2017 NFL Week 10: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday, Pittsburgh Steelers fans and welcome to another November weekend.

The Steelers had there bye last week and now that it’s over the team will play their next two games in a span of 4 days. First up, however, is a road game against the Indianapolis Colts, a very depleted team at this point of the season. After that Sunday afternoon game, four of the Steelers next five contests will be played at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers are currently the No. 1 seed in the AFC and thus they control their own destiny right now. Their Week 15 game against the New England Patriots could ultimately decide the top seed in the AFC.

As usual, I have five questions for you to answer on this Friday night and hopeful several of you will do just that in the comments below. Have a great weekend and we look forward to posting a ton of pre and  post game content for you in the next few days.

Peace and love to all of you and go Steelers!

1 – Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison was officially ruled out for Sunday’ game against the Colts on the team’s Friday injury report with a back injury. Do you truly believe that Harrison has a back injury, or do you think this is just an attempt by head coach Mike Tomlin to justify him being inactive Sunday?

2 – With it now being the middle of the season, where do you currently stand with running back Le’Veon Bell and his 2018 status? Should the Steelers franchise tag him at $14.54 million with the possibility of him once again not signing a long-term contract, or should they allow him to walk via free agency?

3 – Would you like to see Vance McDonald in personnel groupings that only include one tight end, or are you fine with Jesse James remaining in that role?

4 – Which Steelers defensive player will have the most sacks during the team’s final eight regular season games and how many will that be?

5 – How many touchdowns and interceptions will quarterback Ben Roethlisberger throw during the second half of the regular season?

Recap last week’s Friday night questions per David Orochena:

Question 1 – As a group, we have widely varied expectations of Ben Roethlisberger in the second half of the season. Our predictions for Ben were throwing anywhere from 8 to 20 TD’s & 0 to 18 INTs in the second half of the season. The mean response was 14 TDs and 5 INTs which would give Ben season totals of 24 TD’s & 14 INTs if accurate. Perhaps the disparity reflects either confidence in Ben being able to duplicate past success or that he’s washed up. Ben’s previous season high & lows for passing TD’s is 32 twice (2007 & 14) and 17 4x (2004, 05, 08 & 10). Season high & lows for INT’s is 23 in 2006 and 5 in 2010 (only played 12 games). Least INTs in a 16-game season is 9 in 2014. (PS – the Dave’s predicted 15 TD’s & 6 INT’s for Ben on the Terrible Podcast)

Question 2 – The weakest links going into the next eight games had a lot of comments. On offense the biggest concern is the tight end group with 29 mentions. Jesse James was singled out by 13 folks while 15 said it was the entire unit. Big Ben had the second most mentions as an offensive player with 10 votes. On defense the biggest concerns were with the secondary (41 mentions). Three defensive players were singled out as the weakest link: Artie Burns (23), Mike Mitchell (16) & Bud Dupree (12). (no points)

Question 3 – Overall an optimistic outlook on the Steelers 2nd half record. While the responses ranged from 4-4 to 8-0; the mean response was 6-2. I’d say most of us would be happy if the Steelers ended the regular season at 12-4 … of course there are the outliers.

Question 4 – In a couple days, we will see how Martavis Bryant is incorporated into the offense. We predicted that he will catch from 0 to 9 touchdowns (rushing TD’s don’t count). The mean response is 4. I’d love for Martavis to exceed all our expectations and plunge into double figures.

Question 5 – Marcus Mariota (30 votes) is the quarterback other than Tom ‘cyborg’ Brady who scares us the most on the remaining schedule. He is a starter on a relatively healthy & talented roster. Joe Flacco (11) & Andy Dalton (7) were next based on their familiarity with the Steelers as division foes. Brett Hundley (3), DeShone Kizer (1) & even Tom Savage (1) got mentions. Two folks were scared by none of them. What scares me is that Jacoby Brisset was not mentioned at all. I hope our secondary (we identified them as a weak link) doesn’t let him sneak up on us. For this question there can be multiple winners. Any quarterback credited with a game winning drive or a 4th quarter comeback victory will earn a point. Also, a quarterback that is instrumental in either a victory or a loss that is within the point spread will also get a point. I hope the two guys who said ‘none’ turn out to get the points.

55 folks answered the Friday Night Questions last week, the most so far, this season. There is no change to the leaderboard this week since the questions will not be answered until the end of the regular season. There are 5 points yet to be awarded for Week 9 plus 7 more from Week 1.

Leaderboard after Week 9:

1st Place – Alan Tman with 21 points

2nd Place – Reader783 with 20 points

3rd Place – (tie) Jeff McNeil, Darth Blount 47 & LucasY59 with 18 points

6th Place – (tie) SJT63 & Marcel Chris Chauvet with 17 points

8th Place – (tie) Chris92021 & Josh Cummings, with 16 points

10th Place – (tie) Beaver Falls Hosiery, Matt Manzo, SkoolHouseRoxx, DirtDawg1964 with 15 points

14th Place – Phil Brennenman II with 14.5 points         

15th Place – (tie) J., Jaybird, & Johnny Loose with 14 points

18th Place – (tie) Michael Mosgrove & heath miller with 13 points

20th Place – (tie) PaeperCup, RiversTKO & Kevin Schwartz with 12 points

  • WreckIess

    1. Actual injury. I don’t think Tomlin has to justify anything.
    2. Tag and try to sign. His play and Ben’s regression are making him more and more valuable.
    3. Vance. Better receiver probably as good as a blocker.
    4. Heyward with 6.5
    5. Pretty sure we had a similar question last week, but 17 TDs and 6 Ints over the next 8 games.

  • Jaybird

    1) does Tomlin need to justify anything to us fans? Of course not. He does not need our approval or acceptance of anything he does. James back hurts.
    2) franchise and hope to reach a long term deal
    3) I want to see more of McDonald period. I don’t care how he’s used, just use him more. I love his blocking and think he brings something to the passing game James just can’t
    4) Cam Heyward. He gets 4 more sacks
    5) 16 TDs and 5 ints.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. I’m sure his back hurts. Deebo not going to BS around. I suspect other teams & players are exploiting the injury rules to their advantage. How does Bennett go from multiple medical opinions that he requires surgery to the Patriots medical staff clearing him? I would be very disappointed if the Steelers organization or its players did this.

    2. Right now, I’d franchise him but plenty more season to be played.

    3. Sure, try both of them and go with the better of the two.

    4. Dupree with 8 – half of them will happen Sunday against the Colts.

    5. Almost same question as last week. I’ll change slight and say 16 TD’s and 6 INT’s.

  • Chris92021

    1. No. I believe Deebo does have a back injury. He is not a faker by any means. I still see Deebo having a big December, January, and February for us.

    2. I see Bell being franchised and Bell sitting out next season’s training camp, and Bell starting off slow for the first 4 games again in 2018.

    3. I would love to see McDonald on the field much more because he is a better blocker and a stronger athlete than James.

    4. Heyward and (surprise!) Dupree will both finish with 6 in the final 8 games. Watt will finish with 3, Shazier with 3, Tuitt with 4, Hargrave with 3, Harrison with 3.

    5. 14 TDs and 5 INTs in the final 8 regular season games.

    Enjoy the weekend, y’all. Time to stack more wins and put the entire league on notice. The AFC playoffs will go through Heinz Field.

  • Ted Webb

    1. Hate to say but just an excuse, for a bad back he’s stays in the gym so apparently back doesn’t hurt that much always working out.
    2. That’s a lot of money but he is a beast if Ben comes back bring Bell back on tag he presents so many issues for a defense. He’s one of those once and lifetime RB’s run the wheels off one more year
    3 i prefer McDonald to get more snaps in 1 TE sets
    4. Dupree, 8 sacks he gets it going 2nd half
    5. 16TD’s 5 INT’s

  • Brian Miller

    1. Real injury…he is already mad enough, I would hate Harrison being even more angry at Tomlin for not playing him and then lying about it.
    2. I would definitely franchise him next year as well, and hope he signs long term. He is a must for this offense, and especially with a new QB coming into the mix soon.
    3. McDonald in all formations, all sets. We need to see if he is capable of being a very good #1 TE, and if not, let’s draft one.
    4. Heyward, 7 sacks (I expect 2 or 3 in this game alone)
    5. 20 TD, 4 INT’s

  • Doogie

    1. injury but, if he was 10 years younger he’d be playing.
    2. Let em walk, or sign and trade. I dont think hes worth 14 mil, 12 mil maybe.
    3. Vance
    4 Tuitt 6
    5. 12 and 6

  • Nolrog

    1. Tomlin justifying him being out. The team hasn’t played in 2 weeks and Harrison hasn’t played in 3.

    2. Tag him and try to sign him, but I wouldn’t go higher than the contract they offered him last time (maybe a bit more guaranteed money but 12 is already much higher than the next RB.)

    3. Meh. Would like to see McDonald get more involved so they have the option to go with two TEs. Either way, TE is one of the biggest needs right now.

    4. Cam, 4.

    5. 12/8. I think Ben is showing some decline and his mind is not fully there (once you start talking about retirement, you’re retired.)

  • Jeff McNeill

    1) injured
    2) tag and try’s and sign to similar contract as this years
    3) go with what the coaches already do
    4) Dupree 7
    5) 15 and 5

  • heath miller

    1 not injured
    2 tag him
    3 vance
    4 watt 4
    4 12-6 and miss a couple games with injury

  • Riverstko

    1. Harrison has a back injury
    2. Tag him, hopefully he can get a long term contract well deserved.
    3. Jessie James
    4. Watt 6 sacks
    5. 15 TDs 5 ints

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Finna move on up like the Jefferson’s:
    1. I don’t think we would fake an injury report. That’s against the rules, no?
    2. Sign him. The offense moves better thru him.
    3. Vance: This will make the offense run better, IMO.
    4. Cam Heyward: 7 sacks
    5. 17tds 3ints

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Only answer different is number 5! Lol!

  • Michael Mosgrove

    so question 5 is the same as last week?
    this week: “5 – How many touchdowns and interceptions will quarterback Ben Roethlisberger throw during the second half of the regular season?”
    last week ” Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw 10 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions in the team’s first 8 games. What will his totals be in both statistical categories in the second half of the regular season?”

    what is the difference?

  • Matt Manzo

    Happy Friday!

    1: I think it’s an actual injury. No way would James would be ok with faking it. He should give his sons their trophys back if he is.

    2: I’m good with another tag! Might be easier to sign him long term after or it’d be time to start Conner if they love him.

    3: Yes. I would like see Vance in solo.

    4: Tuitt with 6!

    5: Might be a different answer than last week but I’ll say 16tds and 6 ints.

  • Carlos Ortega Fernández

    1. I think he is actually hurt

    2. Right now? Let him walk…if he got great playoffs and help de team yo reach Super Bowl, then tag him

    3. I want to see both

    4. Watt, 6.5 Sacks

    5. 16 TDs 5 INTs

  • SteelerFanInMD

    1. I believe he really has back pain. When I sit at work too long, my back hurts too. LOL.

    2. If the Steelers win the Superbowl, let him walk. If not, bring him back 1 more year.
    3. Yes, let’s get the more athletic Vance in there.
    4. Cam. He will have 7 sacks (more than first half because Tuitt will play more).
    5. 15 TDs & 6 INTs. JuJu will be a big help for the passing game.

  • Jason Campbell

    1) I don’t think Mike Tomlin gives a good damn what anyone else thinks. No smokescreen
    2) I love what he brings to the team, but that’s a lot of green. The O-line is too good for even an average back to fail. Save the money.
    3) E-I-E-I-O
    4) Dupree with 6
    5) 14 – 3

  • ginko18

    1. Back injury. If they can sit healthy Harrison vs Detroit & Mahalik, then there is no need to save face with a made up back injury. Father time is making a push for Harrison.
    2. I would franchise him again and ride him as far as he can go. He should have taken long term deal. If they offer LT deal, it will be the same as 2017.
    3. Yes, please!! McDonald in 11 personnel. Let’s pray he got all the drops out of his system.
    4. Heyward with 6 in 7 games. He won’t play vs Browns. Hinton a close second at 5 playing all 8 games.
    5. I think I said 10TD /5INT last week noting Ben won’t play vs Browns. I’m sticking with it.

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    1) if you’re 40, you work out with weight that can be measured by the ton, and your back hurts as a result does that constitute an injury? I’m gonna say yes his injury is legit. Im also gonna say, if you needed him to, he could go on Sunday.

    2) let him walk and take your 3rd round compensatory pick. Use the money on your next QB and the defense.

    3) Yes. safeties must respect him deep. Opens thing up.

    4) Heyward with 6

    5) 17 and 7

  • DirtDawg1964

    1. I think it’s real. They weren’t afraid to make him inactive without an injury excuse before
    2. Tag and try to sign
    3. Would like to see Vance in that role
    4. I’m hoping for Dupree with 6.
    5. We had this question last week! And I have forgotten my answer so I will go with the average of 14 TDS and 5 INTs

  • will

    1. Yes
    2. Tag and try to sign
    3. Outlaw Jesse
    4. Deebo with 5
    5. 10 TD. 8 INT. SAME AS LAST WEEK!?!

  • Josh Cummings

    1. Yes, i do believe it. His workouts the last 2 days have been more towards isoloations instead of the big compound movements.
    2. Franchise him. The RB market isn’t going up any higher based off of the 2018 UFA class. 2019 UFA has Gurley, Ajayi… oh and a guy named David Johnson. Tag him THIS YEAR and hopefully get him on a 3 or 4 year contract.
    3. Yes i would. I do like Jesse James a little more as a pass catcher RIGHT NOW because you know what you are getting… but McDonald has been awesome in run blocking and has showed some dowfield splash play-ability… Get him out there for the sake of keeping Defenses on their toes, not knowing if it’s run or pass based on him in personnel.
    4. Heyward – Hard to bet against him on this. Tuit coming back and if hargrave really does get a bigger role spelling both of those guys… Hes going to continue to be a force.
    5. Dave… didn’t we answer this last week???? 16 Tds and 4 INTs in the second half.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    18 interceptions for season would be 9 in 2nd half for Ben.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    same answer you had last week.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    you answered 9 TD & 5 int last week.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    you answered 13 TD 5 int last week. You more optimistic this week.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    how many sacks will Heyward get in next 8 games?

  • Ace

    1. Yeah I think he tweaked something and his injury is minor. Having that minor injury makes it convenient for MT.
    2. Love Lev Bell. Hate that 14.5. There is no chance he signs a long term contract with Ben on his way out and with the usage they have put on him the last couple years. 2018 is the year of the RB. I would let him walk, grab an elite RB in the draft and use that 14.5 towards another key player for one more run.
    3. Vance is the superior blocker and the more dynamic pass catcher. He needs to be replacing James in all groupings.
    4. Heyward with 5.5
    5. 13 tds and 6 picks

  • Josh Cummings

    Thanks man. Edited with Sack total.

  • 1.) I said it before and I’ll say it again, I think that whole deal with Harrison’s back injury is BS. However (comma) I do think Tomlin and Harrison are just waiting for his time in the second half of the season. We are keeping him fresh for when we’ll really need him. That’s just my opinion. I just wish all this crap with Martavis Bryant was also a diabolical plan by Tomlin, and Martavis will be an absolute lethal weapon during the second half of the season as well. LOL We’ll see what transpires during the second half of the season and throughout the playoffs as well with both of these guys. I like this kind of party. LOL

    2.) Depending on how he fairs as far as injuries go during the second half of the season, I’d try to get a long term deal done with him. I have different feelings about this than a lot of others. I want Bell on the team for many years to come. I hear people saying he’s a good RB, but he’s replaceable. This guy is one of the best RBs in NFL history. Letting him get away would be insane. That’s how I feel about it.

    3.) McDonald can catch. No he can’t. Yes he can. No he can’t. Yes he can. No he can’t. The guy has butterfingers. He’s a decent blocker, but as far as being the ‘total package’ is concerned, neither one of these guys has what it takes. I still think James can get better. McDonald has pretty much shown us what he can do, and it’s not much. Too many ups and downs with him. I guess I’d rather see James in that role, but our search for the second coming of Heath Miller should continue during the next draft.

    4.) Kind of a toss-up here between Heyward and Dupree. I’ll say Heyward with 7.

    5.) 20 TDs and 5 interceptions during the second half of the season bringing his total for the regular season up to 30 TDs and 14 interceptions.

  • Dan

    1 – Back injuries can be easy to aggravate and can linger. I have no problem with him being held out.

    2 – This is tricky. It’s tough to recommend sinking a ton of money into Bell, as he had his history and will have approximately a million touches this year. He would be a huge help to a potential young QB though. And we haven’t seen enough out of Conner yet to hand him the role automatically. Maybe give him the money, but not a super long term deal, or a deal that is very team friendly towards the end so he can be released if he slows down?

    3 – I think if he builds up a report with Ben, that he’d be better than James. Hopefully the bye helped with that.

    4 – Let’s say Watt. He’ll get a ton of experience this year. And everyone else tends to be rotated a lot more.

    5 – Wasn’t this asked last week? I think I said 12 TDs to 6 INTs.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    how many sacks will watt get?

  • Reader783

    1 – No, he’s benched him and not cared what people thought this season. Now I will say that if the back injury was minor, I’ll say that Tomlin definitely erred on the side of caution, if you catch my drift.

    2 – Depends on so much including Ben, other salary cap implications, how they feel about JC, etc. I would say that we have already proven we are willing to pay him $14MM this year (since we offered him as much) and I would even consider the non-exclusive franchise tag and take some first round picks if someone is willing to give em up.

    3 – Until he becomes a major pass catching threat, I think it’s Jesse’s role. Vance just isn’t really integrated all too well yet.

    4 – TJ Watt is going to figure it out! But I think the vet Cam beats him by 1 sack down the stretch with 5 to TJ’s 4.

    5 – How does this work Dave? Do I get double credit for multiple guesses haha? I guessed 18/0 last week. I’ll guess 20/0 this week! LET’S GO BENNY BOY!!!

  • Dan

    Let’s say 5-6. This team’s sacks will be pretty spread out. Watt doesn’t seem to be rotated out as much as some other players. Though I haven’t looked at snap counts.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    each will be scored separately; so if Ben throws 20 TD’s & 0 interceptionn over the next 8 games you would earn 3 points (1 for predicting 20 TD’s & 2 for predicting 0 INTs rwice.

  • Reader783

    Ah if that is the case, I’ll double down and put all my chips on 18-0 for the greatest QB to ever lace em up

  • Michael Mosgrove

    oh youre right. i miscounted.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    First off, it’s *Their bye, not “There bye.”

    1) Nah, I don’t think they’re that sneaky.

    2) “Peay the mien his money” (said in John Malkovich’s Russian accent). I love Bell, I don’t think he’s replaceable with an average back. If Ben is back, or we manage to pick up a competent QB in free agency or through the draft, the rest of the roster is Super Bowl worthy. Yeah, it’s probably a bit more than he’s worth, but it’s not gonna break our salary cap so if it’s between that and not seriously contending, then pay him.

    3) Kind of depends if the butter fingers are an aberration. If he really does have more upside than James, and he’ll start catching passes once he gets comfortable, then give him some reps so he’s ready for the postseason. If you really think he has bad hands, give it to James who has always been solid even if he’s not spectacular.

    4) Gotta go with Watt. I’ll say 5 sacks to be optimistic.

    5) Going with 16 and 6. I forget if that’s what I said last week. I think he’ll improve. I don’t think he’s going to suddenly stop throwing passes up for grabs.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    so I have you for 13 TD’s 8 ints in week 9; and 13 TD’s and 9 ints in week 10. Hedges your bet for int’s and you doubled down for td’s.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    ok, you 18-0 for both weeks.

  • Roberto Vaquero Bazán

    1.-Not a real injury
    2.-Sign him
    3.-Lets give it a try
    4.-If he is healthy I’ll go with Tuitt with 6
    5.-13 and 6

  • JohnB

    1. I believe that Harrison has a real injury.
    2. I think he’ll be here next year. one way or another. that’s all I care about.
    3. Id like to see Jesse get better as a blocker. Vance a Catcher. Vance has more upside and gets my vote.
    4. Watt will be the sack leader in the second half, 7 sacks rest of the year
    5. 14td-6int (in case I don’t get my last week answer right haha but if I had to choose, last week answer)

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. I don’t think it is a cover up. Like DT said, they have already gone through the healthy scratch option and mentioned his use specifically in multiple interviews. The way the guy works out he is bound to strain some things at some point given his age.

    2. At the beginning of the season I was against tagging him and glad he didn’t sign the deal. It is too much money for an RB when you have a QB as good as Ben. The problem is Ben isn’t a QB as good as Ben is if you will, so Bell may be a lot more essential than I originally thought. So I am basically going to give a non answer and say it depends on how Ben plays out the rest of the season and ultimately if he decides to retire. If he retires we definitely need Bell and even if he doesn’t we may as well.

    3. I still prefer James and it is mostly because it is a giant pet peeve of mine for a profressional ball catcher to not be more consistent catching the ball. Vance obviously offers more explosion but I will take the more sure hands of James for less payoff. It drives me crazy when balls are dropped.

    4. Tie between Harrison and Heyward with 5 sacks each

    5. I’ll stick with whatever I said last week.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    you answered 14 TD 4 int last week. You are doubledowned.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    13 touchdowns seems like a safe amount for 8 weeks. 8 or 9 ings gives 1-2 a game varying on opponent I feel.

  • NCSteel

    Didn’t seem injured in this weeks “hot chip challenge” video but I’ll give coach the benefit of the doubt and say he tweaked his back. That said, I suppose it’s possible he’s helping Harrison save face and not have to answer the “how’s it feel to be put out to pasture questions” I for one have nothing against James sitting,
    Youth should be served but keep him ready for the playoffs where experience is an x-factor.

    Tag Bell. I hate the money but he keeps the offense going on those days Ben can’t (which is not to be understated).
    I would not try to sign him long term, that’ll be a lot of carries under his belt at that point. He’ll still be under 30 and probably have another decent couple of seasons in him but the risk of injury will be high. Keep your RB’s young and fresh ( and cheap), go get another in the 2019 draft and take him early, right after the QB they’re gonna need.

    Vance. Probably a little less surehanded but will stretch it out a little better than Jesse and seems to have better blocking skills.

    Tuitt, 6. He’ll be hungry to rejoin the party and should be fresh.

    13 TD’s. It could be higher by as much as 3-4 if Martavis and he re-establish their timing.

    All that said, what the heck do I know ?

  • Jay

    #1. Torn- i dont think its that bad.. i think he could play.. but who really knows
    #2. I believe they should let him walk.. i just have a feeling he is going to become more of a distraction.. just a hunch.. but i think the team franchises him again
    3. Torn again- winning with James, but offense is struggling- didn’t like the mcdonald trade at all, but might as well see what you have in him and let him play
    4. Heyward- with 5
    5. 12 td’s and 8 picks

  • SJT63

    1. I’ll buy it as a real injury, but meh
    2. Tag him if he’s healthy. He’s worth every cent, particularly if Ben retires (or his recent decline is permanent).
    3. McDonald all day
    4. Watt with 5
    5. Deja vu. 10 TD, 4 INT.

  • Lil Smitty

    1. It is an actual injury.
    2. Tag him. The Steelers should have the cap room to keep all the main players, plus bring in a new draft class. I wouldn’t even worry bout signing him until after the 2018 season, if he is tagged next season.
    3. Vance. I don’t think Jesse James deserves to be cut, but I think he is what he has shown us. He is a little too light and too slow to be a number one TE.
    4. This is a tough one. I could actually see a three way tie with this defense (and one of them could even be Hilton) IT wouldn’t surprise me if the Steelers get 30 more sacks in the next 8 games without any player getting over ten. I will go with Dupree with 6.
    5. I didn’t answer last week so this question is new to me. The Steelers always improve their play and timing in the second half of the season and when they are at home. 20 TDs and 4 Ints.

  • PittShawnC

    1. Legit injury (but nothing a few 500lb deadlift reps can’t cure)
    2. Try for one more year or contract (but I’m 100% indifferent. If we have great. If we don’t we’ll be fine)
    3. Stay with James. At his worst he’ll still catch almost everything thrown at him.
    4. Watt, 4.5. 8.5 total is a pretty decent R season.
    5. 12 – 7 (TD – INT)

  • pittfan

    1. legit, i just don’t see JH going along with a hoax, he of “give back the damned participation trophy”
    2. offer him the option of another LT contract at a reasonable price or tag him. once again, give him the choice between one in the hand and 2 in the bush. I think he screwed up the last time, maybe he’ll think differently next time around.
    3. no problem at all with MickyD being lone TE. he’s a better run blocker and could be a cover2 buster.
    4. TJ with 5.
    5. 14-5.

  • Eric Childress

    1) Actual injury but not serious enough to keep him out of a game
    2) Franchise tag
    3) Vance
    4) Dupree with 6
    5) 16 TDs 7 INTs

  • Josh Gustad

    1. From the fine words of Dave Bryan, the injury is bullshit.
    2. Depends on what they do with Joe Haden. If they can somehow manage to restructure Haden’s contract I’m okay with using the tag on Bell and running the legs off him for one more year. If not you are spending $25 million on Haden and Bell alone next year. YIKES
    3. I’d like to see both. I really like what McDonald offers as a run blocker and the YAC he can provide. Ideally, I would like to see McDonald on the field more than James.
    4. Dupree with 7 sacks. Heyward wont be far off.
    5. 7 interceptions

  • Alan Tman

    1 It doesn’t matter, because they have to resign Chickillo or Moats. It won’t be James, so the point is moot. It’s not about who’s better but who’s of more use to the Steeler’s in the future.
    2 Franchise Tag or 3 yr 30 million guaranteed 45 million dollar contact. 22 up front
    3 The Outlaw until McDonald shows he can dominate the middle of the field,
    because Vance’s contract is a little steep at the end.
    4 Dupree 8
    5 15 and 4

  • Brian Miller

    Great minds think alike!!

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    no TD by Ben?

  • Steel Realist PAul

    1. I don’t believe Tomlin worries about such things. While I don’t see why they wouldn’t give him some regular snaps to keep him involved, I’m guessing they really see him as ‘Wild Thing‘, the closer from Major League, and want to unleash him come end of season/playoff time.
    2. I’d say tag and try to sign, but I just think Bell has priced himself out and will hold out to force a trade for more money. This is the last season he plays for the Steelers.
    3. Yes, I’d like to see what McDonald can do with some chemistry with Ben. At the same time, I find JJ to be a large consistent target for Ben and he seems to move the chains reliably.
    4. Watt with 6, followed by Gravedigger with 5.
    5. Same as last week, 14 to 7 for Ben.

  • Josh Gustad

    Sorry my brain isn’t working today. Most would argue that’s typical for me. Mark me down for 17 touchdowns.

  • Darth Blount 47

    1. James Harrison is a cyborg. He also cannot be killed by conventional weapons. Did he hurt his back and then continue to do insane workouts this week in the weight room? Sure. And if you believe that, I have some beautiful not-so-swampy land to sell you. Of course he isn’t hurt. Only maybe his “fragile” ego. He’s an emotional Silverback, didn’t you know?

    2. This is a total layup. Tag him. Hope to sign him. Wait outside his house like John Cusack with a boombox.

    3. The question simply asks: “Would I like to see it?” Sure. Why not? I don’t think Outlaw deserves some sort of positional stranglehold at this point. We presumably know pretty well what we have in him at this point. McDonald deserves a shot to outperform what we’ve gotten at TE so far. However, one more wide-open drop in the end-zone like Jackie Smith and he’d be straight in the doghouse. James should be used as the number 2, occasional number 1, and a red-zone/goal-line TE. Many teams seem to be able to use 2 TE’s effectively. Why not us?

    4. Let’s see… 26 as a team. Heyward currently leads with 5. And we play a lot of teams in the 2nd half that want to pass instead of pound the run. Which means the LB’s will be more involved in the passing plays. I’ll be optimistic since some of those teams have suspect O-Lines and say 6.5 more sacks for Cam.

    5. I said 16 and 6 last week. And when I used to gamble, I often had the chance to hedge and hardly ever took it. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. May as well hedge a little here. How about… 15 and 5.

  • Conserv_58

    Given the state of the Colts team there is no reason why the Steelers shouldn’t dominate them on both sides of the ball. The Steelers have the opportunity to break some individual and team records. I want to slap Haley upside his head before game time just to remind him to get his head out of his rectum.

    They key word for today’s game should be, “Dominate”.

    As for the report that Deebo will not be activated for this game because he hurt his back is bogus. He’s not being activated because they’re playing in a dome where the weather doesn’t factor in. Based on what Joey Porter said about saving Deebo for bad weather games, Deebo is getting a coach’s day off.

  • Conserv_58

    They’ll re-sign Chickillo over Moats. They love Moats, the person, but they value Chickillo, the player, over Moats.

    Neither Jessie or Vance has proven to be an elite TE. Given that, I expect QB, TE, safety and MLB to be targeted in the draft.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Should not need Deebo today. Play smart and this SHOULD be a comfortable
    win for Stillers. My concern is playing Sunday, travelling back home
    and then having to play another game on Thursday – no time to recuperate
    or rehearse gameplan for titans.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    The window is closed

  • Alan Tman

    You are assuming Chickillo will resign here and settle for a backup role. He may not.