Ravens Make It Official, Re-Sign C Jeremy Zuttah

While the Baltimore Ravens had had a ton of luck this offseason, it has come heavily in both the negative and positive forms. They have dealt with a number of injuries, for example, but they have also been thrown a few bones to help them in key areas that they were hit hard at or neglected.

Their luck broke favorably again recently at a time when they needed it most. A player that they had once traded away earlier this offseason became available late in the game after being released, and sooner after, they lost a player in his position group for the season.

On Friday it was made official that the Ravens would be re-signing center Jeremy Zuttah, who spent the past three seasons with the team as their starter at the position. He started 41 games in that span, the only games that he missed coming as a result of injury. He was named as an alternate for the Pro Bowl last year when Maurkice Pouncey did not participate.

While it has not yet been affirmed that the plan is for Zuttah to come back to start, it seems likely. He did not come back on a big contract at a max of $6 million over two years—they were going to release him for salary cap reasons before landing a trade partner, so that wouldn’t make sense—but he is easily the most trusted option.

At the moment, the team has been preparing fourth-year Ryan Jensen to assume the role of starting center. He has made some starts in the past, but only as an injury replacement. The interior reserve may now likely kick over to start at left guard, where Baltimore lost incumbent starter Alex Lewis to the season due to injury.

Even with the return of Zuttah, the Ravens will still contend with two new starters along the offensive line from last season. With Lewis’s injury displacing him with Jensen, or perhaps another new starter, and the loss of Rick Wagner at right tackle eventually being met with the addition of Austin Howard, change will be a theme there this year.

In fact, only Zuttah and Marshal Yanda will have had more than a year of starting experience with the Ravens. Ronnie Stanley is a second-year player. Lewis was as well. Altogether this is a fairly new group working together.

In addition to Lewis, the team has also suffered the loss of rookie fourth-round pick Nico Siragusa to a season-ending injury. Veteran reserve John Urschel elected to retire. Both of them would have been in the running to start along the interior otherwise, with made reaching out to Zuttah such a necessity.

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    What’s great about them re-signing him is earlier in the year Flacco was asked how the line had improved and he said something along the lines of “probably the biggest thing is getting rid of Zuttah”. Awkward…

  • David Dulaney

    Really? Where did you see that?


    I’d post a link but it wouldn’t get approved. It’s on the Ravens main site. Trust me it’s very real.

    Edit: It’s their “Late for work” series 8/9. The exact quote is “I think the biggest thing is that we’ve gotten rid of Jeremy Zuttah and just replacing him.”

  • Jaybird

    That sounds like Flacco is saying how important it is to replace Zuttah, not a knock against him. Right?


    No I very much think it’s a knock against Zuttah. I’m not sure how it could be seen any other way. He’s happy to be rid of him. He could have complimented the guy that’s to replace him, but instead he straight up names Zuttah.

  • RickM

    It’s one of those ‘once we can’t sign him we criticize him’ scenarios that we often see from the media, fans, etc. He graded out 14th of 37 centers according to PFF and he was added to the Pro Bowl roster, so he definitely wasn’t terrible. That’s reinforced by the fact that the Ravens brought him back. The question now is whether he will be the back-up Center or the starter. How that pans out will probably give the correct answer as to how the Ravens view him.

  • Jaybird

    What cracks me up the most Rick , is how a lot of Steeler fans think every player the Ravens and Patriots get is an absolute steal. And that their organizations are genius’ . The Ravens were so smart to get Zuttah back . Then they must have been total idiots to trade him in the first place.
    The same goes for every guy the Steelers cut , like Golson will be. I’ve heard a few times that the Pats or Ravens will pick him up and he’ll go on to have a good career with them . The guy has not been able to complete 6 practices in three years. To put that into perspective- Shazier who is no iron man himself -has PLAYED in 6 playoff games in the same span. I know I’m getting off on a tangent here , but it kills me to hear how other teams front offices are so much bette than the Steelers and every move they make will turn to gold.
    I had to vent bro!

  • RickM

    Lol. You’re entitled. Yes, there is a tendency immediately to think other teams will pick players up and do well with them…even if they hadn’t performed well/stayed healthy here. It doesn’t work that way of course. As for the Ravens, my goodness the struggles with their O-Line and receivers should have told everyone by now their F/O has weaknesses. The only strength they have is in D drafting.