Antonio Brown Becomes Fastest Player In NFL History To 650 Receptions

I wouldn’t imagine that anybody is in a particularly celebratory mode following a loss like today’s that is more difficult to bear than normal, but we would be remiss if we did not cover the fact that during today’s game, Antonio Brown became the fastest player in NFL history to reach 650 receptions in his career.

He also surpassed Hall of Fame wide receiver John Stallworth for the second-most receiving yards in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise, now only looking up at Hines Ward at 12,083. It will take Brown a few more seasons before he can hope to reach that, but the pace he is on suggests he has a very good chance of surpassing it and then some.

Brown will also set his sights on Ward’s franchise record of 1000 receptions, a statistic in which he has been in second place since about the middle of last season, when he surpassed Heath Miller’s 592. Stallworth’s 537 receptions are the fourth-most in franchise history.

Following a 10-reception day, on which he picked up 110 receiving yards and his first touchdown, Brown stands at 26 receptions on the season through three games. It is also his second game of the season in which he caught at least 10 passes.

Brown entered the day with 648 receptions in his career, and he now stands at 658. In doing so, he moved past Charley Taylor and Bobby Engram to move up to 53rd all-time in reception in league history, with Ozzie Newsome his next target. He could move into the top 50 with a 12-reception game next week.

Considering the fact that Brown had ‘just’ 236 receptions over the course of his first 50 games, the fact that he has reached 650 receptions in 104 total games played is remarkable, which means that he has caught 414 passes over the course of his last 54, an average of 7.7 receptions per game over a three-plus year period.

The previous record for the fastest player to reach 650 career receptions was Marvin Harrison, a recent inductee into the Hall of Fame, who did so in 107 games. Anquan Boldin, who was the fastest player to 500 receptions, reached 650 in his 111th game, while Andre Johnson and Brandon Marshall did so in their 112th and 113th games, respectively.

That list is good company, for sure, and all four of those other players listed got off to much faster starts to their careers. Brown, as a sixth-round draft pick, started his days deep on the depth chart, and only began to see regular playing time in his second season as a third, sometimes fourth receiver.

With 26 receptions in three games, Brown is currently on pace to record 138.7 receptions this season, which would surpass his personal best of 136 receptions, already tied for the second-most ever. Only Harrison’s 143 in 2002 tops it.

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  • Phil Brenneman II

    Not to belittle the fact or anything but is there some significance to 650? 500 and 1000 seem like more normal markers.

  • Rusted Out

    AB is the model of concistency. Who can ask for anything more out of a WR or player? What a fantastic career he has had thus far. I’m fully confident he will smash every Steeler receiving record when it’s all said and done. He’s been a pillar of strength on this offense and team. Just phenomenal.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Well said. I remember being at the playoff game against the Ravens where he made the big catch and it seems like that is the moment his career really started the upward trend.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Not particularly, but when you get down to it all benchmarks are ultimately arbitrary. I think Brown was the fastest to 600 too, and should be the fastest to 700 in a month or two.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    True enough and I am not complaining. Just think numbers like 500 and 1000 seem more…..milestone-ish if you will.

  • Sdale

    I keep seeing people talk about us wasting Ben’s last years, but this guy is the most dedicated player we have and I’m a lot more concerned that we’re going to waste AB’s best years here.

  • Rusted Out

    Oh boy… Hate to agree with ya there brother. Regardless, AB has put it all on the line for this team. After the disgusting anthem display today (which I didn’t know about till after the game). I’m beside myself with anger, embarrassment, and sadness.