The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Browns Game Recap, Tuitt Injury, AFC North Results & More

Season 8, Episode 19 of The Terrible Podcast is now up and in this Friday show, David Todd and I get right to discussing the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday road win over the Cleveland Browns to open the 2017 season.

David and I discuss the game from top to bottom and look at the play on both sides of the football in addition to talking about the bicep injury that defensive end Stephon Tuitt suffered early in the contest and what the fallout from that might be.

The Steelers committed way too many penalties against the Browns and David and I talk about how the ones on offense really put that unit behind the chains way too many times.

We also talk about the several defensive penalties the Steelers had and wonder how many were deserving and how many will ultimately result in fines.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown really took over Sundays game so we spend some time talking about his day in Cleveland.

After recapping the Steelers Sunday win over the Browns, David and I give our overarching thoughts on the team as they enter Week 2. We also discuss what else happened in the AFC North on Sunday.

As always, several other smaller talking points are mixed in throughout the show that are not highlighted here in this post.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 19 of Season 8 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • srdan

    If Ben scores 2 tds on the road throughout the season, we will have home-filed advantage. Agreed?

  • Applebite

    My understanding behind Haden’s release by the Browns, was that, it wasn’t Hue Jackson’s decision, it was the front office. Apparently, Jackson is pretty upset over that decision, and he said it had no football merit at all. So it looks like the Steelers have a prime gift, when all was said and done.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Think you may have to caveat that with “not so many penalties” as well.

  • nobodyaskedbut .

    You guys are something especially Todd. After all but 4 of the league’s QBs have played Big Ben is for this week: 3rd in TDs, 8th in Comp%, 10th in yds and 7th in rating. If that’s pedestrian or not very good according to you then what the hell were those other 20 or so other inferior QBs. He could put up all kinds of numbers and you guys would still find something to complain about. Oh and that catch by Brown is the kind a top WR is supposed to make because it was a good pass because there wasn’t a defender within a yard of him when he made the catch. He was the only player in the air when he made the grab. That means the defenders had no idea where the ball was and that’s why Ben knew he could complete it when he threw it. If Ben had thrown for 350 and 3 TDs & no INTs but failed twice in the red zone you guys would be harping on that instead. I guess red zone success only matters when Ben is perfect.

  • Please please please go back to the old intro

  • Steel Your Face

    I wonder if it has anything to do with David Todd not working for ESPN any longer…?

  • Probably.

  • Thomas

    Ew, that intro…uhh…sounds like a 16 year old who just learned his 1st power-chords lol right down to the static on the effects peddle 0_o

  • David Todd

    Who cares what the other 31 quarterbacks do? Ben has set his own standard and that is the level I am going to compare him to. He was average.

  • e. smith

    Hahahaha! Dowloaded as always Terrible Podcast. Cue intro and I’m thinking ‘did I mistake Terrible Podcast for Wayne’s World?’ Party on Dave. Party on Dave. Good stuff and Go Steelers.

  • Alan Tman

    So Ben was 118 passer rating unDer pressure. So he 75 with no pressure? Some stats are just a waste of everyone’s time.

  • MC

    Penalties, terrible playcalling and poor execution of those terrible calls was the biggest problem imo