Tomlin Undecided Whether Or Not Sutton’s Even Going To Play At This Juncture

As expected, the Pittsburgh Steelers activated rookie cornerback Cameron Sutton to their 53-man roster from the team’s Reserve/Injured list on Tuesday and while it’s great that this year’s first of two third-round draft picks is finally in a position to start contributing, head coach Mike Tomlin hinted during his weekly press conference that the Tennessee product might not even dress for the Sunday night home game against the Green Bay Packers.

“I’m undecided whether or not he’s even going to play at this juncture,” Tomlin said of Sutton when asked Tuesday if he expects to use the cornerback in any capacity on special teams moving forward. “We have some options there in terms of the people that we can utilize. Well see. I think that the work that we do in preparation will provide the clarity that we need there.”

While Sutton is sure to be active for some games before the regular season comes to an end, he very well might not dress Sunday night against the Packers. In fact, Tomlin might need to decide between dressing Sutton or fellow 2017 draft pick, cornerback Brian Allen, Sunday night. While Allen hasn’t played any defensive snaps this season, he has contributed on a few special teams units in the games that he’s dressed for.

The Steelers believe Sutton will become a very versatile cornerback for them during his career due to the fact that he’s regarded as a very smart player and one with the ability to learn and play several different positions in the secondary. Even so, Tomlin tempered his praise Tuesday for Sutton, who has reportedly worked at all the outside and inside cornerback positions during this year’s training camp.

“Working is one thing, playing is another,” Tomlin said of Sutton. “He’s yet to play, so stay tuned.”

We will indeed stay tuned, Mike.

Sutton only played in two preseason games this year for the Steelers due to a hamstring injury that he originally suffered during the early stages of this year’s training camp. He started the regular season on the team’s Reserve/Injured list after reaggravating his hamstring injury during the team’s preseason finale. The Tennessee product also returned punts during his college career in addition to playing multiple cornerback positions.

  • nutty32

    Perhaps a reason to tune into that week 17 game v Cleveland, provided all the seeds are set.

  • Sam Clonch

    Of course, this will bring up the question of who to cut once Gilbert is back on the roster. But that’s a discussion for next month….

  • Steve Johnson

    Give the kid some reps now, why wait? William Gay? Brady will target him in Wk 15.

  • Cwallace

    Let him spell Burns every now and then. He’ll tackle better i guess. I like Artie tho…just not his tackling and zone awareness. Give Sutton a shot on punt returns…let him do something. .lets see what he has.

  • APassingFancy

    If it’s a choice between him and Allen, play Sutton. If they feel he is 100%, throw him to the sharks. They have invested a high draft pick in him, let the kid get a feel for things, even if it’s in a limited capacity.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Had concerns about this guy when he was the pick. And so far, my concerns still stand. But as a Rook, any of our expectations have to be tempered. So I won’t beat him up. He got hurt. Which he did in college. And would it be nice to see him help us this year? Of course. But his career won’t be defined this early. He’s a good guy by all accounts, off the field, so I’d love to see him out there and pushing some of our established guys. All hands on deck for these last handful of games and the playoffs. But if this turns out to be nothing but a study year, ah well. Sure, there are multiple draft picks playing right now that went after him, some even starting and performing well. But we can’t cry over such rivers of spilt milk.

  • SfSteeler

    Allen or big Dan…otherwise, we have a weak schedule down the stretch, so some late 4Q snaps must be given to Sutton in any and all capacities for me…

  • Spencer Krick

    Even if he doesn’t play, it will be huge to get him some reps at practice.

  • Mike Skinner

    I don’t see him playing unless Gay slows down from turtle speed to snail speed or someone gets hurt or Haden can’t come back. His track record is he has been hurt all year and played hurt last year.

  • Mike Skinner

    What makes you think Allen can’t play better then Sutton. Until they get on the field you never know. Did you have any idea Sensabaugh was any good until he played.

  • Jimbo

    get him practicing against AB and MB..he can get the feel of what its like to go against the best in AB..
    Just like Ab called out cockrell..”its too easy” lets see what he says about sutton

  • Delboka

    Time to call Justin Gilbert.

    Does anyone know which Burger King he’s working at?

  • Gautam Ramani

    He was a great punt returner in college. Let’s see him there to start. No more AB

  • Mark

    Just watching the play of Artie and Cam, I just feel that Cam is going to be a better cornerback than Artie, unless Artie gets stronger, puts more film time in, and plays tougher.

  • Brenton deed


  • mhurk

    I tend to agree, Burns may have better physical attributes, but the word that pops into My head when I think of Burns is lackadaisical, I hope to see what Sutton has to offer.


    Once Hilton surfaced as the everyday nickel, it was always going to be tough for Sutton to break into the line up so I’m not overly concerned about his lack of action this season…assuming the boys continue to handle their business…there will be some snaps available for him on DEF the last week or 2 of the regular season.

    I like his ball skills and technique better than Burns right now. Not that I’m DB critic, but imo playing off and trying to make plays, Artie is relying too much on his athletic ability, hopefully continues to improve his technique, film study, etc.

  • Jason Dock Dudley

    I am NOT saying Burns will be in his league. Steelers once had a stellar CB that used to get beat often by cheating, looking into the backfield and relying too much on his athletic ability. His name was Rod Woodson. It took about three seasons for him to realize if he kept doing that he would keep getting beat deep from time to time. All of Arties issues are correctable and his play is not horrid by any means.


    I agree with all of that but Burns is probably not going to get 3 yrs to figure it out…of course he was noted to be raw but learn as much as u can on the fly but he needs to play more like a CB1 next season.