Antonio Brown Dominates Ravens In Division-Clinching Shootout

There’s this guy on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 53-man roster by the name of Antonio Brown. He is an undersized wide receiver who came out of the draft early back in 2010 from a small school, and went in the sixth round. He is arguably the most valuable player in all of the NFL.

In a game in which they needed just about every yard, Brown gave them 213 on 11 receptions, which was just the second 200-yard receiving game of his career. He had numerous big catches throughout the game, but none bigger than a 34-yard catch-and run on third and four at the Steelers’ 36-yard line on what proved to be the game-winning drive.

That is the play that put him over 200 yards for the game, on his 11th reception, but the Steelers needed the other 10 to even get them into that position. He had a 22-yard reception on second and five on the previous drive, a touchdown drive, and an 11-yarder to follow.

In the first half, he beat Brandon Carr twice for receptions of 28 and 43 yards, and he also induced a pass interference penalty that set up first and goal from the one. And as you can imagine, some of the catches that he made were remarkable—or, when he is doing it, routine, because that is what he has turned them into.

Brown is having one of the best seasons of his career in year eight, and the fact that we can’t say definitely that it is his best merely speaks to how incredible and consistent he has been. Following last night’s outpouring of production, he now leads the league with 99 receptions for 1509 yards.

His next reception will give him 100 on the season, and his next touchdown will be his 10th. Only DeAndre Hopkins, with two touchdowns yesterday, has more at the moment. He is first or second in just about any receiving stat short of yards per reception, yet his 15.2 yards per reception on 99 receptions is remarkable efficiency. It is the third-highest average among receivers with at least 60 receptions, behind only Julio Jones and Tyreek Hill.

There are so many games this season that we can point to and ask ourselves what this team would do without Brown. They almost had to try to answer that question two games ago when he was questionable with a toe injury, yet he played an turned in another excellent performance.

Over the course of his past four games, Brown now has 39 receptions for 627 yards and six touchdowns, averaging nearly 10 receptions for over 155 yards and a touchdown and a half per game. He is playing his best football, perhaps of his career, heading into next week’s huge game against the Patriots.

We are quickly approaching a point at which accolades are meaningless for Brown, simply because all has been said. I’ll just repeat what I said on Twitter: I am glad that Antonio Brown is on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Matthew Marczi
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  • DirtDawg1964

    He should be MVP. If only the media could stop focusing on QBs.

  • Gizmosteel

    MVP? How about GOAT discussion?

  • Mr. KnowItAll

    Let’s face it…he is LEGENDARY.

  • Rob

    AB is the best WR in the last 20 years, and if this isn’t an MVP season for a WR, I don’t think anyone ever will be. It’s seemingly impossible to be more consistently dominant as he has been. He deserves this.

  • WeWantDaTruth

    AB has great stats. Now, he needs a Ring.

  • Sam Clonch

    Pats are famous for taking away a teams #1 option. Glad we’re getting Juju back. Him and Bryant may be key.

  • Jones

    Might go down as better than Rice before it’s all over

  • ryan72384

    I said earlier in the week AB needed to take over this game with Jimmy Smith out and he did. The guy is the MVP. I felt Bell was the league MVP last year and 2014 as well and I was wrong both times so sorry AB your not going to get the credit where it’s due.

  • gdeuce

    Teams do everything they can to stop him and he still puts up huge numbers

  • nutty32

    At least last year, Belicheat stated emphatically that 26 is the top weapon to take away. Seeing how the Ravens checked 26 on the ground and left Brandon Carr frequently w/o help v. AB perhaps the Ravens tried the same. Shocked Carr didn’t get more help during crunch time. Replay of the Raider game the last time they were at Heinz.

  • Mark

    I love him but Jerry “World” Rice from Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils will always be the GOAT among WR’s. AB will be #2, which isn’t bad…

  • Mark

    Nah, we wasted his 1st 3 years, he would have to play until 40 to get Jerry “World” Rice

  • NCSteel

    He’s playing out of his skull right now.

  • Alan Tman


  • Alan Tman

    No he’s around if he gets 114 next week he’ll be at 10,000 yards. Don’t forget Jerry had two bad injuries. He could do it, but he would have to stay healthy. It wouldn’t matter, because they keep making the game easier for wide outs and QBS, so someone would get him very quickly.

  • Alan Tman

    I say they will do both at different times. This is a game Martavis, Juju, and the TE’s have to show up. We should throw 60 times again. Ben looked great!!! (Ben police take notice.) I hope he plays like this the rest of the way, because the 100 million dollar offense is doing the heavy lifting now.

  • Willy Jojo

    “We are quickly approaching a point at which accolades are meaningless for Brown…”

    Really nothing left to say about the guy. Everyone knows he’s getting the ball, and there nothing they can do about it. That is domination.

  • Intense Camel

    “Wasted” is a strong word. I would say he was developing.


    I have a new accolade for AB. One that he has NEVER heard before. He’s not quit there yet but he will be……
    Super Bowl Champion. 😎


    Not sure they checked him advise much as Coach T did.
    I may be wrong but I believe he had fewer than 15 carries.

  • Dan

    Just needs to average 152 yards per game to pass Johnson for most ever receiving yards in a season (1,964) and 164yds/game to be the first ever to top 2,000! Go AB!!!

  • Dan

    Also looks like he is 114 yards from 10,000 receiving yards in his career.

  • Mark

    I agree, not wasted, developed.

  • nutty32

    Jefferson came down to stack the box pretty much every time we lined up in a “normal” running back set. They were clearly intent on stopping 26 & Halely/Ben countered by going empty set and passing all day.