‘Shifty’ CB Mike Hilton Impressed Ramon Foster Enough To Ask Kevin Colbert Who He Was

Here is an interesting little tidbit on the team’s website that you might have missed recently. In an article written by Mike Prisuta reflecting on some conversations that he had with Pittsburgh Steelers starting guard Ramon Foster about how OTAs and minicamp went, he gave an unsolicited shoutout to cornerback Mike Hilton.

Now, he may be an underdog, but Hilton is probably a name that you know by now because we have talked about him several times so far over the course of the offseason. You will recall that we have talked about the fact that on days William Gay had off, the team would give him some reps with the first-team defense in the slot, where he ordinarily would be playing with the third team.

According to Prisuta, Foster was asked about what he saw that impressed him the most during OTAs. Remember, the lineman sat out virtually all of the spring drills because he was recovering from a surgery, so he actually did do quite a bit of observing.

While he mentioned several different things, he reserved a special note for Hilton. “I had to ask Kevin Colbert about him”, he said. “Who is this guy? He’s comfortable going with the ones. He’s a guy that’s always making a play. He’s shifty, he doesn’t look rattled”.

Now I’m not about to give Foster a job in the team’s scouting department honing in on slot cornerbacks, but I do think that his comments are worth noting, if simply due to the fact that it shows that Hilton’s teammates were forced to take notice of him because he was doing notable things when given the opportunity.

Coming out as an undrafted free agent last season, the Ole Miss product found his way at some point during the regular season onto the Steelers’ practice squad, and, obviously, he was re-signed to a Reserve/Future contract after the season ended.

A former teammate of fellow Steeler Senquez Golson, the two made up their starting cornerbacks during the 2014 season because the former second-round draft pick declared early and was taken by Pittsburgh in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Hilton stayed another year and didn’t get drafted, but as we fast forward into their careers, both of them are pitted against one another for a potential spot in the Steelers’ secondary as a specialist in the slot.

Both of them are roughly the same height at around 5’9”, so they are diminutive for the position, but Hilton showed a willingness to tackle and lay a big hit on his college tape. He will have an opportunity during training camp and the preseason to state his case for the 53-man roster, potentially taking a job away from his former college teammate in the process.

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  • Maureen A Gomes

    Well, now. The connection between Golson & Hilton makes this training camp battle for a roster spot intriguing. At this point with Golson, I would love to see Hilton beat him out for the spot. It will actually be quite easy as Golson hasn’t proved that he can stay healthy at the NFL level.

  • RickM

    Interesting point, thanks. Wouldn’t it be terrific if they’ve found a hidden gem so to speak.

  • Matt Manzo

    That’d be crazy if Hilton beat out Golson! Teammates and opposite ends of the spectrum in the draft!
    Golson might not be able to recover after that!

  • dany

    Reminds me a bit during the 2014 offseason when Blake’s name kept popping all over the place

  • Matthew Marczi

    If only Blake actually had change-of-direction abilities to play in the slot.

  • StolenUpVotes

    Or just football awareness in general lol

  • Alan Tman

    I think it says more about how Golson is in the doghouse.

  • mem359

    Is there a scouting report for Hilton? Why wasn’t he a draft pick?
    (And has he made up for whatever deficiencies the scouts thought he had?)

  • GoSteelerz

    It’s no secret that i think they have indeed found a hidden gem. Can’t wait to see him play!

  • Matthew Marczi
  • walter

    Interesting article about a guy most of us never heard of

  • Steve Johnson

    5’9, barely 200 LBS? Sounds like another mini-me. However, will wait to pass judgement, will try and be optimistic. Haven’t heard much about him though. Could it be the F/O is looking to match those shifty short-yardage WR’s of the Patriots?

  • Steel Realist PAul

    25.5 tackles for a loss??? Um, this guy might be a player.