Watch: Steelers Vs Bears Initial Analysis

As usual, breaking down the Pittsburgh Steelers’ performance, this time, a disappointing 23-17 loss to the Chicago Bears. We discuss what went wrong, which was pretty much everything, and where the team goes from here.

Like always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’m sure you have a lot to say.

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Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • SwagDaddy330

    Initial Analysis: the Steelers should have been more focused on playing a football game than what they were or weren’t going to do for the National Anthem.

  • David LaVeck

    I agree with your initial analysis but why do you think the Steelers are so unwilling to make in-game adjustments. They have a team that is telegraphing what they are going to do and they are playing them straight-up as if the pass is a threat, why? I could have lived with being beat by the pass not the run. Also, that is the time to play James Harrison, is anyone paying attention? The offense is equally to blame as is ST but the defense had it easy and they made it hard…

  • Wayne Padgett

    What went wrong? They aren’t producing much offense and Bell looks like an aging vet running the ball. Missing camp because he was butthurt that he had to play on 12.1 million on the year hurt him and his team. The defense let up some rushing yards against the Bears but the defense has been doing enough. It’s the offense that can’t get going. They haven’t produced much offense in the first 3 games.

  • Wayne Padgett

    James not playing is not an issue. Chickillo has been doing real well this year. The man has 4 sacks in 3 games. Harrison had 5 last year. He is older and slower of his former self. I would rather have a young guy in there in coverage than a 39 year old. Harrison will get his reps but it’s a young man’s game right now.

  • #beatthepats

    Alex I wonder if you could somehow chart the ave yds per carry they give up in the nickel or dime ( whatever they call it) when there are just 2 defensive lineman up front, with 2 linebackers head on the tackles, this has been driving me crazy since they started this formation, they simply are not big enough up front and there is high school like holes for the opposing rb,
    1. They were in this alignment on howards first td , he walked in untouched from 7 yards!, last weeks cooks run – same formation, and on and on, they give up the easiest runs of any team in the nfl, last years elliot embarrassing run same thing , lagareett blount 17 td run same thing. the cohen run im not sure.

  • Steeler B

    so bad… week to week we can be beaten by anybody. game had no flow, was a disjointed clusterfu&#. refs suck too. NFL product really sucks even on dvd when I zip past the commercials. I don’t know how people do it in real time now. hurry up and wait for a flag.

  • Alex Kozora

    Sure, we’ll be able to do something like that.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Alex do you have numbers on how many plays Bryant has been used in the redzone this year? I have noticed over the first few games a few pass plays where he wasn’t on the field and that is odd to me. I understand him and Ben haven’t been great together this year but he is still a body in there to create mismatches.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Alex are you guys doing a breakdown on formations and actual yards gained while in certain formations? Im asking because I noticed the Steelers ran out of the shotgun formation not sure how many times. I’d like to know if there were any successful runs out of that formation which I’m totally not a fan of. Thanks for all you do.

  • srdan

    The Bears were dealing with the same thing.

  • Alex Kozora

    Matthew will be able to compile those numbers. He charts the offense.

  • Alex Kozora

    Matthew will have that data in the next couple days. He charts the offense, I chart the defense.

  • Steve Johnson

    1. My Analysis? The Head Coach should be a H.C. You stand for the National Anthem, you don’t use your job as a platform to protest.

    2. The O/C has to call better plays, 3rd and two and they empty the backfield?

    3. LeVeon Bell isn’t playing well, no offseason workouts with his teammates is revealing of just how important it is. $15M? I hope the Mr. Rooney says Adios Amigos.

    4. No adjustments! Why not mix it up Tomlin? Give a few carries to Watson or even Conner. Who knows, it could have sparked the running game. Stop being a players coach and be a coach.

    5. The QB – why throw the ball to A.B. when he is double and topple teamed? Better yet, why go deep when you’ve got an wide open WR?

    6. Defense? SMH! That was a pathetic display by the Defense, especially the front seven. With the exception of Hargrave, they looked horrible.

    7. Bud Dupree = Over Rated