Steelers Injury Report: TE Vance McDonald Injures Knee Against Bengals

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals 29-14 Sunday afternoon at Heinz Field and during the game they suffered an injury to one of their tight ends.

“Vance McDonald had a knee injury,” Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said during his post game press conference. “He’s being evaluated. The rest of it is bumps and bruises associated with playing. We’ll have an update for you on Tuesday.”

McDonald was hurt sometime during the second half and was replaced by backup tight end Xavier Grimble. Prior to leaving the game, McDonald caught two passes for 37 yards.

The Steelers had two players miss Sunday’s game against the Bengals with injuries and they were defensive end Stephon Tuitt (back) and tackle Marcus Gilbert (hamstring).

  • Jaybird

    Grimble just will not go quietly! I just hope It’s nothing serious with Vance. I really like his blocking.


    I was so close to my bold prediction of Vance having a big day. Guy just can’t catch very well. Injury doesn’t help either.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Hope he is ok, was starting to really gel with Ben and the offense.

  • Thomas

    I really hope this isn’t serious 0_0

  • Applebite

    Just saying, it looked like he stumbled in the end zone when the ball hit him in the hands. We’ll have to see if that’s the case…

  • pcantidote

    I know people will whine about the 5 FGs but let’s not forget that Ben’s 3rd TD was dropped in the end zone. That was a beautiful back shoulder throw.

  • Doug Andrews

    It was a beauty. Hit McDonald right in the oven mits. Let’s hope he’s ok dude is a stud blocker with inconsistent hands.

  • pittfan

    if we can just get him to sit PAST the first down stripe!

  • Zarbor

    Shame. Hope he’s okay. To get out of that game with only that injury and win? Great..

  • Shane Mitchell

    It was a deflected pass, not all that beautiful.

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    Hop VM is OK. X has some hands and has made some combat catches.

  • Brenton deed

    Provided it’s only a minor injury I’ll take it.

  • pcantidote

    Uh, no, it wasn’t.

  • Patricia McClary Harris

    Hope MC D is OK.. Glad to see Grim contribute. IMO he is way to unappreciated and underutilized. To his credit he does what he can with the reps given. Where is James? Keep it up Grim, and stay ready we will need you, no matter what some fans think. Go Steelers!

  • Shane Mitchell

    Yes it was, you could see it in the slow motion replay.

  • Patricia McClary Harris

    Why should he, You should be worried about James disappearance and ability to step up and be counted on as our #1 TE. The guys ahead of him are not that much better, they just get more chances. Go Steelers!

  • Patricia McClary Harris

    More reps would help.

  • Patricia McClary Harris

    Strongly agree. He can help us out if given the chance.

  • Josh Broski

    Jesse James is a baller. He’s a better pass catcher than all of the TEs we have. Throw to him.

  • Iulo

    I love this guy… he can really block but can’t catch well
    sadly this position is not improving already in 3 years… Green couldn’t be and it looks like Vance will be on the same boat…
    Right now, what is the advantage to have Vance over David Johnson? Johnson was a proved TE, not a starter but a proven one who could block like Vance and catch better than Vance.

    There is no really a TE starter in PIT so why not call him again? well just my opinion… Grimble has done nothing this season so he is now really expendable..

  • Balok’s Plight

    Lets roll with Grimble, he is the most physically talented TE we have

  • Jaybird

    PMH I’m worried about ALL our TEs! Not a good group of TEs. I rooted for Grimble , I thought he had some potential. But he seems to do stupid things and I’m not sure if he’s in Tomlinson doghouse or not. Either way, I’m not thrilled about any of these TEs, although I think Vance is the best of the bunch.

  • Patricia McClary Harris

    That makes a lot of sense lilo. Just maximize the talents of all three, and accept the fact that we don’t have a stud at the position.

  • Patricia McClary Harris

    I’m afraid that would hurt some feelings in parts of Steeler Nation. Let’s just hope that Jame and McDonald come around.