The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Bears Recap, Team Anthem Decision & More

Season 8, Episode 25 of The Terrible Podcast is now up and in this Monday show, David Todd and I get right to reviewing the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday road loss to the Chicago Bears and we start with talking about the team’s controversial decision to not participate in the pre-game national anthem.

We go over the comments made by Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin as to why the team decided not to participate in the national anthem and where all but one player was during it. We also talk about tackle Alejandro Villanueva and his decision to participate in the national anthem and if he “broke ranks” in doing so. We go over Tomlin’s comments on Villanueva’s decision in addition to what quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s and outside linebacker James Harrison’s thoughts on that subject.

After thoroughly discussing what happened prior to the Steelers game against the Bears, David and I turn attention to what actually happened during the game. We discuss the blocked field goal at the end of the half for starters.

We move on to discuss the rest of the game and that includes the play of both the offense and defense. We look closely at the play of Roethlisberger on Sunday in addition to how running back Le’Veon Bell performed on his 15 carries.

As far as the play of the Steelers defense on Sunday goes, David and I discuss how that unit had a lot of problems stopping the Bears running game and especially when they ran outside zone stretch plays. We discuss the several missed tackles, poor angles and fills in-depth.

We also make sure to go over what happened in overtime that led to the Bears winning the game.

As always, several other smaller talking points are mixed in throughout the show that are not highlighted here in this post.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 25 of Season 8 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • srdan

    haha you can tell Dave you told your writers to stay away from it. Smart move

  • JT

    Great work as always guys. Dave T, again you are sorely missed postgame. I couldn’t agree more with your interpretation of Tomlin yesterday. Inspiring stuff lost in the calamity of everything else.

  • Ace

    I don’t understand how there can be some random guy talking about some dumb restaurant on this page and there is no window to silence or close. Come on, I get the ad revenue but I can’t even close the window to hear you guys talk on the pod. Any way to fix this? I can’t be the only one right?

  • srdan

    You’re not. I use to come to this site a lot, I no longer do. I don’t blame Dave, he is maximizing his revenue.

  • SteelersDepot

    not happening on my end but have alerted company to look into it as they’re not supposed to auto play audio.

  • srdan

    Well, i take that back!

  • There are a lot of adds that auto play for me, at least 3, 2 in the bottom right corner that pop up and on in the upper right just under the donate button.

  • Kevin Reich

    You guys are wrong. The whole thing is about disrespecting the flag. It has nothing to do with their cause. I can’t use racial slurs and say don’t get offended im just bring attention to my cause. The whole thing is poorly planned. Maybe they should have taken some real courses in college. What’s the objective? solution? Are you reaching your audience? Half the population is not listening to your message because of the way you delivered it. I thought Chicago handled it well come out locked arms in unity

  • Ace

    Thanks for looking into it Depot. Didn’t mean to come off rudely if I did. I just could not find a way to shut down the guy talking over you guys without opening in Soundcloud. Not a biggie, maybe I’m just sour over the past weekend 🙂

  • David Todd

    To disrespect the flag, you have to intend to disrespect the flag. Otherwise, it’s just you imposing your views on someone else. There isn’t one player in the NFL whose goal is to disrespect the flag.

  • Hec

    It’s not about the flag because we all are proud to be Americans. It’s the narrow minded views of a selective group of people who want to control how we think, feel, and act or behave according to the conformance of that selective group’s way of thinking. Social injustice is real and to have a president tell the NFL to “Fire” an individual for exercising his right is in contrast to the moral fabric of what this country is built on! Freedom of choice! Freedom of belief! Freedom of expression! If you want to live in a communistic society go to Cuba, or Russia!

  • Kevin Reich

    Well half of America agrees with me. When does ignorance excuse you from disrespect. So ignore other people’s viewpoints and you can never disrespect someone? If you are asked to stand and remove your hat then you are not respecting someone’s wishes. Regardless no progress is being made through this method.

  • Kevin Reich

    You are not required to .no one is going to jail but it dosent keep you from being a disrespectful jagoff. There is no social injustice. Keep coming up with excuses why things aren’t the way you like.

  • Hec

    The only one being disrespectful is you “Jagoff”! Really?

  • Kevin Reich

    Can’t be disrespectful unless you intend to according to David Todd.

  • Steeler4EverNoMore

    Hi Dave I’m desperately looking for a way to forgive, as we all make mistakes, and i initially did say on the game thread, that if i saw a player kneel two weeks in a row i would be done. But then the whole damn team sent me to the roof. But new info has come to light, that i didn’t notice. Fact is Tomlin was angry and he was angry at Big V, for not being the 100 percent participant. The reality is, he along with two other coaches; were away from his team on the sideline and standing, during the National Anthem. I would like an apology from Mike Tomlin not from Big Al, for not being 100 percent with his team, and acting hypocritical. I think that’s what it will take for me to come back. Any thoughts?

  • Steeler4EverNoMore

    Im going to buy my Big AL jersey, and wear it with pride. After reading stories , listening to players and coaches, thinking on what truly upset me: I have decided this was grave error on the part of Mike Tomlin. I didnt like his passive aggressive nature toward Big Al during his presser. And he sure as hell didnt lead by example being out on the sideline away from his team(hypocritical). I hope to read about all the empty seats come Monday. Theres a reason Trump is president, until these entertainment types screw there head back on their necks, they will continually be marginalized in the USA. I will miss you Steelers, peace out to my new past time of astounding foot work in the game of soccer.

  • Steel B

    Q.What’s the point of the singing of the national anthem and standing for it before sporting events?
    A.To show vigorous support for America and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for it.

    To kneel, or, to chose not to participate IS disrespectful to those who died for this country,…whether you meant for it to or not. The teams DID show disrepect and for what?? Spite!

  • Matt Manzo

    I’ve never had any problem with the ads. Even if I did, I’d still never leave!

  • ND_Steel

    If the Steelers don’t go out and lay an egg on the field, would any of this been as big an issue (at least for Steelers Nation)? Had they played well, and not let it all be a distraction, then you could plausibly believe and accept Tomlin and others that they were avoiding the issue. I do believe this was their intention, despite the poor execution.