Tale Of Two Steelers Right Tackles – Key Offensive Stats

Now that Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Marcus Gilbert has been suspended for the next four games, Chris Hubbard will go back to starting on the right side once again. Hubbard, in case you didn’t already know it, has already started five games in place of an injured Gilbert this season in addition to taking over for him at right tackle in two other contests. In short, Hubbard has played the lion’s share of snaps at right tackle for the Steelers this season and roughly 60% of them to be exact.

So, how has the Steelers offense fared this season from a statistical standpoint with Hubbard and Gilbert each at right tackle? We’ll you might be surprised when you see the numbers.

As you can see in the table of stats below, the Steelers offense actually has a higher yard per carry average with Hubbard at right tackle than with Gilbert at the position. Keep in mind that these stats do not include plays negated by penalties, quarterback kneel downs, aborted plays, or quarterback scrambles. Additionally, on runs officially listed as going to either right guard, right tackle or right end, the Steelers offense has averaged 4.63 yards per carry with Hubbard at right tackle as opposed to 3.51 when Gilbert is at right tackle.

As for run success rates, Gilbert slightly edges out Hubbard in all runs. However, runs to the right side when Hubbard has been on the field instead of Gilbert have been a lot more successful.

As far as passing stats go, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has posted a much higher completion percentage when Gilbert has been on the field at right tackle instead of Hubbard. Additionally, Roethlisberger’s touchdown to interception ratio has also been quite impressive when Gilbert has played right tackle. Two more sacks have been allowed when Gilbert has been on the field, however, but with that said, Gilbert has only allowed a half a sack this season, according to our charting, while Hubbard has allowed just one full one.

Perhaps the most noticeable and meaningful stat listed below in the eyes of some is the offense red zone efficiency. When Gilbert has been at right tackle the Steelers have converted 62.5% of their red zone trips into touchdowns as opposed to just 29.2% when Hubbard is at right tackle.

Now, I present these stats to you only because several have asked for them and while Hubbard has played seemingly well this season when you watch his tape and look at the stats related to him being in the game, I am in no way suggesting that he’s a better right tackle than Gilbert is. With that said, based on what we’ve seen so far out of Hubbard this season, fans of the team should have confidence in him continuing to fill in admirably for Gilbert over the course of the next four games.

* The stats below are pulled from our weekly offensive game charting that is done exclusively by Matthew Marczi.

Hubbard RTGilbert RT
SUCC %40.2%41.1%
YPC RIGHT4.633.51
SUCC % RIGHT42.9%34.1%
Hubbard RTGilbert RT
COMP %56.5%62.8%
Hubbard RTGilbert RT
CONV M/A7-2410-16
CONV %29.2%62.5%

  • Tasso222222

    How about the defenses they’ve played against respectively and their current ranks against the run and pass?

  • Rocksolid20

    Great point .

  • nutty32

    Hubbard has a talent for sticking and staying on his blockee, but can’t match Gilbert’s raw power.

  • Dudes hair looks like it got caught in a boat propeller

  • Chris92021

    Here are a few things to ask:
    1. how much help are we giving Chris Hubbard? Is it 50 percent of the time? 1/3? I have to believe that when Marcus Gilbert is out there, he gets no help, he is on his own.

    2. What is the numbers like on rushing plays when we are in 311 (3 WR/ 1 TE/ 1 RB) sets and other sets with Gilbert and Hubbard? I am betting we are more in the 221 sets (2 WR/ 2 TE/ 1 RB) when Hubbard is in the game, especially with McDonald being the 2nd TE and primary move blocker.

    Because we are so used to not playing with Gilbert as a previous article stated, we are going to be fine. However, I would rather see Gilbert in there than not. Hopefully he will be healthy and good to go on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and the playoff games we are going to play in January and February 2018.

  • Petherson Silveira

    I would like to know how much help from TE each have had in PP. And i want to tell that Jaguars game screw every Steelers passing stats when included to equation. So sub 5 ints that wasn’t Hubbard’s fault and we have just 3 ints.

  • will

    Yes……it appears that MG has horns!!!

  • dany

    It was all well till I read the redzone efficiency

  • MattHat121

    Yeah, that is probably the bigger variable here. What D-line has each player gone up against?

    Gilbert played against CLE, MIN, portion of KC, IND, TEN.

    Hubbard played against CHI, BAL, JAX, portion of KC, CIN, DET.

    The next four games are GB, @CIN, BAL, NE.

    So, Hubbard has already faced two of those opponents, and the other two have inferior pass rushing attacks.

  • capehouse

    This is the type of situation where I just don’t trust the numbers. There’s too many factors involved. I’ll trust my eyes instead. He had issues with Akiem Hicks of Chicago, Calais Campbell of Jacksonville and Ziggy Ansah of Detroit. Might of had issues with Everyone Griffin in the Minnesota game too. He’s a versatile guy that has proven his worth and has the ability to reach 2nd level blocks, but he’s nowhere near Marcus Gilbert as a player and the Steelers are not better with him in the lineup over Gilbert.

  • falconsaftey43

    I don’t think anyone would pick Hubbard over Gilbert. But, like you said, we’ve dealt with it most of the year. It’s nothing new and shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Hubbard was ranked as the best backup OT last year if I remember correctly, and he’s shown well this year too.

    PS, offensive personnel is typically designated by #RBs #TEs. So you’re two sets would be 11 (1RB, 1TE, 3WR) and 12 (1RB, 2TE, 2WR).

  • Jaybird

    There is another article ” confidence in Hubbard” in which the last line says there is NO uptick in protection from backs or TEs. In fact the Steelers hardly ever use TEs to help out anymore. So I don’t think any Steeler linemen is getting much help, Hubbard included.

  • Jaybird

    Good article Dave . That was a surprising comparison between Hubbard and Gilbert.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    Dave, where is Hawkins with regards to potentially being swing tackle next season?

  • Jeff Burton

    I think the stats don’t show when Hubbard was in in regard to the Steelers schedule. If all of his games were early in the season that would attest for why some of those numbers are worse. The entire team was playing terribly and could have lost a lot more games. The bottom line is Hubbard has been very solid as a swing tackle. He could probably be starting for some other teams. The thing that’s scary is there’s not much after him. If Hubbard goes down the Steelers are in trouble.

  • Steeler50

    Who comes in if Hubbard gets hurt? Hawkins? – What is his status? Feiler? – is he the next man up?

  • Alex Kozora

    Feiler next man up.