Breshad Perriman The Latest Disappointment At WR For Ravens

If you feel bad about how the Pittsburgh Steelers perform drafting cornerbacks, just be grateful that they don’t have the same issues that the Baltimore Ravens do drafting wide receivers. I think their ineptitude in this department is pretty well-documented and within the realm of public knowledge.

But we seem to be seeing this trend continue so far through the early stages of the career of Breshad Perriman, who was the Ravens’ first-round draft pick in 2015. While he previously had injuries as an excuse, he is and has been healthy now, and there is really no compelling reason for his struggles.

According to an article written by Jamison Hensley (prior to Sunday’s game, admittedly), Perriman has been literally the least efficient wide receiver in the NFL, with the lowest reception percentage (21.1 percent of passes caught on his targets leading into the game) and the fewest receptions per route run (just 2.8 percent of routes).

On Sunday against the Titans, he did nearly double his reception total, from four to seven, with three catches for 28 yards. He now has 54 receiving yards after having just 26 up to this point. He has caught only seven of 26 targets, which is finally over 25 percent, but is still terrible, and is averaging just 7.7 yards per reception with a long of 14.

Last season, the UCF product recorded 33 receptions for 499 yards and three touchdowns in what was seen as a glimmer of more to come. And early reports out of the spring and in training camp indicated that he looked like a superstar.

But that is because he’s 6’2”, 215 pounds and with strong athletic traits. Those players tend to look good in scrimmages. The Steelers have one of those types of players on their roster as well, as a former second-round draft pick.

As is predictable, Perriman also has dropped passes and has struggled to fight for the ball. The latter led to one of Joe Flacco’s two interceptions against the Titans on Sunday, which helped drop the Ravens to 4-5 on the season, back under .500 for the second time this year.

Baltimore’s top two wide receivers have been free agent signings off the cut list from the past two years in Mike Wallace, the former Steeler, and Jeremy Maclin. Neither of them have achieved what is needed out of them.

Maclin has caught 27 of 43 targets for 310 yards and three touchdowns. He did have his best game in Tennessee, catching eight passes for 98 yards. Wallace has 20 receptions on 35 targets for 267 yards and two touchdowns. He caught four passes for just 19 yards against the Titans, but one was for a touchdown.

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  • dany

    I was about to say maybe it’s because of Flacco but..

    “As is predictable, Perriman also has dropped passes and has struggled to fight for the ball. The latter led to one of Joe Flacco’s two interceptions against the Titans”

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    I’m not disappointed at all with his performance.

  • WreckIess

    Who didn’t see this coming though? They tried to replace Torrey Smith with an underwater Olympics champion who everyone knew couldn’t catch. The writing was on the wall that he’d just be the next Stephen Hill and they ignored it.

  • Darth Blount 47

    This was a team that I had wondered, even with their somewhat limited cap space, if they were gonna be deadline buyers. And the WR position is what made the most sense. I was pretty worried that the Ratbirds would call up their historical brethren, and make a deal. Either taking a gamble on Josh Gordon coming back. Or the more likely I thought, trading for either Donte Moncrief or T.Y. Hilton, from the Colts. Both were rumored to be on the block. And Hilton would have given Baltimore a truly dangerous deep threat, that they love so much, and allow the others to focus on more under/intermediate stuff, like Perriman and Maclin (we all know Wallace would have been the Robin to Hilton’s Batman on deep routes still). I’m really glad they stood pat, as their O scares no one, except their own fans in Baltimore — on a game-by-game basis.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    Oh darn.

  • AndyR34

    So…now Wallace is a possession receiver? 4 catches for 19 yds.?

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Hopefully their ineptitude continues, because it means they’ll waste top draft picks and hurt their ability to be competitive. As it is, Ravens fans complain that they didn’t draft JuJu when they could have—much to our delight. And remember when Baltimore traded up in front of the Steelers to “steal” Maxx Williams? Ha! Oh, they couldn’t have been more pleased with themselves in that moment.

    And the Steelers are laughing all the way to another division title.

  • Runner1967

    The first Int wasn’t dropped and struggled to fight for ball? Logan Ryan hit him, and ball at perfect moment. Perriman sucks no doubt about it but harsh blaming him for that Int especially as he couldn’t see Ryan coming. It was imho just a damn good play by Logan Ryan. The drop on 2nd down was bad, really bad. His speed is ok in a straight line but anytime he has to change direction he looks awkward and stiff. The Ravens let Deonte Thompson an UDFA go few years back and yes he is no pro bowler but he is immensely better than Perriman and it isn’t close.

  • Runner1967

    Ravens passed on Ju Ju take a guy in Bowser whose barely seen the field, has no position established yet and given away daft pens on special teams that have been huge. Especially puzzling as Matt Judon 2nd year player was starter and Z. Smith primary back up and they drafted Correa at OLB in 2016 draft. More glaring when they passed on so many good players in 3rd round to net Wormley and Williams. Imagine if they take Kamara or Hunt? Ozzie is drafting like it is 2000 and the lack of talent on that team reflects that strategy. Their best player is CB in Jimmy Smith that can’t stay healthy even in his best season.