Steelers Vs Jaguars Missed Tackles Report

For the second straight week the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense turned in a solid performance in the tackling department, but this time, the Steelers came up short in the win column, dropping an embarrassing decision to the Jacksonville Jaguars, 30-9, Sunday afternoon.

Last week against the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers missed just 12 tackles in a 26-9 win. Despite dropping a decision to the Jaguars, the Steelers actually improved in the tackling depart in Week 5.

Let’s take a look.

Total missed tackles vs. Jaguars — 9

Ryan Shazier – 3
JJ Wilcox – 1
TJ Watt – 1
Artie Burns – 1
Mike Mitchell – 1
Bud Dupree – 1
William Gay – 1

Total missed tackles through 5 weeks — 66 (average of 13.2 MT per game)

Ryan Shazier – 13
Vince Williams – 6 (one on special teams)
Anthony Chickillo – 4
JJ Wilcox – 5
Sean Davis – 4
Bud Dupree – 4
TJ Watt – 4
Cameron Heyward – 3
Joe Haden – 3
William Gay – 3
Mike Mitchell – 3
Tyson Alualu – 2
Mike Hilton – 2
Javon Hargrave – 2
Tyson Alualu – 2
Stephon Tuitt – 1
Tyler Matakevich – 1
LT Walton – 1
Artie Burns – 1
LJ Fort – 1 (Special Teams)
Arthur Moats – 1 (Special Teams)

As I mentioned earlier, the Steelers actually improved from Week 4 to Week 5 in the tackling department despite turning in a poor game elsewhere.

Second-year cornerback Artie Burns missed his first tackle of the season, while Ryan Shazier continues to lead the Steelers in missed tackles week after week, but I think a lot of that has to do with the standout inside linebacker flying sideline to sideline making plays.

Aside from Shazier and Burns, none of the missed tackles on Sunday against the Jaguars resulted in splash plays for Jacksonville, but Bud Dupree’s did lead to a run by Leonard Fournette that people are still talking about today, where the rookie waved on Mike Mitchell for contact in the open field.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the misses.

One the first play of the second series of the game for the Jaguars, Blake Bortles swings the ball out to his left on a short dump off to Fournette in space against fellow first-round pick, TJ Watt.

Although Fournette isn’t as elusive in space as some other backs in the NFL, the Jaguars do a great job of getting him the ball in space quickly early in the game.

Watt is in perfect position, but he’s off balance a bit and doesn’t attack Fournette once the big, bruising back catches the ball, allowing Fournette to eat up the yards between the two, dictating the meeting in the open field.

Fortunately for Watt, he’s able to force Fournette towards the sideline for a minimal gain despite missing the tackle.

This was one of the few plays on Sunday where Mitchell wasn’t aggressive coming up in the run game to drop the hammer on Fournette. While I’m sure Mitchell was guarding against the splash play run here, he nearly gave it up by coming up into the box tentatively, hoping to wrangle Fournette to the ground from up high.

You’ve all likely seen this run a number of times since Sunday as Fournette waves on Mitchell for a collision in the open field, but this play likely doesn’t make the highlight-reel loops if Dupree sets the edge correctly and doesn’t go diving at ankles against a power back like Fournette.

Against the Jaguars, Dupree was rarely heard from, aside from this play right here. That’s never encouraging. The third-year linebacker needed to assert himself against the Jags in run defense, since Jacksonville took the air out of the ball.

Overall, the Steelers defense did a nice job of stopping the run at the initial point of attack. That didn’t matter in the end though as the Jaguars still rushed for 231 yards in the win.

But if there’s any semblance of positivity from Sunday’s game, it has to come from the improved tackling.

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  • Michael Mosgrove

    Our entire defense is average.

  • Charles Mullins

    JH will be active this week.

  • MP

    Funny. I think I may have figured out why fanbases are so fickle: I already have my mind made about Dupree. This crap just confirms what I’m thinking, so I jump the gun and say he looks terrible.

  • CP72

    The defense has played well enough for this team to be at least 4-1. It’s a fair argument to say we’ve played some pretty bad quarterbacks, but this is better defense than we had at any point last year.

  • I like the missed tackle reports because we get to see the breakdowns and where improvements can be made. But without league comparisons, posters are going to say “our entire defense is average.” I know it’s too much to ask for, but I would like to know what the league average is for missed tackles per game.

    More information is needed before any judgement is made.

    Also posters may look at guys like Shazier and say he sucks because he missed 13 tackles. I bet they don’t realize he’s made 45 tackles, good for the 4th most league wide. As much as he’s around the ball, he’s going to miss a few here and there.

  • Steve

    Look at the 2nd Gif, Hargraves sure was being held by #77.

  • Steve

    The OLB needs to set the edge, which Dupree getting caught inside on the last Gif.

  • John

    What has happened to fundamentals? The Mitchell play was ridiculous. I thought the idea was to focus on the center of gravity and drive through the offensive player. You see none of that in the above GIFs.

  • Yeah well, in reality, you have to attempt tackles from a variety of awkward and off balance positions. Don’t don’t always get a chance to line up a tackle with perfect form and technique. Also the ball carrier is trying to evade, they are allowed to made plays too…

  • Steel Realist PAul

    I checked another resource as well and all I can figure out about Burns having one missed tackle is that he’s so far out of position, that even tho he’s not making the tackle, he’s not having it count against him?

    He’s been easily the worst on the defense, but doesn’t show up in the missed tackle column. He’s a liability in the run game, especially on the edge, just terrible.

  • AndyR34

    How dare you say that posters make judgements based upon incomplete information??? Don’t you know that is what most posters need to do in order to make outrageous statements! LOL!