Steelers DE Stephon Tuitt To Miss Game Against Lions With Back Injury

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Detroit Lions Sunday night and it looks like starting defensive end Stephon Tuitt will miss that game due to injury.

Tuitt, who missed the Steelers Week 7 home game against the Cincinnati Bengals due to him injuring his back while lifting a week ago Monday, said Thursday that he’s now been told that he won’t play Sunday night against the Lions, according to Jim Wexell on Twitter.

Tuitt said Tuesday night during his weekly radio interview that he hoped to practice by Thursday and ultimately play Sunday night against the Lions. His comments followed head coach Mike Tomlin saying earlier in the day that he was hopeful the defensive end would also play Sunday night.

This will now mark the fourth full game that Tuitt has missed this season as he also missed the team’s Week 2 and Week 3 games due to a biceps injury that he suffered early in the team’s regular season opener against the Cleveland Browns.

With Tuitt expected to miss the game against the Lions, backup defensive end Tyson Alualu is once again expected to start in his place and opposite fellow defensive end Cameron Heyward.

The Steelers have a bye following their game against the Lions so hopefully Tuitt will be fully healthy by Week 10 when the Steelers play the Indianapolis Colts.

  • The Tony

    Probably for the best. Rest up and get right for the second half of the season


    I figured as much. Give him and Gilbert the bye to heal up and come back strong for the 2nd half.

  • Michael James

    Really wonder what’s up with his back. I mean it’s probably better to let him rest another two weeks, but this obviously wasn’t just a tweak.

  • Cullen James Riley

    That Tyson Alualu signing got a bunch of grief from fans on here. “Another bad Tomlin signing! I don’t know what they see in him! He’s a bust!” Etc.

    I, for one, am becoming more and more thankful that we have an amazing HeadCoach and GM. Haha. Let’s go Alualu!

  • Dorian James

    That Tyson alualu signing just keeps paying dividends.

  • TMP_22903

    I hate to see our defense plat at less than 100% … and of all the individual players on defense, losing Tuitt (in particular) is about a big of a loss as we could have. Figuratively and literally. He consistently destroys our opponents; he is as disruptive as any other Steelers DL I can remember watching…

    Also, I just so enjoy watching him play that I regret he’s out this week. I just love to see him dominate.

    That said, I am glad he is resting for a couple games, and getting the bye, and hopefully healed up and ready to crush opponents until February.

    Also, as others have noted we are getting lots of value out of Alualu. I also hope to see significant snaps for LT Walton who showed some pretty decent capabilities last season…I’d like to see him have a chance to impact the game on Sunday night.

  • srdan

    If someone asked you right now to rank the 3 signing/trades of Tyson, Mcdonald, Haden. How would you rank them?

  • Talyn Scarbrough

    Haden 1, Tyson 2, McDonald 3. Haden and Tyson are really close though. McDonald is clearly behind those 2. If you ask me.

  • nikgreene

    I think I heard he explained it was a muscle pull during workouts early in the week after the Chiefs game, and mentioned something about needing to get the inflammation down.

  • Brian Miller

    Really? Most people that I saw commenting thoughtt it was an excellent signing, myself included. It is definitely proving to be one of the best FA signings recently, along with Haden.

  • Biggie

    As much as we need him back, definitely hope he is able to get treatment, rest with bye week giving a good couple weeks off so he is ready for 2nd half of season. I’d also love to get Gilbert back but prefer resting him for two weeks and having him back closer to 100%.


    He went from thinking he would practice today to being shut down for the week…sounds like they want to take advantage of this 2 week opportunity…I’m guessing he’ll be ready for IND.

  • 6 ring circus

    Right…split, if anything., but generally thumbs up, considering the consensus was that we were wearing out our starters with 100% of the snaps.

  • 6 ring circus

    Considering that at the time of the injury, the thinking was that he might be lost for the season, I’ll take this game by game evaluation. Nothing wrong with giving him the extra time heading into the bye, especially with TA holding it down in his place. I’m excited about the rest of the season if the Steelers are completely healthy, both physically AND mentally, since that has also been a challenge as of late.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Man, Tuitt sure has had a rough go of it since he signed that large contract. He’s like Hurley from ‘Lost.’ The money he got appears cursed! THE NUMBERS! Lol.

    Lucky, we won’t miss him in the run defense game as much against Detroit, since they are not very good at running the ball. But we will miss his penetration in getting after Matt Stafford and that suspect O-Line.

    Back injuries are notorious lingerers and hard to pinpoint, so I think the rest (As LucasY59 astutely advocated for earlier this week) is the prudent call. It just stinks that we are consistently down our starters. Good to get Alualu playing time in case we need to break glass again. But Tuitt is certainly the superior player/presence.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    1. Haden
    2. Alualu
    3. McDonald

  • John A Stewart

    Not for nothing but Tuitt got me pumped up about the defense this year with all his talking throughout training camp. And now this guy is turning into damage goods I think somebody put the whammy on this team.

  • Nolrog

    Agree. With the bye next week, doesn’t make sense to risk getting him injured worse.

  • Danny Porter

    Have they provided an exact diagnosis?

  • dany

    No love for Hunter?

  • Doug Andrews

    Mcdonald not getting an off-season or TC hurt his timing with Ben. Haden jumped right in from day 1. Nobody’s talking about it but that has to be one of the smoothest transitions by a player changing teams and moving into a starter role. Tyson is a solid backup good pickup

  • capehouse

    It’s like Heyward last year all over again.

  • #7

    He’s caught 2 passes

  • Michael Martin

    Got those deuce Staley’s from woodley.

  • Ichabod

    He missed game one also…only played 2 plays. Hope he gets healthy

  • dany

    Only one less than McDonald

    I’m obviously playing though

  • Dorian James

    Tyson, Haden, McDonald. Tyson, and Haden are Very Very close

  • Mrs Bighead

    Becoming a bit of a trend

  • MC

    Those fans don’t know what they’re talking about. Anyone with sense should of known this was a good pickup – great character and work ethic, veteran, early round pedigree and extremely durable. That makes for a great depth signing.

  • Steel-on-Target

    Tyson Alualu sure looks like a great signing!

  • Steel-on-Target

    I’m hoping it’s a simple case of favoring the previously injured bicep. Ended up tweaking something else during his workout.

  • Conserv_58

    I’m not surprised at all that they’re holding Tuitt out. Tyson Alualu does a good job of filling in for Tuitt. The bye week gives them the luxury of letting Tuitt, Gilbert and McDonald the need time to get healed up before the Colts game.

  • Conserv_58

    He’s been invisible because of Martavis. We’ll see this week though.

  • Jack Hambert

    Yep, back injuries should make us worry. Also worried that another DL goes down. Then what? McCullers?