Steelers Use 01 Personnel Grouping Just Once Against Vikings

In the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 1 win over the Cleveland Browns, the team’s offense ran a total of nine offensive plays that included four wide receivers and one tight end being on the field at the same time. That 01-personnel grouping meant no running backs were on the field and many wondered if we would see more of that on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

In short, the Steelers only used their 01 personnel grouping just once against the Vikings as the offense had one running back on the field for 73 of their 74 total offensive plays. By the way, that one play Sunday was a completed pass to wide receiver Antonio Brown for a gain of 8 yards.

While Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger did say this past Wednesday that we’re likely to see more four-wide receiver sets used moving forward in effort to get rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster on the field, our very own Matthew Marczi wrote a few days ago that he didn’t expect to see that happen much against the Vikings on Sunday.

“What I’m trying to say is that I would not expect it to be the norm that the Steelers favor the 01 package over the 10 package, and I would expect Bell to see snaps on the field with four wide receivers as early as tomorrow at home against the Vikings,” Marczi wrote.

Marczi was indeed right.

Several are probably wondering how many times the Steelers lined up Bell as a wide receiver against the Vikings in addition to having an empty backfield. In total, the Steelers ran four offensive plays using Bell lined up as a wide receiver and one of those plays was wiped out by a defensive holding penalty. The other three plays, however, were completed passes by Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger for 20 yards gained in total.

Which way will the Steelers offense go from here when it comes to taking their running backs off the field in lieu of an extra wide receiver. While it’s hard to know for sure, I will be surprised if we see another game this season where they use their 01 personnel grouping as much as they did in Week 1 against the Browns. Regardless, we’ll be tracking the offense to see how often it happens.

  • hdogg48

    I liked the shuffle pass TD to JuJu from the two yard line
    on the second down call.

    First time in I don’t know how long that they used deception
    and attacked the middle in the Red Zone.

    Now I know what they were talking about on the new
    wrinkles that Bell needed to learn after he reported late
    to camp. He and Ben definitely sold the run and the
    Vikes D were faked out and the blocking scheme was pristine…Bravo.

  • Av232

    I wonder how much the outlaws injury affected the personnel

  • VaDave

    Didn’t we run the same play last week with James? I’m thinking using Juju as a de facto TE, ala Ladarius Green, is something worth considering.

  • Pack

    I liked how juju’s celebration incorporated an offensive linemen, a wide receiver, and also a running back. Showed to me like this team has created a bond and I think it’s that togetherness that makes a truly good football team.

  • Delboka

    Something seems off about Bell’s running game.

    I understand the whole patient running, but it is not necissary on every play.

    Sometimes there is way too much dancing.


    Partially o lines fault . There is no room to run

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    I’ve actually been seeing this play ran alot. I think the chiefs ran it Sunday with Kelce leaping into the endzone. Atlanta and Arizona run it too.

  • Charles Mullins

    I had the same thoughts when they drafted juju.

  • Cullen James Riley

    It’d be a beautiful sight to see Bell & Conner in the backfield in redzone plays. Make the defense choose it’s poison – block the run holes in case James Conner has the ball? Wait to see what Le’Veon Bell does? Drop into coverage for the playaction to Antonio Brown?

    I mean, from a very basic standpoint, they have 33% chance of preventing that touchdown. You could honestly run that every single game. Just mix up which option we are going with. James Conner playing FB for Le’Veon Bell – Eli Rogers on a slant route – Antonio Brown on a curl route – James Conner up the middle with Le’Veon Bell running on the outside – the possibilities are endless.

  • Brenton deed

    Agree the OL hasn’t “clicked” yet. Big Al’s illness didn’t help last game.

  • francesco

    Possibilities are endless but Haley’s play calling is like putting peanut butter back in the jar.