Martavis Bryant Denies Report He Requested Trade

Besides the Pittsburgh Steelers big road win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, we’re sure to be talking about wide receiver Martavis Bryant reportedly requesting a trade all this week. Sunday evening, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported that Bryant had recently requested a trade and since that time several other media outsets have claimed they also have confirmed that news. On Monday, Bryant reportedly addressed that report.

According to Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Bryant said on Monday that he did not request a trade. He reportedly talked for about five minutes to the media with his theme being that he now wants to move on from the topic.

After returning from Kansas City late Sunday night, Bryant posted on Twitter that he was now ready to get back to work following the Steelers big win over the Chiefs and that he’s happy to be a Steeler and looking forward to helping the team win a championship this season.

Since the Bryant trade report surfaced additional reports have stated the Steelers have no intentions of trading the wide receiver and that makes sense. In case you’re curious, the NFL trade deadline this season is October 31.

Is this just damage control on Bryant’s part? It’s hard to know for sure. It is, however, easy to imagine that Bryant might be unhappy with his cut in playing time over the course of the last several weeks.

Moving forward into this week you can count on several Steelers players and coaches to be asked about Bryant and if he indeed did ask recently to be traded.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and head coach Mike Tomlin will both talk to the media on Tuesday so expect both of them to be asked about the trade reports concerning Bryant.

  • Spencer Krick

    Well, there ya go.

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    Straight from the horses mouth…now that we are thoroughly confused it’s time to play ball

  • Michael James

    Why do we have to discuss a new drama every week? I swear they could make a TV show out of all the drama we had this season and it’s only week 6.

  • colingrant

    Doesn’t matter what he says. The narrative is he’s a rich, spoiled, disgruntled, NFL wide receiver, and from this point forward he will be labeled as such. Those that thrive on such narratives will run with it, despite his rebuttal.

  • Roberto Vaquero Bazán

    Well if indeed The declaration of his “girlfriend” is false, I hope Bryant won’t get another suspention but now for domestic violence, because that girl has to shut up!

  • JohnB

    Too late..all the “real fans” got rid of their Bryant jerseys last night.

  • Michael James

    You don’t have to believe everything somebody says, especially not when it’s clear that every public statement from Bryant that goes along with the trade rumors would hurt him. True or not, declining those reports is literally the only thing a sane person could do in his situation.
    In this case I actually tend to believe the rumors. Multiple sources reported it and Bryant has come across as not really mature in the past. He has also lied in the past and he’s a real diva (becomes obvious if you follow his social media accounts). The posts from his girlfriend actually point toward the rumors being true, too.

  • jl9744

    Ya know, one thing I will say and I might be alone in this but with all of the drama created around this season, mostly from the Killer B’s, I gotta hand it to Martavis, with everything he’s been through and in the midst of all this drama, imho, he has been the most mature about handling these adverse situations…

  • Steve Johnson

    Yep! Is this the Dallas Cowboys or what? It seems like that team is turning into a bunch of Drama Queens.

  • Steve Johnson

    Not me. And I’be been a Steelers Fan for over 20yrs.

  • colingrant

    I too disbelieve his rebuttal, by the same token, many will climb aboard the (he’s a rich, spoiled, disgruntled, diva like, pot-smoking, NFL wide receiver that should just shut up, play ball and be happy). It’s a narrative that many will associate with him for various reasons, right, wrong or indifferent.

  • Heywood Jablome

    This denial does NOT prove the initial reporting on this wrong. Martavis denying the report was the responsibile thing to do – which is good.

  • Guillermo Garcia-Gomez

    I definitely think he requested the trade, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sure Ben isn’t the same player and cannot be counted on to consistently hit Bryant when he’s open deep, but what if he got traded to Cleveland, jets, or 49ers?

  • Terrible Towel

    I take MB’s word over Rappofart.

  • nutty32

    Can’t give out big contracts to everyone on the O. Would gladly trade him for a 3rd, 4th, or 5th this off-season, depending on how much he ups his value by the end of this season. Finding a replacement fast guy, field stretcher is not that hard.

  • nutty32

    Feels like MB is more interested in geographical location than winning. Seems like he just wants to be on the west coast or even deep down south. There were plenty of reasons he slid down the draft board despite top notch measurables. He’s no football junkie. I’d be hard pressed to give MB a second contract if I were the Steelers, regardless.

  • Dan

    Good. Let’s move on.

  • Doug Andrews

    I’d think Bryant’s mindset is more in line with Will Graves tweet

  • Dan

    Would be interesting to know the original source of the report. MB, but now he’s backtracking. The meddling girlfriend. Some wanna-be insider trying to seem important and giving wrong info. The agent try to get press about his forgotten man. Could be any. Oh well. So what.

  • Jeff McNeill

    They have made a tv show about it, actually a bunch of shows.

  • Jason

    Or maybe it was today’s ” report first get the facts later” media overblowing his big mouth girlfriends Twitter post and fans biting on it and overreacting.

  • Jeff McNeill

    So you don’t believe MB because he has lied, but you do believe Rapport who has also lied.

  • nutty32

    It’s pretty much every team of relevance or market size these days. People outside of Pittsburgh don’t really care much about this MB thing just like Steeler fans don’t really know/care about Sammy Watkins making noise last week. It’s only drama if you care about the team & because you care they will make drama for you.

  • dany

    yup! problem is people continue watching them, thus we get these stupid reports alongside real news

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    And it leaks right after a big win.
    Crazy, huh!?

  • Matt

    This guy seems to be a bit of an idiot based on his actions, but sucks to have this leaked by your girlfriend.

  • SilverSteel

    Good assessment

  • Ray Powell

    My only question is – why does anyone listen to anything Rapoport says? This is the same guy who said Ben wanted to be traded a few years ago.

  • Michael Joseph Jackson

    I think he needs to tell his girlfriend to keep her mouth shut. She’s probably doesn’t like living in Pittsburgh..

  • Michael James

    First of all several different people reported it.
    Then Rapoport didn’t flat out lie in the past. He reported wrong information he got from a source that obviously wanted to create some drama. He’s pretty reliable usually, occasionally getting burned bc of a bad source is part of his job.
    In Bryant’s case you don’t have to be a genius to see that he’s not trustworthy at all. Even in this case, the posts from his girlfriend are telling you everything you need to know.

  • Heywood Jablome

    I think it was valid sourcing, I don’t really care who. I suspect players have gotten mad and requested trades before. How it’s handled is important, and feelings change. I hope it works out.

  • 6 ring circus

    Real fans never had one…not saying he is persona non grata, just that its too early….me, I only buy hall of famers, or potential HOF’ers. You need tenure If I’m gonna buy your jersey, not a one contract pony!

  • Axel

    Great win on Sunday however the game should have been over at half time……….the offense needs to figure out how to get the ball in the damn end zone. Could someone please explain to Artie Burns what pass coverage means? As far as the never ending rumors go, to quote Deadpool, “who the f**k cares.”

  • 6 ring circus

    Otherwise, I’d be broke…

  • Axel

    Totally agree. James Harrison should be the next head coach, let’s see how far the drama goes with him……lol

  • Several people reported it yes, but the modern media is very incestuous. How many of those other reports were actually using Rapaport as their source? I remain skeptical, particularly since the initial claims were that the request happened several weeks ago.

  • Shhh! You are killing the drama…

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    good point but not only that out of All the reports even after he said he Wants TO BE HERE fans on this site still trying to bash the guy

  • Probably a bengals personnel started the rumor right after the Steelers beat The Chiefs. Wouldn’t put it past that organization to try and cause a riff this week. Lol

  • francesco

    My first question would have been:
    1./ Do you have a girlfriend?
    and then the two following:
    2./ Is she what she says she is?
    3./ Is she why you play this game?

  • Applebite

    I wonder if the Steelers have some daytime drama music to go with these stories as of late…?

  • Jakobson

    Can’t really keep Rappaport’s mouth shut for him

  • Steel City Slim

    End of story as far as I’m concerned. Let’s get ready for the Bengals

  • Jeff McNeill

    But you watch them as well. There are more shows cover football than anything but maybe politics.

  • dany

    If I do you’d have to tell me, all I watch is steelers games and read SD and its sources

  • Zarbor

    As long as Tomlin continues to let these guys be chummy with the media, there will always be drama. I respect Bellicheat now for shutting that down. Too many distractions

  • Steeler Nation!

    Whether he requests a trade or not (sure sounds like he did), he’s SOL. He appears to have youthful Instant Gratification Syndrome-thus his past issues and now indirectly asking for more touches. The only chance he has in this game is to stay clean, and help the team win thru the end of his contract here. Then he can pick from the market. He has next to no trade value right now, due to suspension history. He needs to work on his game, everything but his 9 routes, and he could still hit it big one day. Not yet tho, MB. Patience.

  • colingrant

    I recant my position and no longer believe he requested a trade. I believe it was orchestrated by his agent, although I do think he may have done so with Bryant’s blessing, so that he can emphatically deny making the statement and be truthful in doing so. If his agent did this without his Bryant’s knowledge, Bryant should reconsider his representation immediately.