Landry Jones Still Has Hurdles To Clear Before He’ll See Preseason Action

Even though he was back in full pads on Wednesday and for the first time in well over two weeks, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones wasn’t a full participant during the session. Jones, who is slowly working his way back from an abdominal strain suffered during the team’s July 31 practice, apparently still has a few hurdles to get over before he’ll be allowed to play in a preseason game.

“He’s got to get the clean bill of health from the docs and he’s got to prove that he’s functional in terms of being able to make all the throws,” Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said of Jones following Wednesday’s practice. “When those two things happen, he’ll be participating. Whether that’s this week or next, that remains to be seen.”

While Tomlin didn’t rule Jones out from playing this coming Sunday night against the Atlanta Falcons, it’s probably a good bet he’ll ultimately sit that contest out with the hope being he can play in the team’s final two preseason games.

Being as starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said a few days ago that he’s not expecting to play Sunday against the Falcons, we can probably look forward to rookie quarterback Joshua Dobbs making a second consecutive preseason start with No. 4 quarterback Bart Houston eventually relieving him in the second half.

  • LHW

    News is news. But Landry Jones sure does draw a big oxygen grabbing yawn from me.

  • RickM

    Agree that he’ll likely sit out. If he only ran ‘run’ drills today, it seems that they’re being careful with the abdominal sprain. I can’t see him being allowed to throw every pass by Sunday night. Gradually have him resume throwing so he can play in Game 3.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Wouldn’t you have to have abdominals in the first place in order to get a strain 🙀

  • Jim Foles

    Seems like they want to really try out Dobbs. LJ has a ghost like ailment.