Steelers Waive Injured CB Greg Ducre; Sign WR Justin Thomas

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made yet another transaction on Wednesday and the second one of the day includes a cornerback being waived injured and a wide receiver being signed to fill his spot on the 90-man roster.

Waived injured on Wednesday was cornerback Greg Ducre, who was originally signed to the Steelers offseason roster this past January. Ducre suffered an ankle injury while preventing a punt from going into the end zone during the teams Sunday preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons. He had also missed some practice time during training camp due to an injury.

Ducre will likely revert to the Steelers Reserve/Injured list after clearing waivers and at that point the team might waive him again with an injury settlement.

Signed to take Ducre’s spot on the 90-man roster was wide receiver Justin Thomas, who was recently waived by the Los Angeles Rams. Thomas who played quarterback at Georgia Tech, made a position switch after going undrafted this year. After being signed originally by the New Orleans Saints, Thomas was tried at cornerback before being moved to wide receiver. The Saints ultimately waived him in late July and he was quickly signed by the Rams.

Thomas reportedly measured in at his pro day at 5-9, 186-pounds and he ran his 40-yard-dash in 4.35-seconds.

  • Matt Manzo

    Randel El 2.0?!

  • Steelers12

    Why not sign another TE or a returner?

  • Steelers12

    No that’s DeMarcus Ayers

  • At this point I suspect these are camp bodies to play out the final preseason games & reduce risk to valuable back-ups.

  • Ace

    Who would you sign as a free agent Tight End that would have a chance to make the 53? Can’t say Barnidge.

  • Thomas

    This dude has some exiting speed.

  • Biggie

    Can he return (kicks/punts). Not sure why another receiver unless PS consideration. Seem to still be looking for return/ST guy.

  • Steelers12

    Bruh they just signed another wr who have no shot at making team so y not grab a TE n see what they got

  • Michael Mosgrove

    another receiver? why? we dont have room for the 8 we have already. why not a tight end? or a safety?

  • Steelers12

    My question exactly

  • Steelers12

    Must be a kick returner

  • Steve Johnson

    Just what they needed, another WR. What is their infatuation with WR’s? CB/Safeties, that’s what they need.

  • Douglas Andrews

    He was an exciting QB last year at GT not sure what he offers as a WR

  • Ace

    Who would you sign as a free agent Tight End that would have a chance to make the 53? Can’t say Barnidge.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Could be an experiment/ practice squad material. Can’t rest on your laurels when it comes to receivers.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Can’t complain too much because you have to think anyone they bring in at this point is most likely just a body but you would like to see them take a look at a more needy position in my opinion.

  • Steelers12

    I don’t have the luxury of seeing all the TEs who are undrafted and laying around n y can’t I say barnidge? Also y sign another wr answer that

  • Ace

    You can google the free agent TE’s. First hit will show all the available free agents. Everyone says GB. Would like to see a new name. They signed another receiver so that they can rest the majority of their ‘make the team’ wr’s the last game and a half. Just a pre-season thing. He will get some snaps the last game of the pre-season, see if they like him, and then waive him most likely. I too would rather them sign a young TE but the pickings are really slim.

  • JT

    Well they already cut Severin. Is DHB banged up still? Was Ayers hurt or did he just not play? Just need some bodies to finish out preseason.

  • JT

    DHB/Juju banged up. Brown absolutely doesn’t play game 4, and they may put Bryant in bubble wrap for that one too.
    So that would leave 4, including your slot starter Eli. They just need somebody to take meaningless snaps.

  • PaeperCup

    Jacob Tamme?

  • MP34

    Jacob Tamme can’t block, and he has concussion concerns.

  • Steelers12

    Ok I see that point

  • Steelers12

    Ok that’s understandable

  • Nathanael Dory

    Man..i liked Ducre..wish him the best

  • Rocksolid20

    Or a safety ?

  • Steelers12


  • steelmann58

    if they like Ducre maybe just put him on IR

  • Lambert58

    That’s what we need: Another WR!

  • D.j. Reynolds

    Move him back to slot corner!