Steelers 2017 Week 3 Injury Report: Watt, Tuitt Both Limited Wednesday

The Pittsburgh Steelers first injury report of Week 3 has now been released and it includes nine players being listed on it.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (not injury related), tackle Marcus Gilbert (hamstring), wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey (sick), tight end Jesse James (ankle), and center Maurkice Pouncey (sick) all failed to practice on Wednesday.

Gilbert suffered his hamstring injury during Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. If he’s unable to play Sunday against the Chicago Bears, Chris Hubbard would likely get the start at right tackle.

As for James, he suffered his ankle injury early in Sunday’s game against the Vikings but was ultimately able to finish the contest.

Defensive end Stephon Tuitt (biceps) , outside linebacker Bud Dupree (shoulder) and outside linebacker T.J. Watt were all limited during Wednesday’s practice. Tuitt, who missed the Week 2 game against the Vikings with a biceps injury suffered early in the Week 1 game against the Cleveland Browns, is hoping to make it back this weekend.

As for Watt, who left Sunday’s game against the Vikings in the first half with a groin injury, he reportedly said Wednesday he first suffered his injury in practice last week. He added that he tested it today and it felt good.

As expected, safety J.J. Wilcox (concussion) practiced fully on Wednesday after being cleared to return to the field earlier in the day.

Tackle Jerald Hawkins (knee) and tight end Vance McDonald (back) are not on Wednesday’s injury report.

The Steelers will play the Bears Sunday at Soldier Field.

  • The Chin

    I’m gonna guess they’ll sit Gilbert. Just a guess. Don’t want HardKorePunk to blast me for living in my fears.

  • lol, he has a hamstring, who knows if he’ll play?

  • Encouraged as AV and McDonald aren’t listed as well as Watt and Tuitt getting some work in. I imagine tomorrow will be telling as far how they respond. Hopefully Gilbert can play, but hamstrings are usually a few weeks, we’ll see.

    Just because Wilcox practiced fully doesn’t mean he’s off the concussion protocol. They got to make sure he has no ill affects from his work the following day before he is completely cleared.

  • Biggie

    I’d rather sit any questionable guys against Bears so they have extra week to heal prior to Ravens. I do want to see McDonald hopefully this week as it doesn’t have him listed on injury list though doesn’t say if he practiced fully.

  • WreckIess

    Hopefully Watt can end up like Dupree last week. Two easy days of work on Wednesday and Thursday then a full days of work on Friday. According to the guys on the Steelers website both he and Tuitt look like they’ll play on Sunday so let’s hope they’re right.

    Maybe most importantly I hope Gilbert can play. Nothing against Hubbard, but I don’t want to see him lined up against Floyd.

  • george

    They said Dupree is limited due to his shoulder.

  • I miss typed and corrected it. I ment McDonald

  • pittfan

    Don’t worry, HKP won’t blast you.

    But I will!!

    What’s the matter with you??? Living in your fears??? You know you can’t do that, Coach T won’t approve!! Stop it! lol

  • george

    I hope Dupree’s shoulder isn’t a problem all year.

  • srdan

    Man we have a nice young nucleus on defense. One thing is being young you get back from injuries sooner.

  • Nathanael Dory

    Seriously I would sit Tuitt and Watt this week. And prepare them to the max for BAL

  • FATCAT716

    If healthy play them we can’t over look any team.. #ALL.IN

  • John Noh

    Yep. This isn’t Alabama vs. Georgia Southern. As Herm said, you play to win the game. That means all in with the available troops.

  • FATCAT716

    100% with you

  • Michael Pennant

    We are 1-12 against the Bears in Chicago. We need all hands on deck. I am excited to see if Vance gets playing time. It is disappointing to watch JJ catching 5/6 yd passes instead of our TE being able to run open down the middle of the field therefore opening up coverage for AB/MB/JJSS.

  • Dorian James

    It looks like AVs cold is spreading. It would be nice to be able to sit TJ and Tuitt just to be safe.
    And yes I’m living in my fears lol

  • srdan

    That is how you fall prey to trap games

  • NW86

    Interesting. So other than Gilbert, all the guys we thought were injured practiced. But several who we didn’t think were injured didn’t practice. We basically know nothing. LOL
    Seriously though, from what little I think I know, barring setbacks it would appear that Gilbert is the only one in serious jeopardy of not being able to play. I could live with that.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    If they practice fully tomorrow with no setbacks, I’m playing them both.

  • Bruce

    Tuitt has only played 2 snaps this season, if he’s healthy he needs to play, not come out for the first time against the Ravens.

  • Bruce

    they said he was off protocol

  • Joseph DeFazio

    Dave- assuming Gilbert is down Sunday, who would you rather dress – Hawkins or Feiler?

  • NinjaMountie

    I’d play Watt if he could go but I’d seriously consider getting him off of Special Teams if at all possible.

  • SteelersDepot

    yikes it sounds like it will be feiler

  • Rocksolid20

    My thoughts too. Each game counts as one win or loss .
    Worry about next week when it comes .3-0 going into the Balt .
    game , stands tall .

  • You can’t be out of protocol until the neurologist observes no lingering effects after the body has been pushed physically. Wilcox didn’t practice last week so he couldn’t have made it through the final hurdle until after today. Remember Green practicing last year but never being cleared?

  • RickM

    Your key word is “available” of course. If the doctors are not convinced that Tuitt and Watt are fully recovered, they will not be “available”. There’s just no way the team will risk making their injuries worse. If they transition to full practice sessions that’ll be a great sign as to their availability. If they don’t, they’ll wisely be held out of Game 3.

  • Guillermo Garcia-Gomez

    Super idiot Mark madden brought up a great point about Herman Edwards today that I didn’t realize. Even though that speech was good and he’s funny, his career winning percentage is 42%. Yikes

  • Nathanael Dory

    You have a point

  • Nathanael Dory

    Well im not underestimate the Bears. I just think our depht is solid enough the win the game

  • Terrible Towlie

    herm alwAys played not to lose…..see what it got him

  • deuce_seven

    Guys all over the league play before they are fully recovered.

  • Jim Foles

    100% he switched from te to olb to save his legs in college

  • LucasY59

    much more important to have them close to 100% for the ratbird game

  • Dorian James

    Hell!!! Yes!!!!!

  • Wayne’O

    Good news, If Jesse can’t go, then McDonald can get some extended work in.