Tomlin Doesn’t Worry About Opponent’s Record: ‘I Don’t Delve Into That’

The Pittsburgh Steelers opened the week as heavy road favorites over the Indianapolis Colts and as expected, that has fans of the team very nervous. In case you’ve already forgotten, the Steelers are currently 11-6 under head coach Mike Tomlin when favored by 7 or more points on the road and that sixth loss came earlier this season to the Chicago Bears. additionally, the Steelers lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars a few weeks later at home despite being 7.5-point favorites come kickoff time.

During his Tuesday press conference, Tomlin was essentially reminded that his teams over the years have quite frequently lost to teams they were heavily favored to beat. The Steelers head coach then proceeded to brush off the notion that he or his teams overlook seemingly inferior opponents.

“I’ve just never been one to be disrespectful of anybody that we compete against in the NFL,” Tomlin said. “I know records are what they are but I don’t delve into that. I respect everybody that we play. I think anytime that we step into a stadium people are capable of beating us. That’s just how it goes. We played Kansas City a year, or number of years ago and they might have been 1-5 or something. They maybe won 10, 11 games in a row after that. In hindsight, that wasn’t a bad football team but at the time it could be characterized as such.”

Last season, the Steelers played the Colts in Indianapolis and come kickoff time of that contest they were 8-point road favorites. They went on to win that game 28-7.

The Steelers enter the second half of their 2017 regular season with a 6-2 record and as the No. 1 seed in the AFC. They’ll likely be favored in all but one of their eight second half games and likely favored by a touchdown or more in at least four of them starting with their Sunday road game against the 3-6 Colts.

“I don’t worry about records or painting with a broad brush,” Tomlin said Tuesday. “I think even sometimes we’re given more credit than maybe we deserved. Maybe in the past we weren’t as good as maybe you thought we were. That’s just the reality of it. We better prepare and respect these moments and expect the best from those that we compete against and that’s the mentality that I have and that’s the mentality that I’m always trying to relay to our football team.”

We’ll see over the course of the second half of the season if Tomlin’s mentality was successfully relayed properly to his team. One more slip up against one of the four seemingly far inferior teams the Steelers will play in the second half of the regular season could ultimately result in them missing out on either the No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the AFC.

  • Jacob

    Whatever he has been doing, it hasn’t been working very well. He is good at rallying the troops when there is adversity, but doesn’t seem to do as well when things should be easier.

  • Ralph Wagner

    “I’ve just never been one to be disrespectful of anybody that we compete against in the NFL,” Tomlin said.

    In other words it’s the players being disrespectful and playing down to teams with poor records. I’ve read other reports and the general opinion is the Steelers will collapse and lose their chance for the first seed and a bye in the playoffs, Back to Brady land. LOL

    Go Steelers

  • Brenton deed

    “they’ll likely be favored in all but one of their remaining games..” I guess everyone is referring to the NE game.
    It is infuriating that the two teams have similar records and the Pats have at times looked as if they have genuine deficiencies whereas the steelers (when bad) look as if they’re simply careless and yet against NE at Heinz field the Steelers are still considered underdogs. Such is the psychological hold that NE has over the Steelers. I’m sick of it and it’s about time they smashed it!

  • Generic Steelers Fan

    Yeah I think is the players just blowing the game off entirely.

    For a second I started to consider that maybe the opposing team is also filled with professional football players who have played this game all their lives and have done it well enough to reach the highest level. And maybe the term “any given Sunday” wasn’t invented so they could name a movie.

    But good sense got to me and I realized that nah, it’s just tomlin and the steelers being lazy.

    Time for Mike to go.

  • Darth Blount 47

    6-4 under Tomlin after Bye weeks. 0-3 in our last 3, I believe. That is a record that needs improved upon. We also are at the point where like it or not, we need to start paying extra attention (us fans who have nothing better to do but hand-wring and such) to what happens every week to New England. This week is a good place for us to turn our Tomlin Bye week record around. And also, this is a fine week to let Brady walk into his “House of Horrors,” in Denver, against a ticked off Bronco team. Brady is 6-6 all-time versus Denver. The only other two teams he has a worse record against? Carolina and Seattle.

    Brady has lost in Denver 4 times.

    Maybe you don’t actually worry about your opponents’ records. But at some point, you naturally need to.

  • NCSteel

    Every game is a playoff game from here on out.
    That should be the mentality because losing even one more game this year can send the team to New England in January.
    They don’t want to do that.
    They need to play at home throughout.

  • Zenyatta

    God I don’t think I can handle another loss to the Patriots

  • Jason Dock Dudley

    are people really saying Jacksonville is bad team?

  • Jason Dock Dudley

    easier in your mind but I bet the players know different. football is often about matchups.

  • Rob

    I think you are being satirical in all your posts, and I like it. If you aren’t(you can never tell with generic Steelers fans), I’m going to just keep reading them that way anyways.

  • Ralph Wagner

    But too often in Pittsburgh, “supposed to” turns into “should have. This statement describes the Steelers to a tee.

    Go Steelers

  • B717

    Would it be so crazy for Tomlin and the team to go into these games with a cocky “We have the best record and we are going to win” attitude? Maybe the problem that the Steelers have had in the past against teams with worse records is that they aren’t bold enough. I would like to see this team come out of the tunnel knowing that they will win against teams that aren’t going to the playoffs. Not playing down but playing with the mind set that they can and will win.

  • gdeuce

    the Broncos know how to play him, but I just don’t think Osweiler has it in him to win a game anymore

  • gdeuce

    they only win in the odd weeks , so they should lose against the Chargers

  • will

    Agree…and that is the coach’s responsibility to set that tone……”unleash hell”

  • B717

    Well said Will. However what I’m thinking about is a fundamental change in the mind set of the team. The Steelers can and will continue to win. No more Brady is better, no more we should have won that game. Tomlin is an amazing coach. Ben is an amazing QB. Bell is an amazing RB. Brown is the best WR in the game. No more bulls@it, Go get number 7.

  • J Jones

    Mike hit the nail on the head. As educated fans we know what a vegas spread is simply used to entice betting, yet once we see steelers -7 we expect the blowout of all blowouts. Then we are disappointed when we lose or play a close game.

  • Steve Johnson

    I hate to say it, but you could be right. I hope not, but under Tomlin his teams have often plated down to the talent and sub .500 teams. I’m glad the team is taking heat from the media thougj. It is well deserved.

  • Steve Johnson

    Say It! I agree, it’s time they get over that N.E. hump.

  • NCSteel

    It’s not on my Christmas wish list either.
    They need to take care of business.
    That starts with Indy.
    They need to put their foot on their throats in the first 5 minutes and start twisting.

  • 2020_Vision

    His record says otherwise…

  • Darth Blount 47

    I’m a HUGE Brock Lobster fan this week!

  • Steve Johnson

    Hopefully you’re wrong, lol. I got a feeling the Steelers are going to stink up the place this Sunday. And I hope I’m dead wrong.

  • Steve Johnson

    If they lose another AFC CG to the Cheatriots, I’m going to lose it. The Patriots are good, you can’t take anything away from them (with the exception of Spygate). But for now, they need to focus on Indy.

  • Steve Johnson

    No, I think they have been too over confident.

  • falconsaftey43

    I don’t think it’s as much to do with the NE vs the Steelers specifically as it is just NE’s track record of success. They’ve won 12+ games in 7 straight seasons. They have everyone’s number. With the same record, Patriots should be favored in every game vs. every team.

    Over last 3 seasons, Tom Brady lead Patriots have been the Dog in 4 regular season games. All in 2014.

  • ThatGuy

    “I think anytime that we step into a stadium people are capable of beating us.” Way to keep that confidence high. Yikes.

  • ThatGuy

    All valid points but also they look extremely beatable this year.

  • Totally making fun of the Detractors, Doom-N-Gloomers, Roller Coaster Enthusiasts, Extreme Expectationists, etc.