Cam Heyward Wants Another Shot At New England

As much as this long stings, and it stings, the Pittsburgh Steelers season is not over. They’re 11-3, going to the playoffs, and there’s a good chance they see New England again. Cam Heyward certainly welcomes playing the Patriots again.

Following the loss, Heyward was asked if he’d like to see Tom Brady and company in a rematch.

“Yeah. I like a shot at everybody we lose to,” Heyward answered speaking to the media via the team site.

Of course, that rematch is far from guaranteed. And with the Patriots winning, the playoff path has gotten much cloudier.

“There’s a road we’re going to have to take,” Heyward continued.”I know we have the same record now. But at the end of the day, we have a lot of football left. Two games and a guaranteed playoff game.”

As Matthew Marczi wrote earlier, the Patriots now control the AFC. But the #1 seed hasn’t been locked up and the Steelers will still look to earn a first round bye, a milestone even more important now that Antonio Brown will have to race the clock to return for the postseason. An extra week for him would be huge.

Despite how awful things seem right now, Heyward is keeping a positive attitude.

“I’m looking forward to all of it. We can be dejected about this but I like where we’re at.”

It’s similar to what happened against Dallas last year. A crushing home loss that made it feel like the walls were closing in. But the Steelers recovered, reset course, and ran the table the rest of the regular season.

For his part, Heyward picked up his 10th sack of the season, the first Steelers’ defensive linemen to reach that mark since Keith Willis in 1986. Another one or two of those in any potential rematch would go a long way to getting the Steelers over the hump.

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Full-time blogger from mom's basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.
  • westernsteel

    another shot? what was wrong with the shot they had today? and last year? and the year before that? its hard to be a fan of a team that is one of the best…..but just always one step behind….their odds of going to a super bowl this year just went DOWn…..

  • RJMcReady

    On to the next one Killa Cam..

    More games to play.

  • #7

    Sure Cam. Good luck with that. Even if you manage to play great again, it’ll be stolen away from you

  • RJMcReady

    Man that hurts…. but the season isn’t over.

  • #7

    I’ve never been angry after a football game until today. Total horsechit

  • The Chin


  • RJMcReady

    Tough to describe how disappointed I am. But we are not dead.

  • dany

    I’d rather whoever plays them in the divisional beats them. Too bad it likely won’t the Jaguars cause they match up so well against them. Chargers or chiefs, and I can’t realistically see either getting it done

  • #7

    I’m not disappointed. I’m pissed. That game was stolen. Period.

  • will

    Disagree they won this game and the officials took it away.

  • Darth Blount 47


    These guys are multi-millionaires. They don’t really care about these games. Oh, sure, on some “competitive level” they all do. When it comes down to a “dic*-measuring” contest. But it’s the fans that have to spend hard-earned money and take the time and expend the energy that they’ll never get back to keep this league afloat.

    Just like the Roman Coliseum, without the fans paying to see the gladiators kill, all it would be considered is murder. Honestly, it is few and far between who the REAL people are in this world. Shazier said it best after the game. He wasn’t afraid to speak HIS TRUTH. And I respect that. I think this injury likely woke him up. The fans live and die by the results, ten times more than do the players. That’s just a fact. The players are out there to do a job. Plain and simple. They all go home to their mansions and tomorrow is just another day. Life is gravy. Dangerous job? Sure. So is being a cop or a firefighter or a soldier or a bullfighter.

    You wanna know what I want another shot at? Love. Seeing my Dad again. Not struggling to pay bills. Justice. Truth. People looking out for one another. Miracles. Helping that guy at the corner with a blanket and a meal. Do I want another shot at letting the NFL dictate my emotions over the outcome of a football game played against their anointed team in their house next time? Eh.


  • will

    The Pats mystique is gone….we had them. And we can do it again. The players should have renewed confidence.

  • #7


  • Pitfan0513

    Yes it is…

  • westernsteel

    The Steelers lost this game 27-24. They are not good enough as usual to beat the Patriots . Maybe, maybe they can win in NE in January, but the odds are against them, they are close, but not quite good enough

  • Todd Markham

    All the people down on this REALLY shouldn’t be and I’m not just saying it to say it…. u watched the game and what I saw was Steelers out playing them and a Really bad call at the end…. actually happy about the way they played…. dominated across the board…. would it have been great to get this…. you bet…. am I scared or disappointed to see em again whenever wherever…. 😂😂😂…. not on your life… there beatable…… very beatable…..we’re on to the Texans….

  • Kevin artis

    I thought our DL would of had a more dominant performance. Hargravees was never sighted and Tuitt flashed occasionally.

  • Chad Sanborn

    I think they went up. It really hard to beat a team twice. And if it wasn’t for a few dicey calls that went their way, they would have lost. The refs can’t repeat that same thing again or everyone and their mother will have to admit the NFL is rigged.

  • Reginald Pippin

    Same here and this game has increased my level of hatred for the Cheatriots even more.

  • StolenUpVotes

    Pressure was there. Just missed him a few times. Get Joe Haden back and further development from the other guys and it is a different story in round 2

  • ThePointe

    They did have a more dominate performance than what was shown by the result. The problem is the Patriots offensive line committed an untold amount of holding penalties that never got flagged.

  • RJMcReady

    can’t disagree… very upset

  • #7

    I don’t hate New England. I hate the NFL. The league has become hot garbage. New England is just most often the beneficiaries

  • Kevin Schwartz

    That’s the kind of competitive spirit I want from our leaders.

  • cencalsteeler

    It sucks the way we lost tonight, but I really do hope it’s a motivator for the rematch. I’d rather lose this one than the next one.

  • nutty32

    Cam busting out that speech from the end of ‘The Bad News Bears’.

  • RJMcReady

    This one hurts… but what you said helps

    To rip this one away from us in that fashion… man… can’t describe it

  • RJMcReady

    Refs made House Party 1 look like House Party 2

  • Ni mo

    You are wrong they beat NE without Brown Thad call was BS . If not a td should have been down at the 1 . Plaid if juju stays running up the sideline that’s a td he had that all the way

  • westernsteel

    They didn’t beat NE. Ju JuS play was not a touchdown! He was down at the 10. No arguing that. Even without Jame’s touchdown, another two plays to win or tie and they couldn’t do it, close but not good enough once again

  • Darth Blount 47


    It’s one of the worst feelings you can have. Getting forcibly mugged is bad. But at least you can center-in on who mugged you, maybe even think about why, and then you move on, understanding that coming across that person ever again is unlikely. And you can usually provide a description of the perp. Heck, you may even struggle and get a good blow in.

    But getting BURGLED is way worse. You don’t know who did it, you rarely get any justice, and you have a million questions and reasons why and how and who and all that. You feel violated in a way that is really profound. Your home, your safe space, is invaded and soiled. It’s a terrifying and disgusting feeling.

    I always feel like when we lose a game “fair and square,” we kinda got mugged. But when you have something taken away and burgled, you just struggle to find any answers. For me, it’s the lowest of lows. For if I can’t have faith in the very institution, what’s the point of caring? And not caring, leads to a very dark place. As a person AND as a fan. And it’s a shame.

  • #7

    Your last paragraph is exactly how I feel. So many people do not trust the NFL and now I don’t either.

  • Chad Sanborn

    not a single one. only penalty was a false start? ha! rigged.

  • Randy

    Without solving the gronk equation we will never beat pats.

  • Jason Vancil

    Maybe KC has NE’s number and we can beat Jax in Heinz. Then host KC in Champ game.

  • Danielsteelstrong81

    If and when we play them we will have Haden and Gilbert back

  • Mutatedgenome

    What’s the point?? NE ALWAYS gets the breaks. NE ALWAYS get the bounces. NE ALWAYS gets the calls.

  • Don

    What do you mean? We beat them today, no matter what the hell the league office says.

  • Don

    And from the flag-happiest refs in the league. BS

  • Zach Ribel

    Better hope we don’t implode next week. JAX breathing down our necks. Hopefully Bills pull win out their ass

  • Don


  • GravityWon

    And hopefully AB and McDonald

  • westernsteel

    Troll? Why because I have an opinion? Maybe you can offer some knowledge

  • thechamp

    keith butler is an idiot for leaving sean davis to defend gronk by himself on their last drive.
    It was clear that davis was no match for gronk.

  • Steeldog22

    IF they can learn from game, fix a few things, they have a great shot. Everyone on that team now knows they can beat Brady and the Pats. They won most of the matchups, except Gronk. Butler needs to find a way to help there. Our guys played well. Proud of them – all of them. I think the call sucked BUT trying to beat the Pats twice is tough. Ready to roll them next time.

  • Roberto Vaquero Bazán

    Hey, how many Lombardys do you need to trust your team?, today the Steelers beat the Cheatriots without the best receiver in the league and against the refs too, we Will see them again

  • GravityWon

    If the Steelers fail to get to the Superbowl, I hope the NFL gets stuck with a Chargers vs Jags championship game. Bleep you NFL

  • Hec

    Dejavu…. I just saw the same fight not so long…I guess the NFL is looking to cash in on the rematch!

  • Michael Conrad

    I agree don’t know why he went to the middle of the field all he had to do was fake a move and go down the sideline.

  • Michael Cunningham

    we beat these guys .. they know it .. we know it
    we’ll see them again and beat them again

  • Robert Builder

    Yule get your chance Cam, provided our Steelers win out. Only thing is… you’ll have to play EVEN better than today at Foxboro with ZERO mistakes.
    Man, I really felt this year- with the Pats more “average” than usual- was setting up nicely for our Steelers to gain the #1 seed and have a real good shot at SB LII.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    I know the eye test and we were a horsh-t call from beating the Pats. They did without AB- the Pats two YES TWO flags and a missed pick by Brady. We are a better team. BTW, Gronk gets a joke PI call leading to points. Sorry, but when the Pats give up a 70
    yarder and apparent td to James in less than a minute- then, yeah better.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    I just can’t get over two flags by the Pats.. TWO! They don’t ever friggin get called for offensive holding. Here’s a mystery- how did Bryant score on the one-handed catch- because his other arm WAS GETTING HELD. Or the ridiculous PI call. Or the clip on the last kick return. There is such a thing as a Pats bias.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    This reminds me of the year we lost to the colts during the year and beat them in the AFC championship.

  • Steeler Fanatic


  • pittfan

    for 4 yrds. THATS IT!!??!!??

  • pittfan

    +1,000. I didn’t catch Shaz after the game. What did he say?

    As soon as the game was over I was so pissed I had to shut the TV off and put the laptop away. After a minute or 2 I realized life’s too short to let this get under my skin so I got busy cleaning the house and making dinner so Mrs Pittfan would come home to a clean home.

    First Things First.

  • LucasY59

    …as long as they dont need to beat the refs

  • Darth Blount 47

    Shaz said: “Man, that’s some Bullsh**, that was a catch, man. I don’t give a damn what anyone say.”

    JuJu said: “I think it was a bullsh**-as* call by the refs.”

    Mike Mitchell said: “I don’t know WTF a catch is.”

    To be honest, these 3 guys are all REAL in my book. And I got much love. Anybody who wants to play politic and protect their bank account is not the ride or die kind to me. It’s not just that they disagree with the call, but the fact they are WILLING TO SPEAK IT, that I admire. Because trust me, plenty of the others want to say it because they feel it too – but don’t.

  • Rocksolid20

    I really get tired of hearing who we will have next time
    we play them . If all goes according to script , that will be a
    game McDonald sits out . We had our chance and blew it .
    The Imaculite No Reception !

  • Rocksolid20

    Until we beat the Pats ., I see nothing that says we can beat them .

  • Ichabod

    And yet you will here nothing from Tomlin

  • thechamp

    I really wish they dont!
    steelers are not goin to beat the pats at foxbrough
    plus unlike bill belicheat
    Tomlin, haley, butler do now know how to adjust their game plan

  • will

    Good comparison

  • will

    and on the two point conversion. I could even see that….I was screaming at the TV as they were lined up.

  • will

    On their first TD for sure

  • Timothy Rea

    The steelers didn’t lose this game… the Refs won it. Was absolutely crazy. The same crew that gave NE the win against the Jets did it again. They had this team beat until things they can’t control decided the game for them. So disappointing but anything to help the patriots get their win I guess. To make a call like that where there is no evidence of it not being a TD much less not a catch? Crazy.. robbed… cheated out of a win. Watching it I never imagined it wasn’t a catch.. the only thing was if it was a TD or not.. then they come out and say it wasn’t a catch? Give me a break. Royally hosed and robbed by the refs in this one.

  • Ralph Wagner

    No problem if Jessie James holds on to the ball. There was no contact by the defense, all he had to do was cross the goal line. Him diving was not necessary. Hopefully he will tuck away his next catch.

  • pittfan

    I hear ya. We got hosed.