Steelers 2017 Week 10 Injury Report: Harrison Sidelined Again Thursday, Mitchell Still Limited

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a very healthy team ahead of their Week 10 Sunday road game against the Indianapolis Colts and that’s evidenced once again by their Thursday injury report that was released after practice had concluded.

Not practicing again Thursday for the Steelers was outside linebacker James Harrison (back) and at this point you have to wonder if he’ll dress Sunday against the Colts. Harrison’s back injury is a bit of a mystery being as he’s still posting videos of himself lifting weights on social media. Additionally, head coach Mike Tomlin didn’t mention Harrison as being injured during his Tuesday press conference. Harrison has been inactive twice so far this season.

Limited for a second consecutive day on Thursday was safety Mike Mitchell (Achilles) and that means there’s a good chance he won’t play against the Colts. Mitchell suffered his injury in the second half of the team’s Week 8 game. If Mitchell sits Sunday, safety Robert Golden will more than likely start in his place. Additionally, rookie cornerback Brian Allen might dress against the Colts should Mitchell wind up being inactive.

After missing the team’s previous two games, Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt (back) and tackle Marcus Gilbert (hamstring) are both still on track to return to action Sunday against the Colts as neither have been listed on the injury report this week. The same goes for tight end Vance McDonald (knee), who missed the team’s Week 8 game against the Detroit Lions.

  • Sam Clonch

    Strange about James. His videos sure haven’t slowed. Is this some weird strategy? Getting bizarre.

  • SteelersDepot

    Just Tomlin saving face so when asked why James was inactive he can say back injury

  • NW86

    Yep, I was about to say the same. Basically so James doesn’t have to be called a healthy scratch.

  • 6 ring circus

    Yea, they are dissin’ James, too. Maybe we are going to see an article on Deebo similar to what we saw on Troy. Different set of facts, but same underlying tone…”Pasturizing” another Steeler all-time great.

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  • Doug Andrews

    Looking for a better second half by McDonald in the passing game. Glad to see he’s on track to play this week.

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    need come scomments

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    fast asfa staffss

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  • I dont know where to post this so I figured to post here. I enjoy watching madden simulations I run 1 every week for key matchups and every Steelers matchup. If you enjoy these I will start posting the Steelers simulation every week. So here it goes. I hope you enjoy it. Everything is run under simulation settings with no user interaction. Every depth chart goes off current depth charts for every team factoring in injured players.I wont post every single play just key plays and all redzone plays for each team.

    Quarter 1
    Steelers lose the toss and the Colts elect to kick JuJu smith Schuster returns for 24 yards

    3rd and 6 Roethlisberger passes it to Anotnio Brown for 9 yards.1st Down

    Quarter 2
    3rd and 9 on the colts 16 Roethlisberger drops back and hits his 2nd read on the play Antonio Brown for 11 yards. 1st down.

    1st and goal from the 5 Leveon Bell runs a inside zone and walks in untouched for a TD Extra point good.
    Pit7 Ind0

    Kickoff returned by Chester Rogers for 25 yards

    2nd and 9 on Ind 27 Jacoby Brissett drops back and is sacked By Cam Heyward for a 5 yard loss
    3rd and 14 on ind 22 Brissett passes to Kamar Aiken for 17 yards. 1st down
    3rd and 12 on Ind 43 Brissett passes to Marlon Mack for 9 yards. Punt

    2nd and 5 on Pit 49 with 13 Seconds left on the clock before halftime Ben finds Martavis Bryant burning his corner on a quick double move throws a perfect Strike for a 51 yard td. Extra point good.

    Kickoff fumbled by colts recoverd by Steelers but time has expired on the half.
    Halftime Pit 14 Colts 0

    3rd Quarter

    Chester Rogers returns opening 3rd quarter kickoff to the 35

    2nd 12 on Ind 30 Brissett finds T.y Hilton for 61 yards on what is a blown assignment.
    1st and goal on Pit 9 Brissett tosses to back of the end zone jack Doyle jumps up and hauls it in for a td. Extra point good.

    Pit 14 Ind 7

    1st and 10 on pit 30 Ben feels pressure avoids the sack rolls right and makes a cross body throw to justin hunter who runs down the left sideline for 32 yards.

    2 and 2 on ind 6 Ben drops back scans the field and noone is open so he starts like he is gonna try to scramble thinks better of it stops and throws a underwhelming bullet right to quincy Wilson who takes it back the other way for a TD. Extra point Good
    Pit 14 Ind 14

    4th Quarter
    The 4th quarter opens with a -1 yard rush by Frank Gore
    3rd and 11 on ind 23 Brissett under pressure by t.j watt throws a pass to Marlon Mack for 8 yards. Punt

    1st and 10 on pit 27 Leveon Bell takes a draw and rushes for 24 yards
    3rd and 7 on ind 24 Leveon Bell rushes for 3 yards. Chris boswell 41 yard field goal is good
    Pit 17 Ind 14

    1st and 10 on ind 25 Brissett pass to wide open Jack doyle in the middle of the field for 19 yards
    1st and 10 on ind 44 Brissett drops back on the same exact play and hits Doyle in the numbers for a 21 yard gain.

    Final minute of the 4th
    1st and 10 on pit 35 Brissett under heavy duress and has to throw the pass away
    2nd and 10 on pit 35 Jacoby Brissett drops back he has shazier in his face and throws a duck to t.y hilton
    37 seconds left The colts decide to run it to get into a better field goal range. Handoff to Marlon Mack who gets stuffed by Bud Dupree for a 1 yard loss.
    with 12 seconds left Tomlin calls a timeout trying to ice Adam Vinatieri but the kick is up and straight down the middle.
    Pit 17 Ind 17

    Steelers win the toss and Elect to Receive

    Steelers ot Posession
    Juju returns kick to the 35
    1st and 10 on pit 35(colts offside prior) Roethlisberger hands the ball off to leveon bell or no he didnt its a playaction bell chips a defender on his way out but it barely slowed the defender and down goes ben for a yard loss.
    2nd and 3 from Ind 49 Ben finds Jesse James down the seam for a 21 yard gain.
    2nd and 10 on ind 28 Ben passes to Vance Mcdonald for 12 yards
    1st and 10 on ind 17 trap run by leveon bell for 6 yards
    2nd and 4 on ind 10 Leveon Bell receives a delayed handoff and looks to cut it out towards the right side but gets crushed right away for a 1 yard loss he appears to be on the ground momentarily but shakes it off and gets up and goes to the sideline to be evaluated.
    3rd and 4 on ind 11 Roethlisberger drops back he is scanning the endzone and he finds juju smith schuster broke free from his defender open near the goalpost catches it but its called back because juju had stepped out. loss of down.
    4th down Chris Boswell hits a 28 yard field goal
    Pit 20 ind 17

    Colts ot possession

    Marlon Mack returns kick to the 22
    1st down Brissett drops back and heyward and shazier are coming in brissett ducks shazier but heyward cleans him up for a 1 yard loss on the sack
    2nd and 11 on ind 23 Brissett throws to t.y hilton but Joe haden is there to knock the pass away.
    3rd and 11 on ind 23 Brissett drops back bud dupree beat his man and is back there for the sack a 2 yard loss
    4th and 13 on ind 22 Brissett drops back he looks left and then looks right and find Donte Moncrief for a 24 yard pass with incredible touch and moncrief toe tapping the sideline as the official review shows. 1st down
    2 minutes left in ot 3rd and 2 on pit 47 Jacoby Brissett Goes to handoff to gore and pulls it back in. Its playaction but t.j watt bit hard and it spins him around. Brissett hits Moncrief for 21 yards on a dig route

    1st and 10 on pit 26 Brissett drops back and throws a stick route to Jack doyle but is undercut by Vince Williams for a interception and the game is over. Steelers win 20-17
    Roethlisberger 17/22 271 77% completion 1td 1 int 114qbr
    Brissett 11/16 202 68% 1td 1 int 106.2qbr

    Leveon Bell 16 attempts for 55 yards 3.4 avg 1td long 24
    Frank Gore 4 attempts -4 yards -1.0 avg long 1
    James conner 2attempts for 6 avg 3.0
    Ben Roethlisberger 1 attempt for 13 yards avg13.0

    Ind T Hilton 1 for 61
    Pit A brown 4 for 59
    Pit M Bryant 2 for 57
    Pit J James 3 for 54
    Ind J Doyle 4 for 54
    Ind D Moncrief 2 for 45
    Pit J hunter 1 for 32

    Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked it. If so I will do more every week for the Steelers games. Also In the future I will type everyones name the first time they are mentioned and just the last name any other time they are mentioned that game Oh if you notice the Steelers are missing 7 completions from the reciveing statlines I just wrote off what the game had so dont shoot the messenger here. Thanks take care and have a great weekend.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    With the handling of Bryant, bell, deebo, it seems likes like this team is starting to come apart at the seams.