Tomlin Says Roosevelt Nix Is An Elite And Valuable Asset To Steelers

Fullbacks have gone the way of the dodo. Extinct. Just don’t tell that to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’ve flipped the script and are using a fullback more than they have in years. In Sunday’s win over the Bengals, Roosevelt Nix played a season-high 22 snaps, each one seemingly more effective than the last. Mike Tomlin was asked about Nix’s use and success and offered a glowing report.

“I know he’s elite and important for us,” Tomlin said Tuesday. “He’s an important component for us…I’ve been pleased with his contributions here. I can compare his contributions to other fullbacks we’ve had here in recent years. And it’s impressive. He’s an asset to us.”

Nix helped pave the way as the Steelers ran the ball for over 140 yards in the win over the Cincinnati. Playing angry after getting kicked in the face by Vontaze Burfict, he wore down the Bengals’ defense so much that by the fourth quarter, they weren’t nearly as aggressive or physical.

Le’Veon Bell complimented Nix for his performance.

“Every time he had an opportunity to go ISO with 55 [Burfict], he did what he did. He had a great game and that’s why he’s the best fullback in the world,” Bell said after the game.

Ron Cook shined a spotlight on Nix Monday, painting a picture of an unassuming guy who is just happy to be on a team and help them win.

“I’m in it for the team,” Nix told Cook when asked if he would like to get more touches in the offense.

So far, Nix doesn’t have a catch or carry on the season. He has four career catches, two apiece over the past two seasons, and has yet to run with the ball. But Ben Roethlisberger said they “got some things for him at some point.” Nix has lined up as the lone man in the backfield on at least one occasion, with Le’Veon Bell split out, but Roethlisberger ran playaction.

Nix has continued to be a special teams standout, cutting his teeth there ever since converting to fullback when the Steelers signed him. His play in the win over Kansas City earned him the special teams captain nod for last Sunday.

Unselfish. Hard-nosed. Physical. Grateful.

Sure sounds like a Steeler to me.

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    madden rating 77 🙁

  • MP34

    Big fan of this guy, hope he can get some touches.

  • Then use him on 3rd & short! Smh

  • Conserv_58

    He sounds like Dan Kreider redux.

  • NCSteel

    He pretty much negated the “Burfict effect”.
    And…. (wait for it) …
    Ain’t that a kick in the head !

  • ryan72384

    Yes! My god I was screaming this at the TV Sunday.

  • WilliamSekinger


  • David LaVeck

    Finally. This guy is the football player on the team. Best blocking I have seen in a game in a long time for a non-OL! Once they start using him on 3rd and short we will be all the way there.

  • David LaVeck

    Need to cry for the ball to get your Madden rating up. lol

  • David LaVeck

    Seriously, watch for a “new” version of him on Madden. It is on its way if anyone is paying attention.

  • michele king

    love Rosie! love the way Bell defended him.

  • Orlysteel

    Great fullback, reminds me of Tim Lester “ the bus driver.” Was just reading about him said when he played with the Rams he remembered playing against Greg Loydd, Levon Kirkland , Chad Brown, and “smashing them in the mouth.”

  • Mark

    Our Best offense, 3 WR, Nix and Bell. You can’t bring a safety into the box because of play action/pass opportunity and you have to defend the run. I hope Haley starts mixing it up on 1st and 2nd down. We can run between the tackles all day long with Nix thumping middle LB’s.

  • razaard2

    I won’t be surprised when they finally give nix the ball for a short yard carry and he break 4-5 tackles for 15. Always been an overachiever. I’ve been a fan since he was trying to play linebacker for the black and gold

  • David Shoff

    I really thought that Nix would get more snaps when they played the Jags because of his GREAT bull dozing the week before, but it didn’t happen. I’m glad they are using him more now. He pounds guys over and over again, just a devastating blocker. I’ve mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he should get some consideration for the pro bowl if they have a spot for fullback. Steeler nation should get behind him and push for that.

  • Dan

    It seems if you put in great effort and do your job exceptionally well, the Steelers will design and call plays to keep you involved and productive. Hear that MB?

  • MC

    Then how about including him on third and short?

    Also this guy deserves a fullback dive at the goaline. Steelers haven’t ran one with him yet but keep showing their hand with Watson on short yardage so a quick handoff to Nix would surprise a team.

  • PA2AK_

    No way. 3rd and short is the best time to get cute!

  • Brandon Watson

    nice nugget…. on the LB insight

  • Scunge

    I consider him a Pro Bowl caliber special teams player and one of the best blocking fullbacks. Who knows if he can become a more well rounded fullback who can run and catch, but I think he is deserving of a 3-4 year contract and not just a tender next offseason. I believe he will be a RFA but why not just keep him in the fold and sign him to a long contract and be done with it? He is everything you want in a player, in a teammate and he currently makes $615,000 on a one year deal.

    There is the 49ers Kyle Juszczyk who signed a 4 year 21 million contract and that is the highest paid contract for fullbacks. Then there are a group of 5 fullbacks that average between 2-2.5 million per season. DiMarco, Hewitt, Sherman, Olawale, Prosch.

    If it were me I would give Rosie a deal and make him the 2nd highest paid fullback in the NFL. Something like 4 years, $9-10 million. Many may balk at that but I think he would be worth every penny. Sure you can point out that he may only play 20-25 snaps on offense per game, but he also plays about 20 snaps on special teams. Those snaps combined are what the other top FBs do and they are rewarded for it, time for us to do the same for Rosie.

  • Dan

    So, new Dan Kreider?

  • Karen Matoon

    Favorite player.