Hue Jackson Undecided On Who Will Start At QB In London

When Cleveland Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson named rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer the starter heading into the 2017 regular season, he did so, in so many words, vowing to stand by him through thick and thin, through the ups and downs, understanding that, as a 21-year-old raw prospect, there will be growing pains.

It turns out that those pains have been too much to bear, because he has already been benched a couple of times now, and Jackson has said this week that he will wait on naming a starter this time around. Previously, he prematurely benched Kizer in favor of Kevin Hogan, who promptly turned the ball over three times.

That was last Sunday. This Sunday, it was Kizer back under center, and with Hogan ailing, Cody Kessler serving as the rookie’s backup. Kessler, a 2016 third-round draft pick, was the Browns’ primary starter a year ago due to injury, but fell to third this year behind two players with no starting experience.

In Sunday’s loss to the Titans, Jackson pulled Kizer once again, benching him in favor of Kessler after throwing two interceptions to bring his total to 11 on the season in just six games. His backup came in and completed 10 of 19 passes for just 121 yards, adding an interception of his own.

The Browns currently have three quarterbacks on their roster who in this season have thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. None of them have a single win in their career in 15 combined starts. Kessler last season, at least, threw six touchdowns to two interceptions.

Said Jackson in light of the situation at quarterback, “we watch the tape and I like to get with the players and talk to them before we make any decision that way”. Unsurprisingly, the sticking point for the second-year Browns head coach was the interceptions.

“We can’t turn the football over”, he said. “That’s going to be my battle cry as the coach and the offensive leader. We can’t turn the ball over, and we have turned it over way too much”.

Whoever the quarterback is under center for the Browns on Sunday, his job will not have gotten any easier. There is literally one thing that every single Browns player who has ever taken a snap under center over the course of the past 10-plus years has been able to count on, and that is no longer there.

I refer of course to left tackle Joe Thomas, who after playing more than 10,000 consecutive snaps over the course of his career from 2007 through the first seven games of this campaign, ended his unparalleled run with a torn tricep muscle that has ended his season.

Thomas, a likely first-ballot Hall of Famer, has been the one beacon of consistency on perhaps quite literally the worst, or at least the least successful, organization in the NFL. Within any particular fan base, he has to be the most popular offensive lineman in the league. And he is popular because he is excellent.

Good luck without him, whoever you are. The Browns’ next game is in London, meaning that the ol’ Factory is now exporting its Sadness across the Atlantic.

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  • Steeler fan in NE

    Gotta love that they didn’t just pass on Watson and wentz but they went out of their way to say they weren’t NFL QBs.

  • Iulo

    lol… it’s weird that the QB guru (Hue Jackson) couldn’t even help them…
    he is still undecided which QB he is going to use but they released Osweiler before the season started…. Kessler, the one who was having good numbers last season just sat behind Hogan and Kizer…
    Cleveland has accumulated so many first rounders but can’t win a game, what a disgrace… for sure is Hue desperate being 1W-22L but couldn’t handle the situation worse…. what’s next on cleveland?

  • blue

    D Watson.

  • NW86

    Yeah, everyone touted Hue as the guru who was finally going to get Cleveland turned around, but I have no idea what he has been doing. They trade for Osweiler and his $16M guaranteed, and they have Kessler who actually played well last year when he was healthy. I would have assumed the competition for week 1 starter was between them. Instead they released Osweiler and are now paying him to play for someone else, and made Kessler #3. SMH you can’t even make this stuff up.

  • Sam Clonch

    Saw a writer say on the Cleveland portion of another sites power rankings, that they couldn’t ever remember anything like Thomas’s snap streak. Matt, you call it “unparalleled”.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t D’Brickashaw Fergesuon’s career strikingly similar? Granted Ferguson wasn’t the perennial all pro Thomas has been, but over his 10 year career, he never miss a game (like Joe), was never listed on an injury report (like Joe), and out of 10,708 possible snaps, he played in 10,707 of them (to Joe’s 10,368). The one snap he missed was NOT due to injury, but a trick play where Revis lined up in his spot.

    Maaaaybe a little parallel?

  • Chad H

    It’s not Wentz! Thanks Hue your the best!

  • Lambert58

    Browns gonna Brown.

  • Conserv_58

    Hue Jackson’s approach to his QB position is precisely what the vast majority of NFL coaches say should never be done. Jackson’s YoYo approach to dealing with his QB’s is a recipe for disaster. It’s not good for the QB’s confidence and development and it’s not good for the team’s confidence and development.

  • Conserv_58

    Yet they thought Johnny Manziel was was a legitimate NFL QB.

  • Rob

    can we also have a laugh that he said Mixon needed to show maturity for wanting more playing time, but Burfict and PacMan do nothing wrong in his eyes..

  • nutty32

    “Wentz is no good, what we need to do is trade down and stockpile draft picks!” – LoL Sashi Brown.

  • nutty32

    That was the biggest joke ever. Anyone with half an eye could see that Maziel was not close to being a prospect. Someone you bring in as a late round pick or a free agent hoping to catch lightening in a bottle at best.

  • Matthew Marczi

    If that is accurate then I stand corrected.

  • Dan

    It’s been said on these boards many times. Cleveland, what a $hit show.