Marvin Lewis Says He Wants More Maturity From Frustrated Joe Mixon, Walks Out Of Press Conference

Even though he is a rookie running back in the middle of a backfield full of running backs of similar draft pedigree, Cincinnati Bengals rookie second-rounder Joe Mixon was not happy with the number of touches that he got in the loss to the Steelers on Sunday.

Mixon had just seven carries in that game, all in the first half, but he produced 48 yards, or nearly seven yards per carry, for his efforts. Granted, more than half of his yardage came on one 25-yard run. He also had three receptions for another 20 yards, totaling 68 yards on 10 touches.

Yeah, that’s frustrating”, he said about the scarcity of his opportunities in the second half, in which they opened trailing by six. “I felt like Bell got the ball 35 times. I get it seven. All in the first half then don’t touch the ball again”.

He did fail to mention that he was averaging just 2.8 yards per carry over the course of his first five games, and still just 3.2 yards on the season after that. Though the offensive line has not been blocking well, either, as attested to by the low yards per carry of all the running backs.

“Jeremy got one touch in the second half”, Mixon went on, detailing his grievances. “It was frustrating to us running backs. We are in the room and feel like we are a part of the offense. If it worked in the first half why not do it in the second?”

In response to those remarks, Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis said that the rookie needed to “show a little maturity”. But this is the same person that also just walked out of the press conference after he was asked about going for it on fourth down, so perhaps it should be taken with a grain of salt?

“I can’t do nothing but tip my hat off to them”, he said of his offensive line, complimenting his teammates while insinuating that the issue was instead the play selection. “They did a great job. Receivers did a great job. We just have to run the ball in the second half”.

Lewis was asked about why Mixon didn’t see the ball in the second half, and why they stopped running generally. He noted that Mixon was in the game in the third quarter, but said, “whatever plays are called are called”, adding, “we are not going to create a run when we are down by 12 or 15”.

“I can’t showcase nothing if I don’t get the ball. There’s nothing else I can say”, Mixon concluded. Previously, he stated his believe that he could do more with the 35 touches that Bell got than the two-time All-Pro managed to do. He did not mention that four of his seven carries went for 1, 1, 2, and 0 yards.

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  • The Tony

    Mixon is not lacking in confidence. He’s completely lacking in self awareness, gratitude, or just being a decent person

  • Taylor Williams

    If a guy is averaging 7 YPC, then you give him the rock. Mixon handled it like MB did. It’s freedom of speech.

  • Jacob

    Another guy whining for the ball. My breakfast is about to..

  • Stop pissing and moaning about not getting the ball, you haven’t even earned your strips yet rook…

  • Steve Johnson

    I’m sick of these guys whining and complaining. Try working a 8-5 job, or being on call 24/7 (Military), then they will have something to complain about. Better yet, try making less than $35,000.00 a year in your first five years. Shut The Hell Up! Be a team player and play some football.

  • He did knock out a girl with one punch.

  • EdJHJr

    At least martavius isn’t complaining about guys on the other team

  • Bradys_Dad

    I see what you did there – stripes – lol

  • will

    He is also lacking command of proper grammar.

  • LgFriess

    Might have something to do with him whiffing on his blitz pickups and contributing to his QBs death. Can’t play if you can’t block junior.

  • will

    Freedom of Speech does not exist in the workplace. Look it up.

  • Conserv_58

    The irony here is thicker than Burfict’s head.

    The kid had run afoul of the law while in college and just like what happened to Burfict, the majority of NFL teams refused to draft him because they didn’t want to deal with the potential headache. Mixon walks into a locker room that has Pacman Jones and Vontez Burfict on the roster and Marvin Lewis has the gall to say the rookie, “needs to show a little maturity”? Now that’s funny right there.

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    Show a little maturity? And where exactly would he learn that trait? Certainly not from the team captain who’s been repeatedly suspended for his immature and dangerous behavior. Perhaps from the head coach who defends said player and (as mentioned above) walks out on his session with the press… Nope; not going to learn much there either. Since there seems to be an absence of individuals to learn from on the Bengals, he’s taking his cues from a division rival. He must figure, ‘it worked for Le’veon, why not for me?!’ There may have been better examples for the kid to follow, but try and look on the bright side Marvin: at least he’s chosen to look up to a winner. That should count for something. Lol

  • Conserv_58

    You’re surprised at that?

  • Bradys_Dad

    He should go hump in the Iraqi desert with a full pack for a couple of days for training purposes making a hair over minimum wage (when everything’s adjusted) – then ya can whine.

  • Conserv_58

    So did Ray Rice.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Well said!

  • WilliamSekinger

    He got absolutely freight trained by VW twice. Was fun to watch!

  • pittfan

    With that me first mentality, (I can’t showcase nothing if I don’t get the ball), he’ll make a great Bungle

  • Michael James

    Exactly. He may be a good runner, but oh boy was his blocking horrible.

  • pittfan

    They’ll both be riding the pine.

  • Steeler fan in NE

    Just shocking that some who lacks so much self control that they punch out a woman in college is immature in the NFL…who would have thunk it?

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Wants Mixon to show more maturity. Makes excuses constantly for Burfict.


  • Yea pun was intended.

  • JNick

    This guy knocked a girl out. If you expected maturity from your players, you draft guys that display maturity. You can’t get mad at him for being the guy you drafted. On top of that, the team was so excited to be able to take him in the 2nd round, all because of his lack of maturity. The irony here is thick.

  • And Ray Rice can’t find a job while the Bengals willing draft this piece of trash. He fits right in with the scumbags they have on their team like Burfict.

    The head coach wants Mixon to show some maturity? How about asking for some maturity from tour Captains first?

  • Sam Clonch

    Vince likes to do that, especially to rookie running backs this year.

  • How about demanding some maturity from Burfict?

  • Aj Gentile

    But, if I’m not mistaken, it is in their contract to talk to the media. Which is what he was doing.

  • Jonathan Ferullo

    If Marvin Lewis is telling you ya got to be more mature, you really do have an issue….

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Too dumb to realize that they had no choice but to throw the ball for the last third of the game.

  • Darth Blount 47

    I firmly believe that this will be the final season of Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati. I just don’t see how they can continue with the run of mediocrity. Yes, he had a nice little playoff streak a short time ago. But that’s done. Over. Finito. He’s losing a grip and that is plain to see. They desperately need new blood over there.

  • Doug Andrews

    A RB that want’s the ball more shocking! He has a valid point I think the Bengals should’ve got him more involved in the second half. They got the ball first to start the second half only down by 6 so running the football was still an option. As far as Lewis walking off during the press conference the reported asked what was the mindset in going for it on 4th and 1? so…….only thing Marvin didn’t do is drop the mic

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I have no problem with a team giving a guy a second chance but you cannot be a organization with a slew of second chance guys or you get this dysfunction. A guy kicking another player in the head, a player walking off from the media is just everyday stuff for the Bungles. Thus why we call them the Bungles.

  • heath miller

    NEWS FLASH: steelers trade bryant for mixon. now bryant can be a back up to A J green and mixon can me a back up to bell and connor … 2 crybabies

  • Conserv_58


  • nutty32

    Yup. He wasn’t exactly keeping the O on time to earn more carries, either. He had 1 run of 25yd & 1 run of 17yd. Then 5 runs of 0 – 2 yards. Those are drive killers. Quick throws by Daulton instead of forcing him into must pass situations is not that crazy considering how terrible their pass pro is.

  • nutty32

    Don’t blame Marvin a bit for walking out. Idiot reporter actually asked him to explain why he went for it on 4th down with 3:33 left, trailing 29 – 14. At that point all the real questions have been asked & answered and the reporter is trolling or just wants to hear himself speak. That “reporter” should be fired, if anything.

  • Applebite

    Lewis needs to be canned. More maturity? He has tons more than Jones and Burfict, that’s for sure.

  • heath miller

    i hoped everyone here was smart enough to know this was sarcasm. but i knew… just knew.. one person wouldnt be bright enough to tell sarcasm… guess thats you …

  • Applebite

    I bet even Pac Man was like “wait…..what??”

  • NCSteel

    I think the problem stems from the sentence “ I can’t “showcase….)

    The correct, mature professional thing to say would be that, “I can’t help the team win….”

    Ahh, sounds like our own disgruntled wide receiver, the Steel City’s own Martavis Bryant who is more concerned with “showcasing” than his teams wins

    Must be something in the birth certificates.
    And the state of sports…

  • DirtDawg1964

    Well, you could always kick the FG there. And then you kick off and stop the Steelers on three downs, which they had trouble with all day, and then you score a TD. And then you kick an onside kick and score another FG. And you do all of that with three minutes remaining.

    Yeah. Pretty dumb question. And the media wonders why everyone hates them.

  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    You’d be right to think that, but we also think the special teams coach here is going to get canned every year and he just keeps his job.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Yes, and you can be held accountable for what you say while talking to the media.

  • JimK-51

    Yeah it’s pretty ironic and funny, VW was dropping Mixon, just like Mixon droped his girlfriend.
    I hope she was watching… 🙂

  • PA2AK_

    He’s just following the leaders over there

  • PA2AK_

    I’m not bright enough either. Not for the sarcasm part…just the general understanding of W.T….you meant.

  • heath miller

    obviously not ..shame

  • PA2AK_

    You really don’t see how your initial comment is fairly incoherent? It’s ok bud, happens to the best of us…