Packers Call Out Ravens’ Ryan Jensen As Dirty Following Injury To NT Kenny Clark

Things have not really been going the Green Bay Packers’ way this year. Things have not really been going the Baltimore Ravens’ way this year, either. After yesterday’s games, in fact, both teams find themselves three games back in their own division with only six games left to play.

The two injury-riddled teams met up yesterday, with the Packers entering 5-4 and the Ravens entering 4-5. They both exited the game 5-5, but Green Bay came out far more the worse for wear, having dealt some injuries, most notably to Clay Matthews at linebacker.

But the injury that really got the Packers riled up was one suffered by Kenny Clark, their first-round pick from a year ago at nose tackle. About five minutes into the fourth quarter, the second-year player went down with a knee injury while engaged with Raven center Ryan Jensen.

While the play was about the only one of the entire week around the NFL for which there was no replay, evidently, and I won’t be able to tell more closely exactly what happened on the play until the coaches tape comes out, suffice it to say that the Packers weren’t too happy about Jensen after the play—and they also went into the game with certain expectations about him.

The fourth-year interior lineman is in his first season as a full-time starter, and at least according to Pro Football Focus, he has played surprisingly well. But he also “doesn’t play fair”, says Packers safety HaHa Clinton-Dix.

“Number 66, I don’t even know his name, but he’s trash”, he said of Jensen after the game. “He’s a bad player. He doesn’t play fair. This is a game that we all love to play and love to enjoy, and you never want to see a guy get hurt when you’re playing overaggressive and doing things that you shouldn’t be doing. It’s uncalled for”.

The Ravens were actually especially battered for this game. Even Ronnie Stanley, their lone remaining starter from last season, missed the game, prompting James Hurst to move from left guard to left tackle, and Luke Bowanko started in his place. Next to Jensen were Matt Skura filling in for Marshal Yanda and Austin Howard as the free-agent replacement for Rick Wagner.

Clinton-Dix wasn’t done with those comments, however, adding of Jensen, “I don’t like him”. He accused the Ravens lineman of playing dirty. “He needs to tighten up on his play. Play ball. If you can’t whup him regularly, don’t cheap shot him. That’s what that guy’s been doing all year. I’ve been watching film of 66, and he’s a dirty player”.

While he admitted that he would like to have him on his team, he added, “you can’t play like that and want to be great in this league. It’s uncalled for”. The safety was the only Packer who commented extensively on the injury, but another defender confirmed that many were upset with it. The team didn’t have an update on Clark’s status after the game.

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  • will

    Unfortunately, this is typical play from a Ravens team. I suspect that it is coached……or at least tolerated behavior.

  • Conserv_58

    The ravens like to position themselves as being intimidators on defense. Some of their players have a history of running their mouths between plays. With that comes some questionable, albeit dirty play.

  • LHW

    I disagree. No more so than any other team (the Patriots being the exception). I think disdain for another team sometimes taints our perception. I am not saying that Jensen is not “dirty,” every team has one or two guys that engage in those shenanigans during play. And players from all teams talk trash, if not in public then on the field. Now, guys like Suh and Burfict operate in a totally different universe than everyone else in the league.

  • Lil Smitty

    The Ravens offensive linemen were notorious for chop blocks. Once the league, made them a penalty the Ravens offense hasn’t been very good. Ravens have no problems going after Defensive Lineman’s knee’s. That would be my guess as to what the term “dirty” is directed.

  • NCSteel

    Can’t speak of the player or the play. Don’t really know him and did not see the play.
    I will be watching 66 however.
    Another Burfict, thats all we need. Hey guys, play 4 games against these guys and lets see if you can get through them without anyone being cheapshotted out of the rest of the season.

  • AndyR34

    Jensen plays on offense, not defense. As someone else said, the Ravens O-line were specialists at chop blocks. Yanda was particularly adept at providing knee injuries to opposing D-linemen.

  • LHW

    Could be, but if chop blocks were legal, then they were legal. Legal play is not dirty. I am sure some players took it to the extreme, but there are always those few who ruin it for everyone. I will say my eyes tell me that the Ravens go for Roethlisberger a little harder than any other QB in the league (at least in the good old days). I have no problem with that, as long as it is within the rules. I expect the same from the Steelers.

    I will say the Ravens could possibly be the most obnoxious and rude fanbase in the league and I consider myself to be somewhat objective minded. The stories I could tell. . .

  • Sam Clonch

    He’s been watching tape on him all year, but doesn’t know his name?

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Ravens offensive linemen have dove at knees for years. I remember Casey Hampton hopping backwards as a Raven face planted himself.

  • Lil Smitty

    From what I have heard players say, going after their knees is considered dirty regardless of what the league says.

  • Sdale

    Yep. Broncos were known for it too.

  • LHW

    I would tend to agree, but I think teams would scheme to do it not because it was “dirty” but because it was effective. The coaches need to scheme for this, it seems to me individual players or pairs of players could not effectively choose to do this on a whim, or just to be dirty. Even so, I would think some players would pursue the practice with malicious intent. I vaguely remember the Ravens went all in on chop blocks some years ago and beat us soundly. They were really good at it. All moot now I guess.

  • StolenUpVotes

    Is there a clip of the play somewhere?