The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Chiefs Game Preview, Lineup Changes, Injury Report & More

Season 8, Episode 33 of The Terrible Podcast is now up and in this Friday show, Alex Kozora sits in for David Todd and we get right to looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday injury report and what it might ultimately mean for Sunday’s road game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Steelers might have outside linebacker James Harrison and wide receiver Eli Rogers both back in helmets on Sunday and if ultimately happens, Alex and I discuss how both players might be used against the Chiefs.

The Steelers loss in Week 5 to the Jacksonville Jaguars was ugly and Alex chimes in with his final thoughts of that game. We talk about whether or not the Steelers run defense ranking is a true reflection of what has happened through the first five weeks and also discuss the problems the Steelers offense has had to start the 2017 season.

After finally getting the Steelers loss to Jaguars behind us, Alex and I move on to breaking down the Steelers Week 6 road game against the Chiefs. We discuss what the Steelers need to do on both sides of the football to win this game. Additionally, we talk about the health of the Chiefs entering Sundays game.

Is Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith for real right now? We go over a few stats and rankings of his through the first five weeks of the season.

Alex and I discuss what the next three games mean for the Steelers in addition to giving you our final score predictions for Sunday’s game.

As always, several other smaller talking points are mixed in throughout the show that are not highlighted here in this post.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 33 of Season 8 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • Phil Brenneman II

    Want to talk about 2 things Alex brought up.

    1. I don’t know the numbers for Ben throwing deep specifically when he gets 1 on 1 matchups but I did see a stat against the Jags that he is 4/21 on balls with air yards of 20 or more. I am sure it was worse after the Jags game. Point is, Alex you brought up the point that when you get the matchup you have to do “what you are supposed to do” and I have to completely disagree. It hasn’t been working for the offense and to a very obvious extent so I don’t think you continue to take those shots until the rest of the offense is in a better rythm and you can have some cushion to try them. That is how gamblers end up going home broke from a Blackjack table. You play it by the book and know it is supposed to be working but the table is cold and it continues to not work and you continue to keep banking on the turnaround. Next think you know your chips are gone.

    2. I wanted to talk about the drama aspect you guys mentioned near the end. I completely agree with you Alex about players having day to day drama in their lives and being able to keep it at home. The issue is, the drama is in the locker room. You had the AB tantrum, the kneeling stuff, and Bell talking about needing to run more. None of us can know for sure how much it has any real impact but it is worth noting the difference. Personal drama and team drama are 2 different things. Can’t leave team drama at home.

  • Av232

    You’re logic on deep balls and black jack are both incorrect. There’s no such thing as a cold table. Over time, all tables pay the house the exact same amount. Give me Roethlisberger on a streaking wide open receiver any day. Eventually it’s going to hit.

  • Av232

    I think the Depot could handle producing two separate podcasts. Alex and Matt?

  • Phil Brenneman II

    They are absolutely correct, you just have to use the context properly.

    First, you are right in the EVENTUALLY things can/will turnaround, but you are wrong in that you should bank on it. In both situations (Blackjack and football) there are limitations to how long you can wait. In the NFL it is 16 games and in Blackjack it is however much money you have. So if the turnaround in Blackjack would take you $600 dollars and you only came with $500, you go home broke. So the logic is real and correct. Your literal odds don’t change but you won’t meet a single person who has ever gambled multiple times that will tell you there isn’t a such thing as bad luck or a cold table or what have you.

    When it comes to football we can speak more in absolutes because we have actual statistics to back it up so we don’t just have to call it bad luck. As I said to Alex Ben is 4/21 (before the Jags game) on passes with 20 air yards or more. That means he is hitting those passes 19% of the time. So yeah, EVENTUALLY it is going to hit but do we want him doing it 30 more times knowing it will only hit 19% of the time at this rate? I don’t think so. That mindset is a big part of what has an explosive offense playing completely mundane football. It has been high risk, low reward to this point.

    Now if the offense starts moving the ball better and putting up points we can start talking about taking chances with a 20% certainty because we are playing with house money if you will. Same as in Blackjack. You play it by the book but if you get up by a couple of hundred dollars you can maybe take some chances and play it by gut instead of odds and hope for bigger payoffs.

  • Alan Tman

    I agree to Dave Steelers by 10. Alex and Matt GameDay Podcast!!

  • Av232

    We just see it differently.

    Casino’s are built on player losses. “Cold tables” and “luck streaks” are how player’s explain away the fact that the house is stacked against them. I’ve played a lot of blackjack. When it’s all said and done, no matter how many good or bad nights I’ve had, the casino has made out on me.

    I carry that logic over to the field. If a defense lets Bryant get behind him, you take that shot. You have the odds in your favor. I’d rather see a more difficult throw to an open receiver than a forced ball underneath into coverage.

    Why only use Ben’s last 21 deep attempts to make that calculation? What’s his lifetime % on the deep ball? What about last season? (I’m truly curious where you can find these stats, please share). Is it truly fair to say that because he’s only hit 4 of 21 in the last month and a half, he’s no longer capable of hitting a streaking receiver deep? I don’t think it is, or I truly believe he wouldn’t be on the field.

  • srdan

    Why don’t the Steelers run any run routes like the pats and packers. In the red zone even a small pick gives more room for a throw.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Seeing it differently big picture is fine, but you have to condense it into a narrow window because that is what we are dealing with. We are not talking about you losing overall against the casino, we are talking about you going tonight with 500 and not coming back broke. Same thing applies to Ben. He doesn’t have 4 years to figure it out and find a rhythm, he has 11 more games.

    And if you look at the numbers the odds aren’t in your favor. Like I pointed out Ben is 19% or worse on deep balls this year. How exactly do those odds favor us? And it isn’t about open vs covered, it is about success rate. So unless you are insane you would take the underneath throw if there is a 60% success rate vs a 10% success rate on an open throw.

    I am only using them because we are talking about this season. Ben is clearly off and if it hurting the team why wouldn’t you change it? As for his career numbers I have no clue what his percentage is on the deep ball and even if I did, it isn’t really relevant to right now. You would be better off asking Dave or Alex where to find the numbers. I only know of this particular stat because they displayed it during the Jags game. And lastly to your question of fair, yes it is fair because the tape and numbers tell us it is fair. I think he can still hit them, just not often enough to make it worth so many chances.

    The solution here is very obvious. Cut back on the deep ball even when the defense gives it to you until you find a rhythm and the offense starts working. If he keeps throwing and missing we keep losing downs on low percentage plays. Never forget the ever popular definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

  • Alex Kozora

    Well you guys are knee deep in a discussion but I’ll quickly toss in my two cents. Yes, I know what you mean. But like Haley says, there’s a deep option in most plays and if you got AB one-on-one, no safety help, it’s still a good decision. Things have to be executed better but a good decision is a good decision. Make defenses pay for their consequences.

    And if someone on the outside is solo, that usually means it’s a lot tighter in the short/intermediate. Safety sitting underneath. So you’re passing up a one-on-one matchup for a probably equally tougher throw.

    As for drama, you’re right, team stuff is a little different. It’s just hard to quantify. I don’t think Bell feuding with Ryan Clark carries over to Sunday. I don’t think AB knocking over a Gatorade jug creates a bad run fit on defense. There’s probably, like, ten different feuds that are going on in the locker room unreported right now. But it’s fine because every team deals with it and when it’s time to go out and win, everyone gets their act together. That’s the culture that’s been built over the decades.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I dunno Alex, I still lean towards the idea that if the percentages have been so bad it isn’t such a good decision. Or at the very least I will caveat it with we should have a lead or our offense should have looked better for a game or 2 before you start trying it again. For this season we have the tape, numbers, and results that all tell us it just isn’t working.

    As to your 2nd point, I wish we had some numbers for it. You are correct that with the coverage the throw is probably as tough, but have the results been any better trying the tough throw for less yards? I guess if all things are equal or close than yes, you just take the deep shot and hope for a change.

    Agree about Clark and Bell. That to me I would still call off the field anyway since Clark isn’t part of the room anymore. The AB thing…..I mean more between he and Ben specifically and not necessarily that it upset Shazier or Williams so much that they miss a gap. I have said it and will continue to standby it, I don’t think Ben is a happy player right now and it is impacting performance. I will grant you that some of his happiness will obviously be related to poor performance and thus causing a snowball effect, but deep down I think Ben doesn’t like dealing with this stuff between kneeling and AB tantrum and the Bell holdout. He wants to have 1 or 2 last enjoyable runs before he goes and I don’t think he is getting that. We will never know if I am right or not but that is where I stand on it.