Stephon Tuitt Says He Hopes To Play This Week

While a player is always most optimistic about injuries and their return, there is optimism surrounding Stephon Tuitt’s availability this weekend. Tuitt told NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkabwala he is hopeful to play this Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Tuitt injured his bicep on the second play in Week One against the Cleveland Browns. But the Steelers dodged a worst-case scenario, going from fear of him missing the entire year to now having a chance to play in Week Three.

The Steelers will return to practice tomorrow and issue their first injury/participation report of the week. Mike Tomlin will have his Tuesday presser too though you can expect him to be vague about Tuitt’s status. We’re probably in “leave the light on” territory.

If Tuitt can’t play, Tyson Alualu will continue to fill in and play at a high level. Though it’s only been two weeks and the Bears have just 35 rush attempts, they’re 9th in the NFL averaging 4.1 yards per carry. Running back Jordan Howard is dealing with a shoulder injury though that could limit their run game. If he is out, they’ll depend on hot-shot rookie Tarik Cohen.

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  • Thomas

    eh…why risk it for the bears?

  • DarthYinzer

    He is not crucial against the Bears, although it would be nice to get him a few reps to get him back close to game speed. The week after for the ravens, I want him as healthy as possible.

  • SteeltheKing

    Don’t take any team for granted. Chicago is a tough place to play, they have a good running game and they stop the run fairly well. They gave the Falcons everything they could handle, and the Steelers have been known to lay an egg from time to time, especially if they have an eye on the Ravens.

  • deuce_seven

    It’s that same kind of attitude that results ion losing games they shouldn’t.

  • Crowned

    This is the NFL and we the Steelers are playing against NFL competition. If Tuitt is healthy enough to go he should go. Same for Watt.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Wouldn’t mind it. He needs to get in the sack race anyway.

  • Douglas Andrews

    If he’s healthy i’d like to see the starting D Line reek some havoc on Bears RB’s/QB’s

  • RickM

    Rinse and repeat from his comment last week. If he’s practicing fully, I think he’ll almost certainly play because the Steelers will be comfortable he can do what’s required. If his practice is limited or non-existent, they’ll wisely save him until Baltimore or later.

  • Michael

    Coaches will ease Tuitt back with a low snap count, they know this is the warm up game before the RAVENS SHOWDOWN in two weeks — ON THE ROAD. Won’t be easy.

  • Michael

    I hate watching us play against Ratbirds, always a 3 pt game and frustrating, low scoring, lots of stalled drives and FG’s.

  • WeWantDaTruth

    I just read that the Ratbirds are playing J-ville this weekend…in LONDON. Here’s hoping the trip across the pond takes away from their game the following Sunday.

  • BigBodyBeer

    Yo, Underoath was my sh*t! 2004 just hit me in the face seeing that!

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    This is not about the Bears. This is not about the Ravens. This is not about the Steelers. This is not about being tough. This is about the doctors’ professional medical evaluation.

    None of us have seen his MRI. None of us have seen his tissue inflammation. I can’t say whether or not he should play. But if the doctors feel the tissue is in danger of being RE-INJURED he needs to sit.

    As soon as they say he’s ready, put him in. Just my opinion.

  • Jason

    Warm up game? Lol.

  • Mike367

    NFL 101…on any given Sunday.

    If Tuitt’s able to play, suit him up.

  • Mike367

    Wow, that’s dramatic, dude.

  • nutty32

    Surprised Jeremy Langford is out of the league. He looked promising for his 15 minutes. He must be a turd in the clubhouse/practice field.

  • Jason

    The goal is to bee 100% for the Ravens, if playing vs the bears gets him there, good, if there is any risk in it…wait

  • Jordan James

    No kidding. Too much of it on this site. They state the obvious and act like they gave us something we never thought of.

  • Cullen James Riley

    “I’m drowning in my sleep.”
    That chorus is still one of my all time favorites, 13 years later.

    And as far as Tuitt & Watt, depends on how they feel. If Tj Watt feels comfortable, I’d like to get him in there for the experience and reps. Tuitt however, needs to be completely 100% to risk playing him. And I am not saying that because I believe Chicago is an easy win (though I am comfortable with Tyson Alualu in Tuitt’s stead), but rather I would prefer an L against Chicago without Tuitt than to risk potentially losing Tuitt for the season which would likely result in more losses.

  • Av232

    It’s not like it’s all or nothing. Get him the start if he’s healthy enough to play, and have him sit snaps out if the game goes the way Vegas expects.

  • george

    Yeah we lose alot of those “warm up” games.

  • Lambert58

    Don’t rush it. Heal it up!

  • Grant Humphrey

    The Steelers tend to play down to their opponents they do it a couple times every year it seems like.