2017 Preseason Game No. 3: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you once again and let me welcome you to another exciting weekend full of preseason football.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play their third preseason game of 2017 Saturday night at Heinz Field against the Indianapolis Colts and that contest figures to feature the debut of several players in addition to lengthy playing time for a few starters. This tuneup game should be very fun to breakdown after it’s over and as usual, we’ll start doing that for you late Saturday night.

My wife celebrated her 51st birthday on Thursday and we’ve almost finished off the cake already. She bought herself a new leather couch for her birthday. We stopped exchanging gifts roughly 20 years ago. In short, we buy ourselves our own birthday presents as it’s just easier that way.

My annual fantasy football drafts, 11 this year, will be getting underway starting on Sunday. One of those leagues is close to 30 years old and it still uses touchdown-only scoring. lol.

As usual, I have five questions for you to answer on this Friday night and I hope that several of you can take a few minutes to do just that in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and peace and love to all of yinz!

1 – Are you keeping eight, nine or ten total linebackers this year and which ones make your cut?

2 – True or false: Rookie cornerback Brian Allen will make the initial 53-man roster.

3 – Fill in the blank: The Week 1 starting cornerback opposite Artie Burns will be _________________.

4 – How many passes will quarterback Landry Jones complete against the Colts and how many interceptions will he throw?

5 – With two preseason games remaining, are you Team Knile Davis, Team Fitzgerald Toussaint, or Team Nether?

Recap last week’s Friday night questions per David Orochena:

Question 1 – The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette has more credibility than player agent Adisi Bukari to a decisive majority of respondents to this question. 62% said they believe Bouchette’s report that Le’Veon Bell rejected a five-year deal that his agent brought to him. Only 24% did not believe it while another 13% were either unsure or do not care. Nostradamus prophesied that Le’Veon Bell will report before 9-4-18.

Question 2 – Joshua Dobbs only had two completed passes that were more than 10 yards. The 23-yard completion to Martavis Bryant and a short pass to David Johnson that went for 15 yards but believe at least 5.5 yards were after the catch. So, the correct answer to this question is one. We were an optimistic bunch with the mean response at 4.5 passes that would go more than 10 yards before being caught. There were predictions as high as nine such passes. Only Chris92021 & Jaybird came close predicting Dobbs throwing two such passes.

Question 3 – There was more interest in seeing Justin Hunter play against the Falcons than Sammie Coates. The prevailing view was that folks have not seen Hunter play in a game while Sammie is more of a known quantity. The split was 55% for Hunter; 37% Coates & 8% Both. We did get to see Coates make a couple clutch catches in a scoring drive. Hunter scored a touchdown ala Brown in that same drive.

Question 4 – A close result: 58 to 42 percent did NOT consider Mike Hilton a lock prior to the Falcons game. However, many believe he has the edge and a strong performance in the next couple preseason games would seal it. Hilton was credited with one tackle; one pass defensed (almost intercepted) and a quarterback hit against the Falcons (almost the same blitz used in his sack against the NYG). He almost scored a safety. His roles also changed from the first to the second game. Against the NYG Hilton played 19 defensive snaps (25%) and 13 (45%) special team snaps. The percentages were almost reversed against Atlanta: 31 (40%) defensive snaps and only 8 (27%) special team snaps. Maybe this question should be repeated this Friday.

Question 5 – Readers named 15 different players that they predicted would be the star of the Atlanta game. Everyone named except Bud Dupree played in the game. Martavis Bryant edged out TJ Watt 9-8 in the voting though neither could be considered the star since other players on both offense & defense outshined them. Of course, no one picked Trey Williams. On offense, PaeperCup & LucasY59 (would have) voted for James Conner who gained 98 yards rushing. Worthy of consideration is Justin Hunter who scored the winning touchdown on a stretch. Kudos to Biggie & Paul Kuhns for predicting Hunter as your star. On defense, Shane Mitchell’s pick of Anthony Chickillo was a good one. 5 tackles (2 for a loss); two sacks and a pass defensed. No one picked Jordan Dangerfield, but his two interceptions, 3 tackles and 2 passes defensed are worthy of mention.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    1. Nine; Arthur Moats, veteran leadership, showed he can still produce. Steven Johnson was cut and resigned so many times last year. I don’t see why that trend can’t continue. To me, you need to offer more than just special teams.
    2. TBD, can’t make that call right now
    3. For the love of God, anyone but Cockrell. I’ll say Sensabaugh.
    4. He will only complete 6, he will throw 1 interception (so technically, 7 complete passes ;))
    5. I’m on team waivers. Seriously, there has to be someone better than those two that we can scrape off the waiver wire. If I had to pick one, I’d take Touissant.

  • Tristana

    1 – Nine = Dupree, Harrison, Watt, Chickillo, Moats, Williams, Shazier, Fort, Matakevich

    2 – False

    3 – Coty Sensabaugh

    4 – Completing 11/17 passes and throwing 1 INT which is not (fully) on him

    5 – Team Toussaint 100%

  • Chris92021

    1. Watt, Harrison, Dupree, Moats, Shazier, V. Williams, Fort, and Matakevich. So 8. I would understand if Chickillo makes the team to make it 9. I would like to see the team carry 4 ILBs given that Shazier doesn’t have the cleanest injury history and everyone else isn’t exactly going to be Luke Kuechly in pass coverage. Matakevich makes the team because of his special teams play, which is going to be needed even more if Heyward-Bey doesn’t make the team. So I say 8 but wouldn’t be surprised with 9.

    2. Yes because he won’t clear waivers. Heck, he could probably end up starting for the Ravens by week 4 if we let him go.

    3. Coty Sensabaugh on the outside, William Gay on the inside with Sean Davis and (bold prediction) Jordan Dangerfield at the safety spots. Something tells me the Mike Mitchell injury is much more serious than the team is letting on.

    4. 12 passes, 7 completions, 0 interceptions. (I see Big Ben getting two series, Jones playing the entire 2nd quarter and part of 3rd quarter, Dobbs playing the rest of the game with Houston taking the final series of the game)

    5. Team Neither. Give me Trey Williams or Terrell Watson. Williams, if he can prove to be a strong kick returner tomorrow, should make the team and Watson, only if to make sure that we have solid depth given Le’Veon Bell will be coming back without any football collisions since last January.

    Happy birthday to your wife. Have a wonderful weekend, y’all. Dress rehearsal is tomorrow!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. I’ll add one to my post-draft 53 man roster prediction of 9 and say 10:
    Ryan Shazier
    Vince Williams
    Tyler Matakevich
    Steve Johnson
    Bud Dupree
    James Harrison
    Anthony Chickillo
    T.J. Watt
    L.J. Fort
    Arthur Moats

    2. Right now; False. Practice squad. (Burns, Gay, Cockrell, Sutton, Sensabaugh & Hilton make it)

    3. Coty Sensabuagh; My nostrils still smelling smoke after Ross getting burnt on Sunday.

    4. Landry will throw 12 passes and 0 interceptions.

    5. Team Knile Davis by a nose.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Just a heads up the question was on how many passes Landry Jones would complete, not throw.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. (9) James Harrison, Bud Dupree, TJ Watt, Anthony Chick, Arthur Moats, Ryan Shazier, Vince Williams, Dirty Red, and LJ Fort

    2. False

    3. Ross Cockrell

    4. 10/0

    5. Not sure any of those answers apply because I just don’t care lol. I lean towards Toussaint winning the job but I am not necessarily rooting for him to win it. I’m not rooting against him either.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Thanks. I’ll say 8 for 12

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    1. 9 LBs is fine: 5 OLBs and 4 ILB
    2. True. It’s going to come down to how he performs this wk an next. I really need to see something from him. I think he will do something to stick.
    3. Ross (Push it to the Limit) Yeah that part. I like Ross. I like heady players and I don’t see anyone other than Sutton surplanting him. (Unless a blockbuster deal bringing in Richard Sherman or Talib is made)
    4. 16/25 205 2tds 1int.
    5. Team Randy Watson er eh I mean Terrell Watson! 😝

  • PaeperCup

    1) Dupree, Williams, Shazier, Watt, Harrison, Matakevich, Fort, Chickillo, Moats. Looks like Nine. Everyone has a backup + a floater.
    2) False. Tight group, too raw.
    3) Ross Cockrell. He’ll have an average year.
    4) 8 completed passes. 0 Ints. I’m wondering if Houston will take a snap at all this game.
    5) Team Neither. I like what we are getting out of T. Watson/ T. Williams who apparently are two different people.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    1) Looking over the options, I’m going 8. James Harrison, Bud Dupree, TJ Watt, Anthony Chick, Arthur Moats, Ryan Shazier, Vince Williams, and LJ Fort

    2) False – I haven’t seen much, but I find the Steelers tend to be conservative with corners, preferring a stable, if unimpressive corner to one with more upside. I think they’ll let him develop a bit more.

    3) Still going with Cockrell. Again, Steelers tend to be conservative, and I see them going with the known quantity.

    4) If he plays a half – 8 completions, 1 interception.

    5) Team Davis. It sounds bad, but I’ve just never seen Toussaint do anything impressive. At least Davis has a record of having had some success with KC.

  • Bradshaw

    1) NINE ==> Dupree, Watt, Harrison, Chick, Moats, Shazier, VW, Fort, & Dirty Man
    2) TRUE — He better be. If not, and he gets plucked, the Steelers start with very little at CB
    3) COTY
    4) Complete = 10; Interceptions = 0
    5) TEAM DAVIS but borderline Team Watson

  • DirtDawg1964

    Q. 1. 9. Dupree, Harrison, Watt, Chickillo, Moats, Williams, Shazier, Fort, Matakevich.
    Q. 2. False. I don’t see how he makes it.
    Q. 3. Cockrell. But he’s on a real short lease.
    Q. 4. I’m thinking 7 passes completed. 1 int.
    Q. 5. Team neither. Because neither is special. But would take Davis over Fitz.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    1. 9 watt, Dupree, deebo, moats, chick, fort, shazier, vdub, red.
    2. False. No way.
    3. Cockrell.
    4. 18, 1
    5. Fitz

  • Michael Mosgrove

    No way Allen on 53.

  • falconsaftey43

    1. 9 Harrison, watt, Dupree, chickillo, moats, Shazier, Williams, fort, matakevich. Moats not making wouldn’t upset me though.

    2. False. PS, gets called up at some point due to injury/team trying to poach.

    3. Ross. Coty will make a push though.

    4. 12 completions. 0 INTs. He’ll play at least a half

    5. Toussaint. Either is fine, but I believe in Fitz vision more.

  • Steelahs

    1. 9
    2. True
    3. Senquez golson
    4. at least 5 TDs 0 int
    5. Fitz he’s shown he’s a decent player

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    1) 9: Harrison, Dupree, Watt, Chickillo, Moates, Shazier, Williams, Matakevich, and Fort

    2) False

    3) Cockrell – though I’m kinda hoping I’m wrong

    4) 11 of 16 for 112 yards. 1 TD and 1 INT

    5) Davis. And it isn’t close

  • LucasY59

    1. 9, they have gone with 10 in most of the recent yrs, but I dont think they can again this yr (but they cant go all the way down to 8 either) Harrison, Watt, Shazier, Fort, Williams, Matakevich, Dupree, Chickillo, Moats (its a close call between Arthur and S.Johnson, but Im going with Moats, because of Harrison)

    2. True, part of the reason they keep 9 LBs is so they have an extra DB, and I really hope that is Allen, too much potential to risk losing him IMO

    3. Cockrell, they go with the guy that started all last season, but if he struggles it might be a short leash and they swap him for Sensabaugh

    4. hmmm, he will be in with the 2nd stringers, so he wont be as good as if he was throwing to the 1st team, and even then he throws obligatory picks, so Im gonna say 10 completions, and 1 INT (he should play most of the 2nd & 3rd quarter)

    5. Davis, we have all seen enough of Fitz to know he shouldnt be anything more than a 3rd string RB (unfortunately the Steelers have needed to use the 3rd string too much in the last few yrs) Davis offers more as a returner and ST guy, and has the potential to be a better RB if he gets in the game because he has better speed, there is a chance they pick up a guy that is cut thats better than both of them, but no way to know until teams make cuts

  • John Phillips

    2. The secondary almost sucks outright. Keep him please.

  • nutty32

    all this, except Johnson for Moats, Red for Fort & no picks for Jones.

  • Guillermo Garcia-Gomez

    1. ILB: Shazier, Vince Williams, matakevich, fort. OB’s: Dupree, Watt, Harrison, Chickillo, Moats. 9 total.
    2. False, practice squad. For corners I have Artie, Cockrell, Gay, Sutton, Sensabaugh, and Hilton.
    3. Cockrell although I think Sensabaugh will rotate in like Blake did the one year and Sutton may see some outside snaps late in the season too.
    4. 8/14 112 yards 1 td; 1 int
    5. Team Davis. I’ve seen what Fitz can do offensively and as a returner, time to give someone else a chance at KR and no. 3 Rb.

  • Jason Campbell

    1) I prefer 8, but I think they keep Moats for 9
    2) only if he turns into Troy for the next 2 weeks
    3) Ross. Coty isn’t actually better
    4) 9 of 14, 0 picks
    5) Fitz all day. If he doesn’t fumble, he’s a fan fav

  • Jeff White

    1.) 9
    2.) false, no doubter for practice squad
    3.) coty, horse is out of the barn on this one
    4.) 13 completions 1 pick
    5.) team waiver wire

  • AndyR34

    1. 9…hard call at this point. Depends too much on Bud’s health. I’m inclined to keep Johnson because we know Shazier will miss at least 3 games.

    2. False

    3. Cockrell

    4. 6/2

    5. Team Toussaint

  • Shane Mitchell

    1. 9- Harrison, Dupree, Chickillo. Watt, Moats, Shazier, Williams, Dirty Red, Fort
    2. LOL False
    3. Unfortunately a journeyman in Sensabaugh, but by the end of the season Golson.
    4. 19 completions and 1 INT, I expect he will throw a lot because starting Dobbs we didnt really get a great look at our WRs for 2 games.
    5. Toussaint, better pass protector, thats the most important thing to have in a 3rd string RB, if he is in the game we will be passing the ball not handing it off and I dont want Ben getting hit, whenever a new back is brought in during a game defenses test their blitz pickup right away. Not a test we want to fail.

  • Todd Johnson

    You don’t think Dirty Red is making this roster????????

  • Kevin Schwartz

    Whoa… honestly, I don’t follow training camp battles that closely and he didn’t seem to have been playing that well from what I’d heard. I basically just filled out the question because it was there – I don’t have a strong opinion about it.

  • NW86

    1. Nine: the top eight, plus Moats. Maybe it’s a little sentimental because Moats is such a great guy, but I’m thinking he makes it and S. Johnson is the next guy to get a call back in case of injury.
    2. False. Practice squad, and yes, he will clear waivers. May need to call him up around midseason though to protect him from getting poached late.
    3. Ross Cockrell. Relax folks, he was the best CB on an above-average defense last year. Artie has since passed him but he is still a starter.
    4. 6/10, 1 TD, 1 INT
    5. Team flip a coin. If I had to choose I guess I would say Davis because he can return kicks, but it’s very close and Toussaint might be a little more reliable in the running game. I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow.

  • Carlos

    1- I’m keeping nine LBs: 92, 98, 90, 56, 54, 55, 50, 48 and 44.
    2- False, practice squad
    3- Cockrell
    4-12/17 one TD and one INT
    5- Team Fitz

  • Michael Mosgrove

    golson? yeah right. i have a better chance than golson at this point.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    theres no way in hell 2 3 or 4 happen.
    allen isnt displacing any of the other cb’s.
    golson has about as big of a chance to replace cockrell as i do of waking up next to emma watson in the morning tomorrow.
    i like landry but throwing 5 tds wont happen.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    fort > matakevich.

  • Matt Manzo

    Happy Football Friday!

    1: I’m keeping 9. Moats still has value with all the injuries to the right OLBs. Fort beats out Johnson for the 4th ILB spot.

    2: True! The new BA!

    3: Ross Cockrell will bounce back!

    4: LJ gets 10 completions. 2 INTs

    5: Until Davis returns one for 50 yards, I’m on Team Neither!

  • nutty32

    Perhaps. Probably just my fanboy stuff but somehow Red seems more important than Fort. Red prob slightly more active on special teams & just can’t imagine Fort getting long term startwr LB time if one of the starters get injured for some reason. Probably just in my mind but Fort & Mpats just seem like afterthoughts. Perhaps I’ll see him in a better light if he gets some regular season playing time. All my backup picks are predicated on Danny Smith “banging the table. “

  • hchristi15

    1 – I’m thinking 9 – Shazier, VW, Big Red, Fort, Harrison, Watt, Dupree, Chickillo, Moats.

    2 – True or false: False. Practice squad.

    3 – The Week 1 starting cornerback opposite Artie Burns will be . . . Who is Willie Gay?? Who knows at this point? Let’s hope Coty just takes it by the horns and plays well.

    4 – 7 of 14 1 td, 1 pick.

    5 – Team Knile Davis.

  • Shane Mitchell

    Well gets your cleats ready from what I have seen we might need you, whats your 40 time?

  • grw1960

    1 – nine
    2 – I think they wanted / intended originally to keep Allen on the 53 , But Hilton has made that a difficult choice.
    I think Allen shows more potential than most of the later round DBs they have drafted recently
    3 – A lot depends on how Sensabaugh does in this 3d preseason game. I believe Allen’s leash is getting shorter by the games he has to play press coverage
    4 – 8 of 21 … one int
    5 – Davis, speed factor, but he needs to be tougher in the hole and seems to have trouble finding holes

  • Bryan

    1. Nine, Shazier, Vince, Matakevich, Fort, Harrison, Watt, Dupree, Chickillo, Moats
    2. False, practice squad absolutely
    3. Coty, by end of year Sutton though
    4. 10/15 1 TD 1 INT
    5. Knile, primarily because he’s a bit faster and has the ability to return kickoffs, they’re both about the same in terms of pure runningback ability, and I’m not sure if there’s a substantial difference in pass protection

  • Alan Tman

    1) 10 JH92, BD48, TJW90, AC56, AM55, RS50, VW98, TM44, LJF54, and a waiver wire claim.
    2) False
    3) It should depend on receivers size on the team we are playing. Big body type Cockrell other Sensabaugh.
    4) 14 and 0
    5) Team neither but Davis will prevail.

  • Steelahs

    LOL im just joking but sensabaugh isn’t doing so well in the game

  • Tristana

    11/17 wouldve been 64,7% – he actually went for 21/31 which is 67,7% and he threw an interception, which is not fully on him. i think i nailed landry jones’ game pretty much on the head.

  • Reader783

    1 – Tough one, not sure if they’ll give Steven Johnson a position out of good faith that he can get healthy later.
    OLB: Dupree, Watt, Harrison, Chick and Moats
    ILB: Shaz, Williams, Matakevich, Fort and Steven Johnson

    I think 10, they give SJ the flier.

    2 – False, too much depth for the raw talent, practice squad development

    3 – Coty Sensabaugh, Cam Sutton by week 3

    4 – DQ’ing myself, answering on Saturday night.

    5 – Was team Fitz Toussaint, but after watching the game tonight I am switching to Team Terrell Watson.