Majority Of Talking Heads Pick Steelers To Win Super Bowl; Seahawks Rematch A Favorite

Preseason predictions don’t mean a whole lot. Really, no predictions mean all that much, because ultimately whatever happens, happens. But midseason predictions presumably have somewhat more validity than those made in the preseason.

We just so happen to be at midseason, and recently the league’s website polled several of their analysts to get their Super Bowl predictions. I suppose it’s not terribly surprising, but a number of them had the Pittsburgh Steelers winning it all.

In fact, of the 13 analysts sought for their opinion, seven—that’s more than half, for the math-challenged—had them at least going to the Super Bowl, with five of them believing that they would claim their seventh Lombardi Trophy.

They were the most popular pick to win it all, in fact, and by a wide margin. No other team was even picked by more than two to win. Both the Chiefs and the Patriots were chosen twice from the AFC, while the Seahawks were the only NFC team to have two backers. The Eagles and Rams each were chosen once.

Among those who picked the Steeler to win was—shockingly—Ike Taylor, a former longtime Steelers cornerback. He sees them unseating the Seahawks, again, as he helped them do back in 2005. “By February, the Steelers’ defense and offense will be in prime form”, he wrote.

One analyst I’ve long respected—though don’t always agree with—is Gil Brandt, and he chose the same matchup, with the same victor, as Taylor. His explanation: “the Steelers will have more fans at the game, plus the highest-rated offense and defense, yardage-wise. The Seahawks will have the higher-rated quarterback, but they’ll fall short, 27-24”.

Both Reggie Wayne and Charley Casserly believe it will be the Saints on the losing end of the Steelers’ triumph. Wayne wrote that the Saints of Drew Brees, but Pittsburgh has the triplets of Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell. Casserly cited the Steelers’ balance on offense and defense.

Judy Battista sees a Steagles Super Bowl. “The difference here is the Steelers’ vastly-improved defense”, she wrote, “which harasses Carson Wentz to produce turnovers and fuel a Steelers scoring explosion — and the franchise’s seventh Super Bowl championship”.

Meanwhile, both Dave Dameshek—an unabashed Steelers fan—and Steve Wyche both predicted the Steelers-Seahawks matchup, only they see Seattle getting their revenge. For Dameshek, it was just a matter of sticking with his previous prediction. For Wyche, he believes that Russell Wilson will have a big game, and that Richard Sherman will be able to handle Brown and limit his impact.

It certainly seems as though the Steelers are a popular pick to win this year, which is always comforting. It helps that the league overall seems to be weaker and without dominant teams this year. Which is a good thing, because one can’t help but wonder when Pittsburgh’s current window will close.

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Matthew Marczi
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  • Shane Wisor

    I know the steelers play down to bad teams but you can’t look at the remaining schedule and not think a 12-4 record is worst case scenario.

  • Mutatedgenome

    Tom Brady says hello.

  • mem359

    More important is the NE defense.
    When they play like last year, they win. When they were bad earlier in the season, they lost despite Brady.

  • Eagles vs. Steelers

  • Brenton deed

    This is the form guide prediction. As always: as long as major injuries don’t hit.

  • NCSteel

    I’ll join those predictions more whole heartedly once I see what the offense looks like after the bye week. Third down conversions, red zone efficiency.
    If these improve and continue to improve, yea, I’ll get behind this.
    I think the defense will continue to improve and jel but oddly enough, it’s the offense to me, not the defense that holds the key. The offense needs to shed the “potential” tab and start scoring a little more at will.
    This isn’t fantasy football. I want scores, not stats.

  • Jim Foles

    Pittsburgh’s window just opened. The Steelers will get a QB if needed to win more.

  • AndyR34

    Well…there’s the kiss of death!

  • #7

    “This will only give Tom Brady and the Patriots extra motivation to beat us once again. This season is over”

  • pittfan

    Vegas still has NE+350, Philly +600, Pitt +700.

  • Kirk Cousins post Ben! Ps. Wasn’t Cousins the QB with Bell at MI State?

  • Matt

    Only team I’d have any comfort picking to go to the Superbowl at this point is Philly. They are a complete team. Barring major injuries, I don’t think there’s an NFC team that can take them. I know the Saints are trending up, but every time they’ve played a good offense, the opposing team has hung about 30 points on them. They may be turning the corner on defense, but I think that some of those defensive stats are owed to the fact that they’ve been playing less capable offenses.

  • NinjaMountie

    Who said that?

  • #7

    No one that I know of, although you KNOW at least a half dozen commenters out there are thinking it. I’m just going to go along with the popular notion that everything the Steelers do must be measured against “Tom Brady and the Patriots”

  • melblount

    One can only hope this kind of talk stops…now.

  • T3xassteelers

    Anyone think Steelers go after Smith or Cousins if ben hangs it up this year? I don’t think the team is in position to have a rookie QB with all this talent on the offense.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Yes, for Bell’s first two seasons there.

  • Sup

    Pats (unfortunately) are still the better team. We need to humble ourselves.

    We still need the qb to play better and ! Have no trust in Bryant at that point, we need a #3 wr. Last but not least we still need a better pass rush (hello bud Dupree).

  • Cullen James Riley

    I wanna see Teddy Bridgewater’s impact on the Viking offense before I write Minnesota off. They have one of the best defenses in football, and a criminally underrated WR corps. In fact, I’m not positive they would lose to the Eagles (or any other NFC team) even with Case Keenum at QB. Mike Zimmer has to be one of the best coaches in the NFL.

  • Rob H

    Having the national guys picking us does nothing for me, except maybe make me a little nervous. Kind of like seeing us open as 10 point road favorites this week does.

  • FanInExile

    I’d like a Steelers / Rams rematch in the Super Bowl. An example of being able to win the big one despite terrible QB play. Which, I suppose, was what XL was, too. So, yeah, I’d also be down with a Seahawks rematch if it came to that.