Martavis Bryant Says He’s ‘Close’ To Returning

With several injuries at wide receiver, getting Martavis Bryant back would be huge.

Heck, forget about the injuries. Getting Bryant back no matter what would a big victory. And according to the receiver, he’s close to being allowed back on the practice field.

Per NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala, Bryant told her he was “close,” to returning to practice.

Bryant has been barred from practice by the league for reasons that are not explicitly known. Either the league’s red tape and typically long, drawn-out processes are creating the hangup or Bryant has not fully complied with the conditions of his conditional reinstatement. Chiefly, not setting up drug/clinic resources in Latrobe and/or Pittsburgh that are up to the NFL’s standards.

At the start of camp, Mike Tomlin called those hurdles simply “procedural.”

The Steelers are currently thinner than expected at WR. Sammie Coates is on PUP due to knee surgery and JuJu Smith-Schuster twisted his ankle on the third day of practice.

It’s been a long time since Bryant has hit the practice field. And it’ll be one heck of a welcome sight when that happens, hopefully, within the next couple of days.

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  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Be good to be adding players to practice rather than taking them off the field.

  • WreckIess

    So when he does finally get fully reinstated, will he have to do two days of non contact practices before he can fully participate or can he just jump right in?

  • Alex Kozora

    That is a good question. My guess is that he can jump in.

  • WreckIess

    That’s what I was hoping. I didn’t know if those first couple of days without pads were just precautionary by the team or something that the league requires.

  • srdan

    He is kind of hard to contact. On and off the field.

  • Big White

    Strange story. A year’s suspension and still can’t practice? hmmmm

  • ryan72384

    I have a feeling he is going to have a huge season. It always seems like he’s so upbeat now and more open but at the same time like he’s thinking you guys just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Kind of like Happy Gilmore learned how to putt.. Martavis Bryant learned how to work hard. He and AB together finally for a full year. Can’t wait

  • StolenUpVotes

    +1 for the analogy lol

  • nutty32

    More paperwork mix ups? As mel blount pointed out, Burns & MB are still living analog when everyone else is digital.

  • Terrible Towlie

    while the felon Pacman doesnt miss a second