Ben Roethlisberger: People Who Think I’m Not Committed ‘Don’t Know What They’re Talking About’

It is fair to say that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is not having the best season of his career, nor even within his past few seasons. It is also fair to say that he has brought questions about his commitment upon himself due to the fact that he talked about retirement during the offseason and refrains from committing to playing beyond this season.

Yet I also believe it is fair of him to take issue with those who say that he no longer has it in him mentally to continue playing; that he is ‘mentally retired’. This is a topic that I wrote about following the five-interception game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, following which an off-hand insincere remark was taken out of context and blown out of proportion.

Coming off his best game of the season, however, during which he threw for four touchdown passes and 299 yards without during the ball over, he spoke yesterday during his usual radio stint on 93.7 The Fan and talked about the gossiping about his purported ‘mental retirement’, and he wasn’t thrilled by the talk.

Saying that those people “don’t know what they’re talking about”, as transcribed by Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the veteran quarterback sounded off. “I’m going to go out here and bust my butt every day and be limping with bruises and put my body and my family through this and not care?”, he asked. “You’re absolutely nuts”.

After all, he does have a point. Even for the quarterback position, any NFL season is a grueling one physically, as well as mentally, that takes a toll on you. He may not be playing the best football of his career, but I have a hard time imagining this team would have managed to get to 8-2 without him being fully invested in the process.

While his comments read as somewhat personal, Roethlisberger insists that he “laughed about” such comments, as when a certain ESPN personality that is rather annoying, whom I won’t name, questioned his commitment. “I’ve done this long enough, too, that I can let it roll off my back”, he said.

“‘Why is Ben still playing if he doesn’t care? If he’s not playing well, he must not care about it’”, Roethlisberger asked the question for his doubters. “It couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t know what you’re talking about”.

Playing in his 14th NFL season, Roethlisberger is putting up some of the lowest numbers of his career, though they are improving as the season goes on. His completion percentage and yards per pass attempt are both among the lower totals in his career, while he is maintaining the third-lowest quarterback rating over a season.

In the meantime, he is beginning to pass members of the Hall of Fame in all-time numbers, such as completions and passing yardage, in the top 10 in NFL history in both categories. Will he continue to make history into the 2018 season? I don’t think he even knows right now. That is what he would have us believe, anyway.

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  • Chad Weiss

    It’s gonna be a sad day when this man hangs it up

  • Jaybird

    You tell em Big Ben.

  • Doogie

    They ran the story on msn too, apparently when Ben sarcastically said “guess I doesn’t have it anymore”, too many people believed him. They just don’t know him like we do.

  • Michael Conrad

    I like Ben and sometimes I think Haley calls bad games. I would only hope he would work on the passing game more after practice but I don’t think its his style. He believes he does enough.

    I hear Brady has an Achilles tendon problem. I think teams who play him should play man or combo and blitz of the edge and give him lane to run up the middle. Cause there is no such thing as a little Achilles tendon problem it will pop if stressed.

  • Alan Tman

    I don’t think Ben is retired, but I think his work ethic is severely lacking. Tom Brady is at 111 and Ben is at 68. The fact that Brady plans to play until he is 45 and will work through that and Ben has said he wants to retire, so Tomlin doesn’t make him work hard, and let’s him out of work. Example two weeks off during the break, and he refuses to practice. If you are a competitor you can’t let the competition out work you.

  • Joe

    His work ethic is severely lacking and has been for a long time. This includes his off season conditioning program, diet/nutrition, etc. That’s the reason for his poor play! If you think you really care and can play at a high level at 36 years old and not REALLY put the work in, than you’re right Ben, “you don’t know what your talking about. You’re absolutely nuts!”
    Why can Brady and Brees produce at a high level and you are struggling? Answer me that champ! He has brought this drama on himself with his comments on retirement and not having it anymore. Why can’t he just shut up and let his play do the talking for him? Oh, that’s right because he is a drama queen.

  • Joe

    “He may not be playing the best football of his career, but I have a hard time imagining this team would have managed to get to 8-2 without him being fully invested in the process”.

    Considering the teams and QB’s they have faced, I can imagine a second string QB performing equally, if not better and still mange to be 8-2. They were fortunate to win some of those games, don’t you think?.
    Do you really believe this team is battle tested? They are fortunate again to play the Packers this week without Rogers and now their best defensive player. Perhaps Brady falls victim to injury and misses the game next month.

  • Work Toward

    We know what we see….

  • francesco

    First of all…20 million to play. It would make anyone off the street play.
    Second of all…OL is protecting him. Hardly getting sacked.
    I don’t get the logic.

  • Jaybird

    You commented on his diet and conditioning. Can you tell me what Ben eats on a daily basis? And what does his offseason workouts consist of? I’m just curious .

  • Kevin artis

    Ben has not played well this season. Couple with the fact of him mentioning retirement, don’t have it anymore comments, and his demeanor on the field I would guess that he’s not fully engaged this year. I don’t see Brady, Brees, Rogers after a bad game contemplating retirement or suggesting they don’t have it anymore. Maybe after this last game he’ll start looking like the old Ben

  • EdJHJr

    Must be steven a. That’s his gig anyway …..start crap for ratings

  • EdJHJr

    He is what we think he is.

  • pittfan

    TELL that to the 8-2 Vikings

  • Joe

    In the past he has commented on carrying extra weight to handle the physical toll of a grueling NFL season. Does Brady, Brees or Rogers require additional weight? He’s overweight and has been for quite some time. The extra weight has negativity affected his mobility and agility.
    He does the least amount of conditioning work simply to pass the conditioning test for training camp. In the past he’s commented on how his off season conditioning program consists of kayaking. LOL! That’s ground breaking news. Perhaps he should write a book. Does that quench your curiosity, young padawan?

  • Joe

    Oh, and as a family they give up dessert twice a week. The sacrifices of being an NFL QB.

  • Joe

    Not bad for a second string QB.

  • pittfan

    Started for the Rams! Doing better than most starters!!

  • Joe

    Indeed. Most notably ours!!

  • pittfan

    Let’s wait till he at least wins a playoff game, let alone a super bowl
    He already lost the head to head!!
    BTW, how many rings does Dan Marino have?

  • Jaybird

    Whine , whine , whine. Ben is a D*ck , I get it. Not everyone likes him.But don’t tell me he’s not in shape or that he’s fat. Have you ever seen him winded to the point he pukes like Mcnabb? Have you ever seen him too tired to run the no huddle or two minute drill?

    I’m tired of debating people who think they know how Ben trains, studies , or eats. You win Joe, Ben is fat and out of shape and should just retire immediately.