Seahawks Vs. Cardinals Week 10 Thursday Night Game Open Discussion Thread

Happy Thursday night to all you.

If you’re like me, you’re ready to watch a couple of football games tonight. North Carolina and Pittsburgh will get underway here shortly and in another hour or so the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals will get Week 10 of the NFL regular season underway.

If you are up for discussing either one of these two games throughout the night, let this post serve as the official discussion thread. I’ll also do my best to add a few highlight videos to this post as the games progress.

Remember that next Thursday night the Pittsburgh Steelers will be hosting the Tennessee Titans.

27 RB Eddie Lacy
59 LB Josh Forrest
29 FS Earl Thomas
64 G Jordan Roos
97 DE Marcus Smith
78 G/T Luke Joeckel
99 DE Quinton Jefferson

16 WR Chad Williams
37 RB D.J. Foster
54 LB Bryson Albright
79 OL Max Tuerk
69 OL Will Holden
86 TE Ricky Seals-Jones
94 DL Xavier Williams

  • SteelersDepot

    Taking Cards +6.5

  • pittfan

    Run AP run!

  • John

    This game reminds me of why I don’t understanding Steeler views of Landry Jones. I would take Stanton, McCarron, the Pats old backup and others over Jones.

  • I4giveSteelers

    Hi to the few who are here. I’m checking this sky cam out. thinking I might like it. I don’t. I’m a huge Europe soccer fan, and they have a tactical cam. I like that view as you can see the entire field(think all 22 tape). The only thing is, is it isn’t close up. I wish soccer and football would have a picture in picture, where you can have a tatical view in a small window and the primary view in the bigger window. Our tvs are now big enough for this i think

  • Jason Campbell

    What Stanton you watching? This dude is awful.

  • Jason Campbell

    I’m thoroughly unimpressed with both teams tonight, but gawd the Cards are turrible.

  • Gautam Ramani

    AZ offense is horrible.

  • Brenton deed

    Remember when the Steelers passed on Lacy and took some stiff called Bell instead?
    Colbert and Tomlin are embarrassing and need to be fired!!!