Steelers Sign T Jake Rodgers To Practice Squad; Release WR Justin Thomas

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a practice squad transaction on Wednesday and that’s not surprising due to tackle Marcus Gilbert re-injuring his hamstring this past Sunday.

Signed to the practice squad on Wednesday was Jake Rodgers, who has already been part of the 10-man unit this season. To make room for Rodgers the Steelers released wide receiver Justin Thomas.

Rodgers was originally signed to the practice squad on September 20, a few days after Gilbert initially injured his hamstring. He was eventually released from the practice squad on September 26. Rodgers, an Eastern Washington product and former seventh round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons, was with the Steelers most of the offseason and throughout training camp.

Gilbert might be sidelined until after the bye week after re-injuring his hamstring this past Sunday. He had previously missed three games prior to Sunday because of the injury.

  • Biggie

    At this point we need to rest Gilbert till after the bye week, give him three weeks worth of rest. We need him for 2nd half of the season and going into the playoffs. Hubbard and for that matter AV will need to step up and protect Ben better but some decent play-calling to get the ball out of Ben’s hands quicker would also help. We are more than capable of beating both the bengals and lions with Gilbert resting.

  • John Pennington

    Going to have to draft a right tackle next draft year find a backup center for Pouncy wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Rotten Sircus

    Don’t know much about Jake Rogers but I hope he can give us depth. Justin will get picked up by someone !!!

  • DirtDawg1964

    Oh no! Not future Hall of Famer Justin Thomas! My lord, what will we do? This is criminal.

    Yes. That was a shot at everyone who thinks guys on the boundaries of rosters are somehow these incredibly valuable assets just because one or two practice squad guys, out of thousands over the years, go on to something big.

  • Aj Gentile

    They have a backup in Finney until Foster retires