Video: Le’Veon Bell Talks First Practice Back, 2017 Outlook And More

After signing his franchise tag tender on Monday, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell took part in his first 2017 practice with the team and afterwards he met with the media for what turned into a long question and answer session.

Being as Bell was asked so many different questions about so many different topics, it’s probably wise to just pass along the video of his media session to you instead of cherry-picking it apart.

Bell talks about his first practice back, why he stayed away from training camp and much, much more. While nearly 10 minutes in length, it’s worth watching in its entirety, in my opinion.

  • Quan Hurst

    Bell for Gurley even swap

  • barry foster

    Bell will get stuffed behind that offensive line.

  • Lol, everyone hates him now. But at least he is saying all the right things not that he’s in the locker room…

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Gurley will get hurt walking into the facility and be put on IR till further notice

  • Cwallace

    Lol. Ur probably right. No trade for bell because all other backs are inferior. Closest is Johnson .

  • DirtDawg1964

    Love this guy! When he first came out people dumped on him because he was injured. Called him “Tinker Bell”. Now they want to make him out to be some kind of dumb thug who doesn’t care.

    I get it. He hasn’t signed and we’d all like hm to. And most of us agree he isn’t likely to get the money he wants. But he’s here, he’s a Steeler, and he wants to win. I support him.

    Hope he knocks its out of the park and brings us a SB. And then all you ragging on his rear end will suddenly be big fans of his again.

  • 1st&10

    Bell is ready to win games and help the team win a SB. It was a good interview, he handled it well.

  • francesco

    Its obvious Bell wants to get paid what he feels he’s worth. The problem is that the Steelers cannot afford him. It’s just the way it is. Bell will probably get what he wants from another team and at the same time the FO will try to get a return in the form of draft picks or an equivalent value in a player or players.
    In the end they both shake hands and business goes on as usual.

  • barry foster

    Well said

  • Dennis Nevinsky

    Maybe the Steelers can tag him next year and then trade him to move up high enough in the draft to grab a franchise QB.

  • nutty32

    Gurley had a good half season worth of games his rookie year, but pretty been average after that. Must suck taking a pounding for a bad team & running behind a bad line, but he didn’t look very motivated or explosive at all the entire last season.

  • ND_Steel

    He is taking a huge risk…huge…because we’re talking two years from now. Steelers would be nuts not to designate him to the franchise tag again if he has another big year and somewhat avoids injuries. If they were willing to pay him $30M in the first two years, they’ll gladly pay him $26+M. Bottom line, Steelers will get his best years, and if he is still on top of his game for another year or two so be it…deal with it then. Putting that aside as his personal choice, he said all the right things today. You have to at least appreciate the professionalism of both sides in the building. Not thrilled by the DQ application, freestyle rapping, etc. because of the distractions, but at least for today he looks like he came to work.

  • Steel Your Face

    Stupid capitalism…

  • pittfan

    These guys kept digging about the contract talks and he properly deflected attention from that. Good interview.

  • pittfan

    He really does need to run the table to improve on what he was offered but that’s now in the past. STAY HEALTHY and bring home #7!

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Good interview. Glad he’s back. Let’s win some games.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx


  • John M.

    I’m going to have to rub my eyes twice on Sunday…We could have BEN, AB, Bell and Bryant all on the field at the same time….Let the games begin! Here we GO…

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    And a couple first rounders

  • Big White

    Geez, what was that three of four questions about feeling “bitter” or having “hard feelings”? The press are such vultures. Thank god our Steelers Depot writers are just regular guys.

  • Michael Conrad

    I think he was honest about it he will not take a steeler friendly deal. He wants what he wants. I say we all enjoy the season and not worry or be mad at Bell.

    I would tag him and trade him next year for a number one to use on a QB if we could do that.

    Colbert is getting plenty of trade making practice.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    I’m kind of okay with the explanation for staying away being now wanting to get injured when he’s on a 1-year contract. Aside from that, I had no issues with him not taking the deal. It’s his business to try to get what he wants.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Leveon, how many times can I ask you the same question but in a different way so I can get a different response?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Agreed, where a guy who loves what he does and makes 13M in one year…what a terrible system!!!

  • Av232

    I felt myself slowly starting to resent Bell, but figured it would go away after his first big gain. It didn’t even take that long.

    Here we go.

  • Av232

    I wasn’t thrilled about the dq app or the raps either.

    But let’s face it. What’s social media for? Clowning around with your friends. I’m sure the locker room got a good laugh over it.

  • Michael Joseph Jackson

    Let’s win them ALL 19-0 #HereWeGo

  • Addison

    I’ll be a fan again when he agrees to a reasonable contract. Not happening

  • Jakobson

    Hard to be explosive with a terrible offensive line and a joke of a passing attack

  • Steve

    And if he don’t there will be Conner and Watson ready to take his job. He could have had a contract but turned it down. So he can go with 12 mil. Hopefully he saves some money and don’t blow it all.

  • Zarbor

    Terrible trade. Franchise him to death. End of story

  • Zarbor

    They have been prepped to say the right things by agents. Smart ones stick to the script. He been doing it for a while now. Don’t believe anything that comes out these players mouth in the media

  • Steve

    Back a few years ago, Herschel Walker was traded to the Vikings for a boat load of picks. After Jimmy Johnson Drafted well he went to the Superbowl a few times, The Steelers should do the same. Cleveland would give plenty for a franchise player.

  • I forgot to add something like that. He kept saying the same things, it did kind of sound rehearsed, that doesn’t change the fact that he is saying it now. And fans are still going to hate on him.

  • You are crazy if you think Conner or Watson are a quarter of the caliber RB that Bell is. That is a huge drop off. I agree, his opinion of himself is a bit inflated, but who are you to tell him to take a contract that is less than he think he’s worth? Would you except a job with a pay scale that is much, much less than you believe yourself to be worth?

  • Steve

    It is my right as a fan to say as I like. This is a free country and the last I knew I can say as I feel. Bell is over paid, plain and simple and if the Steelers are smart they would sell him off to the highest bidder. There is no RB worth 12 mil. Bells own agent advised him to sign the contract and he wouldn’t.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    It’s absolutely his business. But when it’s a fair deal, and the player declines to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he’s also turning down being part of that family.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    Bell will definitely hold out next season if they franchise him. This may be the only year sadly.

  • First of all, they are ALL overpaid. They play a game for christ sake.

    Just like it’s your right to take what Bell does, says personally, it’s his right to seek what he believes is fair compensation for his services.

    And second of all, you are just as silly as you sound when you say “sell him off to the highest bidder” because i don’t quite think you know the inner workings of football contracts, trades, and franchise tags. Would the team that trades for him be willing to part with what our FO deems fair? Would the asking price be less because a long term deal cannot not be reached at this time? What happens to our team with championship aspirations after moving Bell and being left with an unproven rookie and a guy who has been cut by multiple teams.

    There is a ton to consider. Just moving him for the sake of it is just plain ignorance…

    I’m so glad Colbert and company have more sense than you.

  • Zarbor

    To hate the guy is ridiculous for any fan. It was his decision and he did it within the parameters of the rules. I was a fan of LeVeon since college but that changed since he really isn’t a team guy. Don’t hate him, just don’t agree with his decisions and most importantly him putting himself above the team despite what he says.