Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell Takes Shots At Bengals RB Joe Mixon On Twitter

After the Cincinnati Bengals lost this past Sunday to the Pittsburgh Steelers their rookie running back Joe Mixon made it clear that he didn’t like how he was used in that game.

“It’s frustrating. I feel like I’m seeing [Le’Veon Bell] got the ball 35 times, and I got it seven in the first half and then don’t touch the ball again,” Mixon said. “[Jeremy] Hill only got one touch in the second half. It’s frustrating to us running backs. We feel like we’re in the room and we feel like we’re part of the offense. If it worked in the first half, why not do it in the second?”

Mixon, however, didn’t stop there.

“Me personally, I feel like I can do way more than [Bell] did. Like I said, I only had seven carries. I can’t showcase nothing if I don’t get the ball. There’s nothing else I can say,” Mixon said.

It’s quite obvious that Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell saw those quotes from the Bengals running back based on a few tweets he had Sunday afternoon and prior to his team playing the Detroit Lions.

“For someone who feels they can do “way more” than I can, sure seems like u wanna be me! tryin to mimic my run style, my 1st down celebration,” Bell posted on Twitter while obviously watching the Bengals Week 8 game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Bell immediately took another shot at Mixon as well.

“Now u wear an arm sleeve on your left arm AND went to the mismatch gloves too?! lol just change your number from 28 to 26 while your at it,” the Steelers running back posted.

Mixon entered Week 8 with 235 yards rushing and a touchdown on 74 carries in addition to 14 receptions for another 98 yards. In the first half of Sunday’s game against the Colts the rookie running back only had 16 rushing yards on 6 carries. He did, however, catch two passes for 83 yards.

The Bengals, by the way, trailed the Colts 13-10 at halftime.


    I could do without this and be just fine.

  • Doug Andrews

    Joe Mixon “I can do way more than Bell did”….yeah he deserved LB going in on him

  • pittfan

    Just change your number to 26”..LOL

  • 6 ring circus

    They used to say – “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”…but I guess not when you’re saying I can bring what you bring to the table and a whole lot more.

  • NinjaMountie

    Siiigh. I guess the one good thing about this is that he isn’t bashing his own teammate. I’d prefer the trash talk remain on the field but I suppose children will be children.
    Just another example of the inmates running the prison….or is it asylum! lol 😉

  • Applebite

    Bell poking the tiger in the cage. Mixon’s talent is real. And truth is, Mixon has better speed then Bell. But Bell’s running style can’t be mimicked. I do think the Bengals aren’t exploiting Mixon’s ability as they should, but hey, I’m not the coach of the Bengals. Otherwise, the cancerous growth would have stopped by now.

  • Conserv_58

    This is just another example of the Bengals suffering from a severe case of Steelers’ envy.

  • francesco


  • NinjaMountie

    Are you suggesting Tonkin should sit him?
    I’d say no. Tonkin should sit him down and tell him to quit giving the other team talking points.
    I wouldn’t sit him because he was talking crap to another team not his own teammate.
    Still stupid, though.

  • francesco

    Social media is social media. Disrespected coach and FO.

  • MintDragon

    he fumbled today too!

  • Nolrog

    Considering Mixon’s checkered history and the fact that he’s a rookie, he’s a guy who should be doing a whole lot of shutting up.

  • mokhkw

    I’d go one step further and say we’d all be better without this…..

  • WilliamSekinger

    Joe Mixon needs to concentrate on not getting run over by LBs and getting his QB killed.

  • NinjaMountie

    I’ve never been one for not taking things on an individual basis.
    Calling your sister stupid will earn you a talking to from your dad. Calling her a stupid wh**e will earn you a whole lot more.

  • francesco

    LBell provoked a rookie.

  • Matt Manzo

    Oooh! Burn!

  • Zarbor

    Wish these guys would stay off social media. Ain’t nothing good come from these comments.

  • NinjaMountie


  • TrappenWeisseGuy ;

    Yup, just another Twitter “I know you are but what am I”.

  • NCSteel

    Kids !

  • In other news.. what new drama will the Steelers have next week on..
    “As the Steelers World Turns”

  • Dan

    Really just wish our players didn’t have internet access

  • Dan

    “But Dad, truth is a valid defense against defamation!”

  • NinjaMountie

    Haha! Nice!
    Though I think that may get an even more serious punishment, deserved or not.

  • capehouse


  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    these guys just don’t learn social media is not the Steelers way

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Not sure why you connect Bell’s and Mixon’s tweets to the inmates running the prison comment made by the Texan’s owner? The President and many other celebrities trash talk on tweeter.

  • NinjaMountie

    Ooooookay. I was just making fun of a silly situation.