Game Rewind: Steelers Vs Jaguars Notes

Notes from the Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

First Half

– Kick coverage. Golden-Fort-Williams-Nix-Sensabaugh-Boswell-Hilton-Watson-Matakevich-Chickillo-DHB

– Steelers in Cover 1 on their first third down.

– Steelers are going to get another blocked punt. Came close several times Sunday.

– Punt return team. Chickillo-Watson-Fort-DHB-Matakevich-Nix-Wilcox-Golden. Sensabaugh and Burns the jammers. AB your punt returner.

– Nix and Maurkice Pouncey with a couple of key blocks on this Lead Strong run. 10 yard gain.

Ryan Shazier is probably better in man than zone. At least, shallow zone. Too easily leaves his window, like here, opening up the hank concept in the middle.

– Williams and Sean Davis overlapping their gap here.

– Strong side B gap uncovered here. LB asked to fill but tough play. FB and RB follow through it and Leonard Fournette scores. Don’t know why the weakside was covered instead.

– Kick return unit. McDonald-Moats-Matakevich-Wilcox-Fort your front five. Robert Golden behind. Walton/Conner/Nix the wedge, JuJu/Watson the KRs.

– Cornerback flat footed, sitting on this out cut by JuJu. Breaks on the ball and the Jags’ defense gets off the field.

– Alejandro Villanueva not perfect but looking like his old self. Healthy, probably has his weight back to normal.

Second Half

– Tough assignment for Jesse James. Asked to reach the MIKE and can’t do it. Play blown up.

– Not sure what the goal was here. No threat of Rosie Nix getting the ball in the backfield. A time where it’d be smart to use a Pony backfield and bring in a second running back.

– AB out ‘n up. Bad idea, bad execution.

– No force defender. Steelers struggled with that in their over fronts. In it three times, gave up 31 yards on the ground.

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Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

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  • Iulo

    a question…
    is this the game-plan the coaches prepared during the offseason for the year or it changes every weekend?
    I mean, I know it is ADJUSTED every week depending on the available personnel and on the opponents weakness and so on…. but it is not that every week they figure-out nice schemes or routes for the receivers… they should have a base since the training camp… or I’m missing something.

  • falconsaftey43

    I went back and looked at every 10+ yard run vs JAX and it was a variety of things going wrong. Williams appeared to fill the wrong gap a couple times (like one noted above when he/Davis are in same gap). Shazier also filled the wrong gap a few times. Burns didn’t hold contain once. And twice there appeared to be scheme issues. Both were instances where the defense had more players to the weakside of the offense than they did to the strong side, and to make it worse, they pulled the weakside guard and ran strong side. Just go way outnumbered (one of these were when Burns didn’t hold contain. He messed up, but doubt it’d have made much of a difference). In a way, it’s good, as it’s not a lot of missed tackles or guys getting blown off the ball, it’s just assignment issues. But, it’s discouraging to still be seeing this in week 5.

    To put some numbers to the run defense, I like looking at % of runs of various lengths. Right now, Steelers are doing well on a down to down basis as evidenced by them holding 50% of all runs to 2 yards or less (8th in NFL). Their problem is with letting up runs over 10 yards where they’re 28th. If they can stop those runs from busting for 10+, they’ll be great. I think a lot of that will be helped by the offense playing a little better so as not to put the defense out there so much.

  • capehouse

    Just of note, that’s the 4-6-1 defense used at the goal line and of course they allowed a score, again lol. I would love to see the stats given up that are associated with that formation throughout the last few years. I’m guessing it’s allowed a touchdown around 50% of the time.

  • Jeff Dudash

    Hey, the offense is trying! They DID throw two pick-6s so the defense wouldn’t have to go out there!

  • #beatthepats

    What part of bigger people on the line of scrimmage dont they get?

  • #beatthepats

    Great points! I think alot of those 10 + yd runs can be eliminated by staying out of that 2-5 front they call a 4-3, huge college like holes on some of those.

  • #beatthepats

    Your missing nothing , this is a terribly coordinated team on both sides of the ball.