Watch: Steelers Vs Bengals Analysis

Back at it to break down the Pittsburgh Steelers big 29-14 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Go through the offense’s highs and lows and the defense’s key turnaround in the second half. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • Kevin Reich

    Ben’s best game of the season. Still concerned with WR not named Brown or Juju. Are they not getting looks or can’t get open? Red zone/end zone middle of the field trows.

  • pittfan

    It’s always clear who had a good game, that stands out. But I always like to wait to hear yours, and other contributors analysis before forming conclusions about who and whats the blame for problems each week. Looking forward to your film breakdowns of our RZ woes and short yardage, 3 and 1s.
    BTW, the sound is good, just add a Adrianna Lima poster in the background and we’re all set.

  • The Tony

    The lack of success in the red zone is definitely frustrating. It’s crazy that we went from a team that would go for 2 more frequent than any other team, to now where we can’t score a touchdown. I still don’t understand why we just don’t put all the big bodies on the line and pound it up the middle.

  • Gloria Burke

    Since you asked, I like to see your face instead of the logo! Is the orange background indicative of the season? LOL. Good overview of the game. I thought the defense yesterday completely manned up in the 2nd half. TJ Watt made up for Tuitt…imagine if Tuitt had been in there….and nice to see some change up in HOW they rush Dupree. One week without people complaining about his 1 move would be great! Sean Davis had his best game of the season for sure. On offense, I am frustrated by the 3rd and 1 play calling. Nix was having a beastly game and they can’t use a full back to get a yard?

  • MP

    Alex, maybe I should save this for the mailbag column, just say so, but why the Red Zone struggles? It seems most fans, myself included, point to play calling, which came into sharp relief with that run towards the end of the half. Not terrible in concept, but as Tony Romo pointed out, it wasn’t there when they were lined up. If not play calling, then what? Tight ends? Granted, the new guy dropped one. It’s puzzling. In any case, my vote is for the video. Better for your CV.

  • Ross McCorkle

    I actually don’t feel that bad about losing to the Bears or Jags anymore. Jags are 4-3 and are on pace for 75 sacks. Bears are 3-4 with quality wins over Panthers, Ravens, and us. Not ideal, but we didn’t lose to bottom of the barrel teams.

  • Ross McCorkle

    Not to mention the Jags have currently beat both their AFCN opponents and could easily sweep the division. The effect of common opponents tiebreakers/conference record from the Jags games will be essentially nullified within our division.

  • srdan

    alex should we start sweating jordan berry?

  • capehouse

    Alex, do you have the stats from the goal line defense for 2016 and 2015?

  • Alex Kozora

    Haha, the orange is indicative of a really bad interior designer. I do have a Steelers banner I need to hang up! Hopefully next week.

  • Alex Kozora

    That’s a great question, MP. Going to have to see this week’s tape to give you a better answer.

  • Alex Kozora

    Not immediately. Ask me for the mailbag. I’ll have them then.

  • Alex Kozora

    Eh, he hasn’t been the best but thought he was fine yesterday.

  • Alex Kozora

    Thanks man! Ha, I’ll work on getting that poster.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Alex you aren’t pretty enough for video so just give us the logo lol……nah, i’m just playing. Keep doing what you do, covered everything well.

    Speaking of the goal line stuff I have a 2 part question for you.

    The first part is, do you think it would be helpful to have McCullers up front in those situations over whoever is in there and if so, is it valuable enough to dress him and take the hat from Walton or does Walton take too many snaps for the goal line trade off to be worth it assuming you think McCullers would be helpful there?

  • Alex Kozora

    Not really. You want your best talent out there. And I think McCullers has been out there for some of these, I’d have to check. Want someone explosive off the ball. McCullers can anchor but he’ll give ground at first.

    Walton isn’t really even part of the GL package. Yesterday, even with Tuitt out, it was Alualu/Heyward and Hargrave/McCullers.

  • pittfan

    Ha ha! It’ll put a pop in your views for sure!!

  • derp_diggler

    Great work Alex. Enjoyed the analysis and thought it was spot on. Get yourself a pretty co-host and I’ll even watch instead of just listening 🙂