Tomlin Has No Reaction To Bryant Trade Rumors, Says Relationship Is Strong

He is the last guy to be asked about it but you knew Mike Tomlin would have to field some questions about Martavis Bryant at today’s press conference. As expected, Tomlin didn’t have much to say but affirmed his strong relationship with Bryant.

“I had no reaction,” Tomlin said when asked about his thoughts to NFL Network’s Sunday report that Bryant requested a trade.

After a follow-up, Tomlin said the communication between himself and Bryant has been positive throughout the year.

“I’ve had good fluid communication with Martavis throughout this process. Like I’ve had all the other players. He was a big contributor to our efforts on Sunday. He was excited like everyone else.”

On his weekly radio spot, Ben Roethlisberger┬ápraised Bryant for his effort as a blocker, helping to allow the Steelers’ run game to flourish.

Tomlin said he had no idea where the initial report stemmed from.

“I don’t know where these reports come from. Sometimes they come from family members close to him. Sometimes they can come from agents. I don’t judge him or my relationship with him based on things said by others. He appears to be happy and focused so it’s a non-issue for us.”

We do know, one of the few facts of the situation, that Bryant’s girlfriend has been publicly upset about the lack of playtime and involvement in the offense Bryant has had. While JuJu Smith-Schuster has continued to outsnap Bryant, Tomlin downplayed things.

“I think both guys are over 45 snaps. You guys are cutting it petty thin when you’re distinguishing roles when both guys are playing over 40 snaps. Sometimes it’s schematic matchups, sometimes it’s things we’re trying to do in-game. I wouldn’t read too much into it, to be honest with you.”

For the record, Smith-Schuster logged 44 snaps and Bryant only 33 this week so the difference is a little more than Tomlin stated. Still, point taken, and the snap counts have been close over the last month.

Ultimately, Tomlin said he doesn’t even view this story as a distraction and by Monday in the Steelers’ locker room, players were openly mocking the story. That tells you all you need to know.

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Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • PaeperCup

    You know what I think, I think the media is insistent on making sure the Steelers have some kind of off field drama every single week.

  • SilverSteel

    Sure seems that way

  • nutty32

    My sneaking suspicion is that there is a mutiny brewing against Todd Haley. That’s the dynamic of the Steeler staff. MT is a players coach, position coaches are usually buddy-buddy, and so someone has to play the heavy, the foil, the fall guy, the punching bag. Butler seems to have smartly adopted LeBeau’s soft touch and its rarer for defensive players to act like spoiled turds as a general matter. With the O stalling out and his schemes seemingly having gone stale, perhaps a change is in the offing come the off-season. Do notice all the skill players calling Haley, “Todd” with a tone whenever Haley is mentioned. I don’t think they like Ben that much either for his forced leader role, large pay check and Trumper inclinations.

  • Steelers12

    Hitting nail on head

  • FATCAT716

    You my friend is a smart fella.. All these conspiracy theories is insane

  • thegoodzz

    what a dumb comment

  • PaeperCup

    I might agree with you on the Haley comments. It’s not often that we hear players positively talk about him, not quite like they did with the Legend Lebeau…but he is a legend. They seem to like Butler because he is in the same vein as you mentioned.

    However I think you are completely wrong about Ben. Unlike Haley, players very much so talk about Ben’s leadership and skill set. Both of which we as fans tend to criticize, but the players absolutely do not.

  • gdeuce

    do you also wear a tin foil hat?

  • nutty32

    I openly admitted its mere conjecture, but nothing I wrote reaches tin foil level, I thought?

  • gdeuce

    “Do notice all the skill players calling Haley, “Todd” with a tone whenever Haley is mentioned” that is tin foil material

  • nutty32

    maybe paper hat, but not tin level…lol

  • nutty32

    the line seems to like Ben and always say nice things. a little less so with the skill guys.

  • Carl Mendelius

    When a team has great players and the team plays way below potential, what is missing? Moreover, players like Bryant and Bell are not being targeted as receivers to exploit their great and proven potential. What is missing? Sorry my best guess is coaching. Haley has to go sooner rather than later.

  • Carl Mendelius

    Most OCs in the NFL would like to have MB, Haley is not using him. The Steelers should stop using Haley.