Dulac: Steelers Close To Reaching Deal With Tuitt

It’s been one of the busiest weeks in recent Pittsburgh Steelers’ history. But there’s still one more move we’re waiting to be announced. A long-term deal with DE Stephon Tuitt. It sounds like that’s going to happen in the very near future.

In his weekly chat, the PPG’s Gerry Dulac had this response to a question about Tuitt getting a deal done with the team.

“JP from Va.: With the trades being done, how close are the Steelers and Tuitt to a extension of his rookie contract? 
Gerry Dulac: Very close. Should be any day now.”

It’s been quiet on that front for the past two weeks. Our last update had Art Rooney II expressing a desire to get a contract done but there hadn’t been many updates after that, attention shifted to trades and roster moves the team has made.

It’s unclear exactly what kind of money the two sides will agree to but you can bet it’ll at least be in spitting distance of Cam Heyward’s 5 year, $52.28 million deal he signed in 2015.

Tuitt had a bit of a down year last season. But the difference between his four sacks and what could’ve been eight was fine. He missed finishing several sacks, an area we’ve covered something Keith Butler has talked about in the past.

Over his career, Tuitt has 11.5, including a career high six in 2015. Like Heyward, he plays with a high amount of effort and stepped up as a leader when Heyward was lost to a pec injury last season. Tuitt fits what a Steeler is all about and certainly well-deserving of a deal.

When the deal gets finalized, whether that’s later today or at the 11th hour (Troy Polamalu was signed at the last second), we’ll be sure to pass the info along. Expect it to happen sooner or later and that’s all that matters.

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  • falconsaftey43

    Good news, get it done.

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    A+ offseason if this gets done.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Excellent, Smithers… Excellent.

    Heyward – Hargrave – Tuitt, need to be together for a long time.

  • Ravens Team Gynecologist

    Yes!! Get it done boys!*

  • Chris92021

    Man I hope so. And I hope they have the same (if not better) results as Aaron Smith, Casey Hampton, and Brett Keisel.

  • Bradys_Dad

    Just reading your post has reminded me how much I miss those guys.

  • hoptown

    I have a feeling Moats is going to be cut to clear some cap room for this. Someone has to be cut by Sunday. Could restructure someone but cap getting tight already for 2018.

  • Quan Hurst

    Get it done use whats left on the boz!

  • Josh Gustad

    Dulac deleted the tweet…crap

  • Boots

    That would be a great end to an off-season that right now has the team in a position to be better than last year and that could put us in 7th heaven!!!

  • srdan

    With all the moves over the last couple weeks, this one will be the one i rejoice the most.

  • CP72

    They have 10 million in cap space. Plenty of room to get Tuiit done.

  • Maureen A Gomes

    The latest report is that they have approximately $ 2.8 million per Alex Kozora. They usually keep $3 million in reserve for injuries in season, etc. They will have to ask someone to take a pay reduction, cut a player or restructure.

  • Biggie

    Definitely a must sign so good to hear. Been a very solid offseason all the way through TC.

  • Maureen A Gomes

    Oh no!

  • Jeff McNeill

    Their are sites that have the team at 11 mill(nflpa), 3.9 mil(sportrac), and 2.8(over the cap). So I don’t know the proper number.

  • Nathanael Dory


  • hoptown

    It’s around that $2.8M number. The other sites aren’t reflecting McDonald, Haden, and/or Wilcox yet.

  • Jeff McNeill

    Sportrac has all of those guys accounted for.

  • Jones

    Still wear my Keisel jersey on game days. Da Beard.

  • H.K. northern cali

    Nice to lock up good young talent.

  • John Pennington

    Get him in the fold if anything left sign Boswell also.

  • NW86

    In my experience, OverTheCap is generally the most reliable. The NFLPA site is usually well behind, and right now it is still only accounting for the “top 51” salaries, hence the high number from them.

  • NW86

    I’d be willing to bet that if it gets done, it’s at least $12M/yr in new money.

  • T3xassteelers

    This would cap a perfect training camp-now. All these trades, no injuries to key players, and maybe Tuitt extended. YES BOY YES

  • Doug McFee

    I’m a Tuitt fan!

  • Jeff McNeill

    The sportrac numbers look more accurate to me, but I really don’t know which are the best.

  • Denny

    Alex said it was mentioned in a chat.

  • Billy Stalz

    Heyward contract restructured cleared up 3 mill…

  • blue

    Let’s do it Tuitt

  • Don’t poke the badger

    Hope they sign him! Heyward and Tuitt:”Iron Dome Duo” Do I win their naming contest?

  • MC

    We’ll have a stout D line for years to come. I really think the addition of Talualu is a great move for a solid backup, hoping they retain him for a lil while also.

  • Conserv_58

    I have had every expectation and confidence that a deal would get done before the opening game. Getting Tuitt signed is a no brainer.

  • MC

    Im a big Cam fan but Tuitt might be the better impact player. They’d be crazy not to sign him long term.

  • Conserv_58

    Alualu was one of their best DL FA signings since, well, uh… in a long time.

  • MC

    Yep. I feel like ever since they moved on from Al Woods years ago they’ve never had that good rotational player at end.

  • Conserv_58

    With Cam out last season it put the onus on Tuitt to be the defacto leader on the DL. Tuitt admitted to being a bit stressed having to be “the guy” on the DL to make plays. That responsibility forced him to grow up faster and he’s better for it.

  • Conserv_58

    Dulac’s attitude always gives me the impression that he can’t wait until he retires. Whenever I read his chats he comes of as being snarky and sarcastic. I know that some fans ask some trully dumb questions, but his answers can be so demeaning, disrespectful and condescending that he ticks me off. To me, he’s an arrogant jerk that should retire.

  • Conserv_58

    Keisel is near the top of the list as being one of the Steelers best late round picks. He was a guy that fans just wanted to root for because he’s a great human being.

  • Lee Foo Young

    Perhaps they need to restructure one or two more contracts now that Heyward’s is done?

  • Steel-on-Target

    That’s great to hear! After our trades and reading salary cap updates, I feared we might not be able to get Tuitt taken care of.

  • Labrat0116

    Do it Tuitt !!

    Where are the Steeler’s at Cap wise prior to his resigning ?

    Speaking of Troy…. Anyone heard from him lately ?

  • Danny Young

    No…he doesn’t talk loud enough

  • Michael Mosgrove

    they moved cam’s money around im guessing to do tuitt.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    he did a charity in virginia recently. did one a couple years ago as well.

  • melblount

    Tick, tick, tick…