. No need to defend yourself. Well argued points my friend.