Steelers Weigh Pros And Cons Of ‘Mini-Bye’ Following Thursday Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers just had their bye week two weeks ago, but for the second time in three weeks, they had no football to play during the weekend. That is because their second game after the bye week fell on Thursday night, which means that their next game would not come for another 10 days, at least.

From Thursday’s win over the Titans to this upcoming Sunday’s game against a Packers team bereft of Aaron Rodgers that was just shut out by the Ravens, the Steelers will have had ample time to both rest and to prepare, but not so much—one would hope—to produce the sort of slow start Mike Tomlin talked about after the Colts game.

The mini break comes with the Steelers sitting at 8-2 on the season, winners of their past five games, and about to embark on the home stretch, with six more games to play, all but one against opponents without a winning record.

I think we always like rest”, Cameron Heyward acknowledged, according to Lauren Kirschman. “It’s a time to recharge. It’s a time to restart. It’s a time to look back at your mistakes and what you’ve been good at. But it’s time to get back in a routine. I think everybody’s ready to get back in a routine and get ready for the stretch drive”.

David DeCastro admitted that the benefit is mental more than physical. Ryan Shazier, who said that “pretty much everybody” had the weekend off, including Friday, told Kirschman that he felt more sore after yesterday’s practice than he usually does due to the time off.

While the rest might be nice, however, athletes, like many—perhaps most—tend to be creatures of habit, and many are anticipating falling back into a normal routine with a typical weekly schedule, not elongated or truncated, as they have had to deal with for the past couple of weeks.

While Mike Hilton said that the extra days off is “time to get our bodies back before the rest of the season”, he also added that “it disrupts this routine that we’re used to”, so that it’s both “good and bad”.

The Steelers came out of their bye week facing a bad team in the Colts, whose three wins this season have all come against bad teams, those being the Giants, the 49ers, and the Texans in the game after they lost their starting quarterback. It took them a field goal with time expiring to pull out the win.

Let’s hope that they will not have nearly as difficult a time with Green Bay this Sunday as they travel to Heinz Field with Brett Hundley under center, who has lost three of his four starts so far, beating only the Bears so far.

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  • Chris92021

    Steelers are 8-4 coming off Thursday night games. 3-1 at home.

    2009: Packers 37-36 (the most exciting game I’ve seen in the last 10 years)
    2013: loss to Dolphins 28-34 (the snow game that saw Antonio Brown almost score on a Stanford band-type play as clock expired)
    2015: 49ers 43-18 (week 2 game where DeAngelo Williams did whatever he wanted against a hapless 49ers team)
    2016: Giants 24-14 (saw Ladarius Green have a monster game and score his only TD as a Steeler)

  • Lee Foo Young

    I watched part of that Packers/Ravens game. The Packers’ offense looked completely inept. Hundley has no arm. They are down to a 7th round RB, too. To be honest, a slow start won’t devastating, imo.

    That being said, I hope we jump on them early. I’d love to see Laundry Man and Conner in the game fulltime by the 4th qtr (and not because of injuries).

  • Sam Clonch

    Pack lost their starting NT and potentially Clay Matthews in that game too. Defense wasn’t that good WITH them. They should be ripe.

  • WB Tarleton

    The Dolphins game, yuck. I am pretty certain that is the game that Troy kept bouncing off Charles Clay who just killed us.

  • Chris92021

    To be fair, Troy did score a TD for us on a pick 6 in that game. If I wasn’t so emotionally invested, I would have said that was an exciting game too lol

  • dany

    That game would have been a classic we still talk about had he just scored. Inches away

  • Jimbo

    Thats what makes me think it wont be a slam dunk win.the packers will come out hungry to win .
    Unless the Steelers get porperly motivared to come out on fire..Its up to ben to play like he wants a Ring this out the offense before the game starts..

  • will

    So far…….so good!