2017 NFL Week 6: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of yinz once again. I hope all of yinz are now recovered from the Pittsburgh Steelers home loss last Sunday to the Jacksonville Jaguars. What a mess of a game that one was.

The Steelers will play the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium and that game will certainly be a test for the 3-2 team. A win on Sunday just might play a big role in playoff seeding come that time.

In case you didn’t already know it by now, Jim Nance and Tony Romo will be calling the Sunday game between the Steelers and Chiefs for CBS. I can’t wait for that as I believe Romo has been doing a fantastic job in his first season as a color commentator.

Well, on Thursday little Finley Pearl turned one. That was one exhausting first year and we didn’t even adopt until December. Puppies are tough to handle in their early years and I seem to have forgotten that. She’s slowly starting to calm down now, thankfully.

Ok, it’s now time for this week’s Friday night five questions and I hope that several of you can take time to answer them in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and peace and love to all of yinz.

Go Steelers!

1 – What current NFL quarterbacks would you rank higher than Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger entering Week 6 of the 2017 regular season?

2 – With it sounding like veteran outside linebacker James Harrison will play Sunday against the Chiefs, predict the percentage of total defensive snaps he’ll be on the field for.

3 – After fumbling on their first offensive play of the season, the Chiefs have now run 311 plays without a turnover. First, will they have a turnover on Sunday against the Steelers? And second, how many offensive plays will the Chiefs run Sunday before committing their first turnover, if they think they’ll ultimately commit at least one?

4 – It sounds like Steelers wide receiver Eli Rogers will also be active Sunday after spending the last two games in street clothes. Assuming he plays, will his game receiving yardage be over or under  44.5 yards?

5 – Between running backs Kareem Hunt and Le’Veon Bell, which of the two will have the most total yards from scrimmage on Sunday in Kansas City?

Bonus – Will the Steelers defense allow a run of 20 or more yards to the Chiefs on Sunday?

Recap last week’s Friday night questions per David Orochena:

Question 1 – James Conner had three rushing attempts against the Jaguars. We were all over the place in our predictions which ranged from 0-22. We tended on the lower end anticipating Le’Veon Bell to get the lion’s share but even the median response of 5 was too high. Of course, how many people thought the Steelers would total 20 rushing attempts for the game including one by Ben? Six folks did peg the right answer and got a point.

Question 2 – Mike Tomlin tried to avoid it, but Dave Bryan’s persistence paid off as Tomlin could no longer ignore the drum beats emanating from Steelers Depot and sat a healthy James Harrison versus the Jaguars.19 of 39 folks called it and got a point. Interestingly, back in Week 3 this notion had been rejected by a 42-3 vote. Michael Lloyd, NW86 & erock634 got retroactive points for being bold back then. Michael Lloyd was consistent and got points for both weeks.

Question 3 – Which Steelers player scored the team’s last touchdown against the Jaguars? No one picked the correct answer which is Brice McCain. Perhaps, because he last played for Pittsburgh in 2014. No points awarded.

Question 4 – Yoi. We ranged from 41-120 yards with a median response of 75. Alex Kozora was kind enough to calculate the rushing yards the Jaguars ran against the base 3-4 defense. He was able to negotiate with the Chinese Government to access a few minutes computing time on their Sunway Taihulight super computer capable of making a billion billion calculations a second. And the answer is … 196 yards. PaeperCup’s 120-yard prediction was as close as we got so he got the point.

Question 5 – The correct answer was neither; although I think Landry Jones could have managed handing off the football those last three carries by James Conner or for that matter Chad Henne could have handed the ball off to Leonard Fournette.

After week 5 season leaderboard:

1st Place – Reader783 with 13 points
2nd – AlanTman with 12 points
3rd – Jeff McNeil & SJT63 with 11 points
5th – Matt Manzo & Darth Blount47 with 10 points
7th – Michael Mosgrove; Chris92021; LucasY59 & Beaver Falls Hosiery with 9 points
11th – Marcel Chris Chauvet; Jeff Papiernik; SkoolHouseRoxx & Johnny Loose with 8 points

  • Hagen Rinde


  • Jaybird

    1) Rogers, Brady, Stafford, smith,
    2) 10%
    3) yes the chief staff will have a TO on the 13th offensive play of the game. As a bonus : it will come via an interception from Haden.
    4) under
    5) Bell – because Gilbert will be back and we run well when Finney is in there also
    Bonus: no

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. If we can still add in history I would still only take Rodgers and Brady over Ben for sure. Still early enough in the season that I will give him the benefit of the doubt on a turnaround.

    2. 38%

    3. Yes. 23 plays in they will commit a turnover

    4. Under

    5. Bell

    Bonus – Yes

  • PaeperCup

    1) This year? ooh, long list. Might be easier to list those below him.

    2) 17.244%

    3) That is an amazing stat. There’s something supernaturual about this team right now. And none of it makes sense. Hunt fumbles that first snap and is the best back in the league. The team has yet to turn the ball over, Alex Smith is the best QB in the league?…..what’s the temperature in Hell right now, cause it’s gotta be frozen over.

    My prediction is YES the Steelers will force a turnover. It will happen on their 36th play?

    4) Under, finally an easy question.

    5) I’ll just homer it up here and say Bell.

  • Chris92021

    1. Right now as of week 6? Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Alex Smith, Carson Wentz, Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson, Jared Goff, Matt Ryan, and Jameis Winston are all playing better than Ben Roethlisberger.

    2. 5 total plays on defense.

    3. No, they won’t. That is the best coached team in the league right now on both sides of the ball. Tomlin, Haley, and Butler (and Danny Smith) should all take notes.

    4. Well under. Rogers gets 20 yards on 3 catches.

    5. Kareem Hunt will get over 230 yards. Bell will get 90 total.

    Bonus: yes they will. They will give one to Smith and at least two to Hunt.

    Enjoy the weekend, y’all. This game is going to be rough. Kansas City 38, Pittsburgh 13.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Mark my words: I’m comin for that #1 spot! #SHR
    1. Brady, Rodgers. That’s it. #rideordie
    2. 15% #alilbit
    3. Yes. 8 offensive plays. #shazierint
    4. Under #justenoughtododamage
    5. Bell for sure! 150+ yards from scrimmage!
    Bonus: yes

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. For this season right now: Brady, Wentz, Palmer, Newton, Smith, Rodgers, Rivers, Goff, Manning, Brees, Carr, Watson, Keenum, & Stafford – did I miss anyone? No points for this question..
    2. 23.4375%
    3. Yes. 13th play.
    4. Under.
    5. Bell; need it for the win.
    Bonus: Yes.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    How many sacks and TFL’s on Deebo’s 5 plays?

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    You’re still in 15th place and get right back in it with another streak.

  • dillon degroot

    1. Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Alex Smith, Wentz, Newton and Rivers.

    2. 25%

    3. Yes, the Chiefs will have a turnover or two on Sunday…I say the Chiefs throw an interception somewhere around their 20th play.

    4. Under..30ish yards on three receptions.

    5. Leveon

    Bonus: Yes…But only one.

  • pittfan

    1. Landry Jones, Josh Dobbs…ha ha
    2. 19%
    3. yes. strip sack.: 41
    4. under
    5. Bell, by 27
    Bonus: yes, 3

  • Chris92021

    Let’s say 0 on both. I have no faith in Butler or Porter in using Deebo properly. Honestly, I would let Deebo go to work against Eric Fisher for the entire game but you know that will not happen because Anthony Chickillo and Bud Dupree are “playing well”. Sigh. This coaching staff is unworthy of leading this talented bunch.

  • 1.) None. Ben is the best. (What can I say? I’m loyal to the bone. LOL)

    2.) 30%

    3.) Wow! You’re really asking for precision on this one. Okay, how’s this? At some point in the game, the Steelers will get a strip-sack on Alex Smith caused by James Harrison. He may not recover it, but he will
    cause it and a Steeler will recover it. During the Chiefs’ 15th offensive play, Ryan Shazier will intercept Alex Smith.

    4.) If he plays, I’ll say it will be under 44.5 yards.

    5.) Le’Veon Bell. He’ll have over 100 yards rushing and 30 receiving yards. That will leave Kareem Hunt in the dust as far as game stats go.

    BONUS: Yes.

    (We need to knock the snot out of Alex Smith. If not, we’ll be in for a long day, fellas.)

  • Dan

    1 – Brady, A. Smith, Rivers, Wentz, Dak, Rodgers, Stafford, Wilson, Goff, Watson, Winston, Ryan, Brees, Cam. There are a few injured guys so this list could be longer.

    2 – 20%. Still need to keep the man fresh.

    3 – I think we are due for an Alex Smith fumble.

    4 – Under.

    5 – Hunt. He is the focal point of their attack, while the Steelers don’t have an identity on offense at this point.

    Bonus – Yes. Our guys aren’t coached very well.

  • WreckIess

    1. Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Alex Smith, Prescott, Wentz. Honorable mention to Derek Carr when healthy.
    2. Not good with percentages, but not much more than Chickillo would’ve.
    3. 38 plays. Charcandrick west fumble.
    4. Over, but just slightly.
    5. Hunt.
    Bonus: Yes

  • Riverstko

    1. Rodgers
    2. 30
    3. Yes int. 20 plays
    4. Under
    5. Bell
    B. No

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Naw, I’m going to occupy every single spot including Numero Uno.

  • JohnB

    1. Ahead of Big Ben I’d have Brady & Rodgers. Ryan & Newton are playing better now but not overall.
    2. 13% snaps for Harrison
    3. Yes Chiefs will have turnover. i’ll say 37 snaps till it happens.
    4. Over if they learned anything from last week.
    5. I’m going to say Hunt will have more yards from scrimmage
    Bonus: yes the steelers will unfortunately surrender a 20+ yard run. How many is up to them.

  • Jeff McNeill

    1) Brady, Rodgers, smith, Stafford, and Ryan
    2) 7%
    3) 21 play
    4) under
    5) Bell
    Bonus yes

  • Matt Manzo

    Happy Friday!
    I read last weeks #3 all wrong! I thought it said which player “will” score the last TD against the Jags.

    1: Rodgers, Brady, Newton, Carr, Wentz, Smith

    2: 13%

    3: Yes! Chiefs turnover on 20th play!

    4: Under

    5: Hunt. Cuz I don’t have any evidence to prove otherwise.

    Bonus: Sadly, yes. Hunt will break off a chunk.

  • Alan Tman

    1 Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Derek Carr, Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, Matt Stafford, Cam Newton, and Kirk Cousins.
    2 25%
    3 Yes 11
    4 Over
    5 Bell

  • Alan Tman

    #1 LOL

  • Spencer Krick

    1. Smith, Brady, Rodgers, Watson, Stafford, Goff, Prescott
    2. 35%
    3. Yeah, they’re due for a turnover. i’ll say 8 plays in.
    4. Over
    5. Bell – Because I hope so.

    Bonus: yes.

  • Josh Cummings

    1. Rogers, Brady, Alex Smith, M Ryan, Brees, Wentz (eww), Mariotta, Dak, Jameis.

    2. 20% (15ish snaps)

    3. Yes, they will. 15 snaps in.

    4. Under.

    5. Bell.

    6. Bonus, No.

  • DirtDawg1964

    1. Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Smith, Wentz
    2. 12%
    3. 2 turnovers. 15th play.
    4. Under
    5. Bell
    Bonus. Of course they will. Fortunately it won’t matter. They still win.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    1. Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Wentz, Ryan, Stafford
    2. 30%
    3. No turnovers
    4. Under
    5. Hunt
    Bonus: Yes

  • Kevin Schwartz

    1) Brady, Rogers, Brees, Wentz, Ryan, Cam Newton, Derek Carr.
    2) 25%.
    3) yes – 39.
    4) under.
    5) I’m going Bell, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hunt.
    Bonus: Yes.

  • Ted Webb

    Ryan,Stafford,Goff. Then Ben
    2. 10%
    3. Yes, 11th play
    4. Over
    5. Bell
    Bonus yes

  • Jaybird

    I read # 3 last week the same way!

  • Charles Haines

    Rogers, 26%, fumble on 23rd snap, under, Bell and Yes, Ty Hill is too damn fast.

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    1) Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Newton, Wentz, Ryan, Smith, Carr, Cousins, Stafford, and Bradford (based off one game when he was healthy)

    2) 14%

    3) Yes – 38 plays

    4) Over

    5) Bell

    Bonus: Yes

  • NW86

    1) Man, that could be all over the map. Based just on performance the last few weeks, the answer would be most of the league. But I will say Rodgers, Brady, Smith, Brees, Ryan.
    2) 17%
    3) Yes – 13th snap.
    4) Under (barely)
    5) Bell wins yards from scrimmage (Hunt has more pure rushing yards)
    Bonus: Yes

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    I was just jagging since the Steelers failed to score a TD in the game. Didn’t matter who you answered itwould still be wrong since Steelers just scored field goals.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    1. Rogers, Brady, beers, Ryan, rivers, manning, Newton, wentz, Goff.
    2. 24
    3. Yes. 17.
    4. Over 56 yards.
    5. Hunt.

    Bonus yes.

  • Reader783

    1 – None.

    2 – Who knows, let’s say 20%.

    3 – Yes, 17

    4 – Over. Ben has to go off this weekend.

    5 – LB

    Bonus – No

    *knock on wood*x6

  • Reader783

    Some of the Dak Prescott, Jared Goff, Cam Newton, Jameis picks below are blowing my mind for #1….sheesh.

  • Roberto Vaquero Bazán

    1 too many to list them
    2 50%
    3 non
    4 under
    5 Hunt
    Bonus Yes 3 of them

  • Spencer Krick

    Take off the homer glasses, Ben has been middle of the pack so far this year.

  • LucasY59

    1. A.Rodgers & T.Shady are the only ones that are clearly better, after that there probably a dozen that are about equal to Ben (but that is giving Ben the benefit of his past, if it was just his performance this season there might only be 2 that are clearly worse)

    2.50% they need him against the run, and he has had some pretty good success against KC and their LT Fischer so I think he gets half the snaps (which still gets Watt on the field quite a bit as well)

    3. Steeelers have been decent at getting takeaways this season (and they will need it to win in KC) I think they get one early so Im gonna say 11 plays

    4. Under, he is now way behind S-S on the depth chart so I think he could get some snaps, but he isnt going to have much of an impact

    5. Bell, I have to go with Bell he needs a breakout game (almost as badly as Ben needs one) he had a decent amount of yds in a few of the previous games, but needs a game that helps get him back to where most people think he is the best RB in the league, Hunt has had a good rookie season so far, but I think/hope the Steelers have a gameplan that will make his impact very minimal

    Bonus: yes they will get one over 20 (I just hope it isnt much more than 20)

  • heath miller

    1 PROBABLY 25% – 30% of them .. so 8-10
    2 20%
    3 yes thy will have a turnover and it will be about play 15
    4 under
    5 hunt
    bonus yes

  • Reader783

    The question was not “Where have Ben’s stats placed him in the NFL this year”. The question was which QBs are better. I don’t want to come across as arrogant, but anybody who watches Jameis Winston play weekly and thinks his decision-making, passing motion, accuracy and intelligence of the game are better than Ben’s are simply wrong. Plain and simple. Wrong.

  • PaeperCup

    You did read it right! But they never got a 3rd, so we go back almost half a decade. Has it really been that long since we scored a td on the jags?

  • SJT63

    1. Long long list that starts Rodgers, Brady, Brees, …
    2. 7%
    3. No turnovers
    4. Under
    5. Hunt
    Bonus. Yes

  • will

    1. All of them
    2. 37%
    3. No
    4. Under
    5. Bell
    Bonus – Yes

  • Steel Realist PAul

    1. If we mean how well he’s played this year so far, middle of the pack. If you mean how good will we say by year’s end, I’ll stay top ten.
    2. 8 snaps – the Steelers coaching stuff does very little abruptly.
    3. No turnovers (how can you predict turnovers?)
    4. Definitely under
    5. Hunt – offense that’s firing vs one that’s not.
    Bonus: yes around the Steelers right side while Burns is getting blocked out of bounds.

  • Darth Blount 47

    1. As some people are mentioning, the answer to question 1 is subjective and hard to answer. For if you ONLY talk about what has transpired this season, the list is quite long indeed. But if you are talking about ranking the QB’s in the league, in order of their overall skill, talent, and the classic “Who do you want if the game is on the line in a final drive” type of scenario, the list becomes exceedingly shorter pretty fast. Deshaun Watson and Alex Smith, as perfect examples, are playing better than Big Ben right now. But do I think either are a better QB than Ben? Uhh, no. So that’s why my list will be: Tom Brady (Ugh), Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees. That’s it. That’s the list (All future Hall of Famers as well).

    2. 16%

    3. Yes. The odds say they are due for at least 1. Snap 27.

    4. Under.

    5. Le’Veon Andrew Bell. (I think we are going to be focused on stopping Hunt at all costs).

    Bonus: Yes, and I think it could come from sneaky Alex Smith or Hill. Or of course, Hunt.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Reader – you can use my glasses for an objective analysis. I think you are good to go.

  • Kevin Reich

    1. Rogers, Brady, Brees, Wentz, A Smith, Wison, Watson, Stafford, Ryan, Prescot, Marriota, Carr and Rivers.
    2. 10%
    3. Yes. Under.
    5. Bell
    Bonus. Yes.

  • Paul Kuhns

    1. This question Is “pointless” no pun intended. Plus after that game there are probably about 6 I would take over Ben right now at least. Ryan, Brady, Rodgers, Stafford, and a couple more perhaps
    2. 20%
    3. Yes a alex smith strip sack by TJ watt on the 21st play
    4.under easily
    5. Hunt
    Bonus: yes have you seen our defense this year lol

  • David Henderson

    1- Rogers, Brady, Wilson, Wentz, Goff, Bress, Ryan, Smith, Stafford
    2- 25% and a sack
    3-Strip sack by Harrison, 10 plays
    4- just over 50
    5-Bell – 175 total

  • J.

    1. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Alex Smith, Carson Wentz, Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson, Jared Goff, Matt Ryan,
    2. 5%
    3. No
    4. Under
    5. Hunt because the Steelers will once again have a game plan that doesnt put the ball in Bell’s hands.

  • Matt Manzo

    Oh, right! Now it makes sense!
    It really was inconceivable for me!

  • Matt Manzo

    That’s my half semester of jr college education for ya!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    window is closed